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Donald Jones

Founder/CEO Restorgan LLC. http://t.co/EYBskVaEJ7 RETIRED NFL WIDE RECEIVER .

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Youngstown State
15,773 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-21-2010


Dajones19 That moment when you looking for something and it's in your hands
Dajones19 Making it to the top level only makes it worse. It's on us as parents to keep them grounded. But first we have to educate ourselves.
Dajones19 I keep saying that athletes grow up thinking they are invincible because they are pushed thru everything.
Dajones19 These dudes down at Florida state smh
Dajones19 RT @Earth_Pics: Zoe, the only 'White Zebra' remaining on Earth. She has blue eyes and golden rays http://t.co/YAZOJ1QSxQ
Dajones19 Samsung and htc have a lot of hate for apple. They go straight at them in every commercial lol.
Dajones19 B Marshall has always been one of the most underrated. #beast
Dajones19 TMZ is prolly paying whoever they can for pictures of AP son smh. They get whatever they want.
Dajones19 RT @businessinsider: BREAKING: JUDGE FINDS OSCAR PISTORIUS NOT GUILTY OF PREMEDITATED MURDER http://t.co/Z4xrPlEvmf http://t.co/Z4xrPlEvmf
Dajones19 RT @TrayD12: RT @BBCWorld: Would you live in a house clinging to a cliff? https://t.co/aj6kxq… http://t.co/sydNsrgw0c https://t.co/aj6kxq…
Dajones19 What if mayweather loses before next sep? What if he loses his last fight? What then does he do.
Dajones19 Says that they didn't see the video before. #cmonman who they fooling
Dajones19 The NFL can try an hide behind it's mistakes but the same nfl that checks players backgrounds all the way back to birth
Dajones19 Reggie Wayne can't run. Can ask him to come back out of that break.
Dajones19 “@Sports716Cards: "@CockyBallPlayer: ANTONIO BROWN DROP KICKS THE PUNTER @BamesJarry”<<< @BamesJarry”<<< classic
Dajones19 If you got paid a dollar for every text sent in your life, how rich would you be today?
Dajones19 They gotta stop giving Seattle prime time games. They blowing teams out. #boring
Dajones19 RT @businessinsider: Kevin Durant's monster Nike deal is a huge win for Jay Z http://t.co/ScCcHbrwhv
Dajones19 Grandma makes me look like a bum lol. #sharpyounglady http://t.co/hUN3yA94I1

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