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Donald Jones

Founder/CEO Restorgan LLC. http://t.co/EYBskVaEJ7 RETIRED NFL WIDE RECEIVER .

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Youngstown State
15,808 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-21-2010


Dajones19 RT @___KingJones: My bro couldn't take his senior pics because of his cancer so we came to the hospital and made it possible. Love you. htt…
Dajones19 RT @DavidNelson86: Happy Birthday my beautiful Taina! We celebrate your life today. http://t.co/IefXKVrtnl
Dajones19 Humans are the only form of life that will do less than they possibly can.
Dajones19 “@Zay_Flockaveli: “@GuyCodeBook: Moms vs. Dads http://t.co/dfcIJOqFbY” definitely something id do ??????”<<
Dajones19 RT @ThislsAmazing: One of the rarest animals on the planet, the black panther http://t.co/N3CsEAFQ8E
Dajones19 RT @jakematthews70: In honor of Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, I give a shout out to my favorite Falcons fan, my beautiful sister Gwen. ht…
Dajones19 @nyce18 chillin man was good. Congrats on gettin signed too
Dajones19 Whoever has harvin on their fantasy is pissed lol
Dajones19 “@DillonPangburn: @Dajones19 Do you ever miss playing in the NFL?” yea I will always miss it. I think all players miss it forever
Dajones19 Hope the nfl games tomorrow are like the games today. Upset city. Idk which games will be considered upsets tho. Idk who is playing who lol
Dajones19 RT @DueceIZWild: "You can't keep a grown man confined. Especially not a man of my mind, but let me handle this grind"
Dajones19 RT @2DOPEposts: Joe Budden kicks off his #SomeLove series with “Nothing Changes” feat @201Ransom & @Tsu_Surf: http://t.co/RTVyeecRgi http:/…
Dajones19 I wonder if 49ers fans wish they still had Alex smith
Dajones19 When your line isn't blocking, it can cause the best qbs to make bad decisions.
Dajones19 RT @DavidHancock: A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. - David Brinkley
Dajones19 RT @StevieJohnson13: I drafted many of you to my fantasy work team so make sure to grab me some points today at your workplace. Don't let m…
Dajones19 That moment when you looking for something and it's in your hands
Dajones19 Making it to the top level only makes it worse. It's on us as parents to keep them grounded. But first we have to educate ourselves.

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