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Jacoby Ford

Clemson University Scholar. Wide Receiver for the NY JETS??

- Oakland Raiders - Wide Receiver
College: Clemson
14,022 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-23-2010


JacobyFord12 @ReemBoi25 mannnn fire as hell lol. I rewinded it twice lol
JacobyFord12 @JimmyClausen proud of u big homie! Stay grinding I see ya
JacobyFord12 Up bout to go get this bridge and beach workout in with @TonyVillani_XPE
JacobyFord12 “@JulieMarieBee: Wheels * ?? RT @JulieMarieBee: Wheel up means legs up... RT @JacobyFord12: En route to Hofstra for practice????” we on a??
JacobyFord12 Happy Birthday @bributler_1512 hold my boy @Brice_Butler down like I know u will. Good catch last to boy?
JacobyFord12 “@TonyVillani_XPE: @professorsmith2 @JoeDonReames @Wellefast ... Has anyone got @JacobyFord12 20 mph #SHREDmill record yet???” Hell na??
JacobyFord12 “@PierreGarcon: @GOGETTA80 @JacobyFord12 says the guy that lives at the fountain bleu”???? tell em PG
JacobyFord12 “@SouthBeachBarbi: @TiffanyyUpshaw @JacobyFord12 #stayhumble” yeah Both y'all need to #stayhumble especially @GOGETTA80 ass
JacobyFord12 RT @eallenjets: Thanks @JacobyFord12 (Happy Belated B-Day!) for his punt return tips. You can grade me now: http://t… http://t…
JacobyFord12 “@Heartthrob_ROB5: Heard it was the bro @JacobyFord12 birthday ?? I know you I'm camp fam but enjoy it all the same.” Thanks Brody
JacobyFord12 RT @DTJets: @JacobyFord12 really appreciate the autograph thank you for taking the time http://t.co/lDtT7Q6o4l
JacobyFord12 “@blackking49: @JacobyFord12 Whats up fool!!! #allinclusive” lol what's good Brody
JacobyFord12 Running a few last minute errands before my flight back to NY to start this great run to something special???? #ganggreen #StayHumble
JacobyFord12 “@rkrager: @JacobyFord12 @MarkIngram22 see both yall rockin that reckless fam. ayyyyy”????
JacobyFord12 “@dmcdani2: Get off my nuts git lol"@Jarvis99jenkins: @Bri_Rollin @JacobyFord12 @dmcdani2 lmaoooo bri pic crazy right ?"Dmac got a tall t on

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