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Donald Jones

Proud father... RETIRED NFL WIDE RECEIVER . Motivational speaker Just wanna b successful.....

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Youngstown State
15,502 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-21-2010


Dajones19 RT @_Shardaaaa: If you've saw my little sister please contact me or my mom!! http://t.co/b6QeAoz0ka
Dajones19 We take health for granted until it's ya health.
Dajones19 RT @Forbes: The portfolios of hip-hop's wealthiest artists (according to their lyrics) http://t.co/l5CqGcNrFT http://t.co/l5CqGcNrFT
Dajones19 RT @on_yourMark_: Great meet today! 1st in the 800 and 1st in the 4x4 #TrackNation ???? http://t.co/L3wRCJkekk
Dajones19 RT @jamelholley: Thx you Bills WR @dajones19 for supporting "Make a Wish Foundation" fashion event tonight! GO! #support ?? http:/…
Dajones19 RT @LoryAnkiel: Such a great story of friendship. #RIPLacey http://t.co/Q2fRiRpHL8 http://t.co/Q2fRiRpHL8
Dajones19 I got 5,907 points while escaping from demon monkeys. Beat that! http://t.co/sCJ28d5edY http://t.co/MTSEoee5NA http://t.co/MTSEoee5NA
Dajones19 I got 1,952 points while escaping from demon monkeys. Beat that! http://t.co/sCJ28d5edY http://t.co/LawKyjK4dY http://t.co/LawKyjK4dY
Dajones19 “@Earth_Pics: Jaguar. Photo by Charlie Burlingame http://t.co/TdoKm279hR”< beautiful
Dajones19 “@BrandonSpikes55: Free at last, free at last. I thank God I’m free at last. Free at last, Free at last !!!!!! #LetsGetIt #PoWwWwW”
Dajones19 RT @cthagod: Thank You God for Blessing Me with Another Day of Life!!!!!!
Dajones19 RT @Hannahsfight1: @Dajones19 Funds are Urgently needed for Baby Hannah as she battles C.A.H,Heart&Bowel Disease. http://t.co/piATaf926K Pl…
Dajones19 RT @CEOTUFFLUV: I know way too many people who are waiting for organs...... Just not enough Fearless Donors.... will… http://t.co/Hz9SB95wsr
Dajones19 The weather people pump faked us all lol
Dajones19 RT @BrandianRoss: “@ScottiePippen: When you feel like quitting, THINK ABOUT WHY YOU STARTED.”
Dajones19 @RealBradSmith I havnt been on in a while but don't force my hand.

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