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Mike Mitchell

Philippians 4:13. All ya gotta do is believe...5 or 50! Ohio U/HHS alum. I do some football on the side...#LurkGang #SteelersNation

- Pittsburgh Steelers - Safety
College: Ohio
4,639 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-21-2010


MikeMitchell34 RT @VoicesOfThKingd: No Injury will hinder the Call of God on your Life
MikeMitchell34 RT @GodOverPorn: "Fell once then I repented then I fell twice; that's what this Christian walk is like in real life.." @MyNameIsBizzle #Sti…
MikeMitchell34 Na na na, tell me what you think we hustle for?! Sing it wit me now na na na, what you think we out here workin for?! #DoTheImpossible
MikeMitchell34 That's that ugly face!!!! No ?? zone!!! #NEEDSAFILTER http://t.co/vly6U4ZDlP
MikeMitchell34 View from the condo. My version of Van Goghs' starry night! #NoFilter http://t.co/U93QndxCGz
MikeMitchell34 My boo @RondaRousey bout to start fighting men! She killin the ladies game...
MikeMitchell34 @McCain21 Died laughing thinking about you today! "St. Louis: If there's anybody here that don't wanna get murdered!" ???????? too funny
MikeMitchell34 RT @ohiou: Yes! MT @anthonytynan: If you were wondering, a Bobcat flag flew at the World Cup (Spain v Australia in Curitiba) http://t.co/8x…
MikeMitchell34 RT @VoicesOfThKingd: @MikeMitchell34 Your Time is Now! Your Season is here! Just Show Up and God will handle the Rest! There is Favor over …
MikeMitchell34 RT @Sports_HQ: I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was. -Muhammad Ali
MikeMitchell34 #LurkGang Coming to a city near you. #Lurk23 #yourmomsfavoriteplayer http://t.co/sYTbQjDe69
MikeMitchell34 RT @TorreySmithWR: Good morning y'all...thankful for another day and opportunity to be a better man and player than I was yesterday #blessed
MikeMitchell34 Watching the @HillaryClinton Town hall on CNN. It's very interesting!
MikeMitchell34 RT @steelers: Day 1 of Minicamp: 1st on-field look at the tandem of @tpolamalu & @MikeMitchell34. READ: http://t.co… http://t.co…
MikeMitchell34 Couple shots from the photo shoot with NBC! Just relaxing having some fun... #Steelers #HereWeGo… http://t.co/X9FieZJ1gW
MikeMitchell34 RT @SportsCenter: Clint Dempsey scores earliest goal in World Cup history for USA (10 tournaments). #GHAvsUSA http://t.co/h0lUrSUn1L
MikeMitchell34 RT @steelers: Chuck Noll's former players and coaches share their thoughts on the Hall of Fame coach READ: http://t.… http://t.…
MikeMitchell34 Happy Father's Day!!!! I know if it wasn't for my Father I wouldn't be where I am today! #D.A.D. #KingMitch

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