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Jacoby Ford

Clemson University Scholar. Wide Receiver

- Oakland Raiders - Wide Receiver
College: Clemson
14,171 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-23-2010


JacobyFord12 @iamSB3 she always with you Bruh. Believe that!! ??
JacobyFord12 Don't let Vince shoot when he hot mane
JacobyFord12 Gotta give homage to the #Mamba #kobe #24
JacobyFord12 I'm still on the east coast time. Wide awake smh
JacobyFord12 All this rain in the bay ain't cool????
JacobyFord12 Lol they so petty on Love and Hip hop and I never watch it lol. Caught that reunion tho. Ratchets at it finest
JacobyFord12 Man if this sun don't playing right in Palm beach??
JacobyFord12 Another grind day with @TonyVillani_XPE and this Shredmill bout to be fun??
JacobyFord12 RT @AR510: New LGO public service announcement. Please share with your loved ones. Video by JL Royal http://t.co/2tCyb9NQNf
JacobyFord12 “@ClemsonRT: @ClemsonRT what do yall think? @tayscott7 @ShaunWatson4 @TajhB10 @JacobyFord12” Love watching these boys play #salute
JacobyFord12 RT @bertwilkins: Great seeing @TajhB10 @raylewis and @JacobyFord12 in Death Valley today! Go Tigers! #Clemson
JacobyFord12 RT @SeftonIpock: Couple of past #Clemson greats watching a couple of future #Clemson greats celebrate a TD. @TajhB10 @JacobyFord12 http://t…
JacobyFord12 GameDayyyyyyy @ClemsonTigers lets get it done. BELIEVEEEEEEEEE????
JacobyFord12 “@Mike_Swiv: @JacobyFord12 @PreciseMike let me get some real Mac n cheese fellas” nah Bruh u get the Kraft
JacobyFord12 “@PreciseMike: "@JacobyFord12: @Mike_Swiv @PreciseMike yall both some cats" learn from the best ??”you are the best what u mean lol

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