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Mike Mitchell

A believer in Jesus Christ, a Son, a Brother, an uncle and friend. Philippians 4:13. 5 or 50! Ohio U/HHS alum. I do some football on the side...#LurkGang

- Pittsburgh Steelers - Safety
College: Ohio
4,379 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-21-2010


MikeMitchell34 RT @deucefo_24: Great work this morning with them early morning grind boys before we head back to work @EveretteBrown @jonbeason @MikeMitch…
MikeMitchell34 The only thing bad about 6 am workouts is that they are at 6 am... Rise and grind!
MikeMitchell34 RT @AthCenter: Retweet if this is one of your favorite movies. Remember The Titans http://t.co/vkozGuFiex
MikeMitchell34 The perfect Acai Bowl with extra granola and extra bananas. #TheJuiceSpot #Itsalifestyle http://t.co/WpNCY7Lkqw
MikeMitchell34 @randywattson Never figured you for a golfer then I remembered all the ?????? you got. It makes sense lol
MikeMitchell34 Guess the bragging rights go to @DariusJButler and @tyvonbranch gotta give respect. Well done Huskies
MikeMitchell34 Yes! Y'all are still sleeping... This is the advantage I needed! #SweetDreams
MikeMitchell34 I just found out Stacy Dash was born in 67!!!! I just cried!!!! And they are not tears of joy...
MikeMitchell34 RT @OhioBobcatOps: Practice numer 11 is underway. #WalterWednesday #AlwaysGettingBetter http://t.co/k5L9mIX0Li
MikeMitchell34 My bro and I at opening day! #Family #Baseball #Reds #RedLegs #OpeningDay http://t.co/FOXLAOUeZ5

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