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Jacoby Ford

Clemson University Scholar. Wide Receiver

- Oakland Raiders - Wide Receiver
College: Clemson
14,115 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-23-2010


JacobyFord12 @Stuntman1429 Keep Ya head up Bruh. God got you. Praying for you
JacobyFord12 Thanksgiving week and Rival Week at the same time. Can't wait to be up in @ClemsonTigers this weekend??
JacobyFord12 Beach workouttttttt in the rain so what????
JacobyFord12 Damn he broke his leg!!!!! Hate to see that
JacobyFord12 Pre determined throw smh. Come on Bruh
JacobyFord12 “@ajwilliams23: “@BrandonSpikes51: May ur life be as awesome as u pretend it is on Twitter. #oomf” lol bro??????” let my nigga live lol
JacobyFord12 Morning Everyone. Happy Halloween be safe and have fun whatever you're doing tonight
JacobyFord12 3 ships in 5 years. Amazing!!!! Congrats to the Giants!!!!!! Bay Areaaaaaaaaaaa
JacobyFord12 Boy I bet the Bay ready to go wild right about now
JacobyFord12 I think ima go bowling later prob. #randomthought
JacobyFord12 Beach workout done. Happy Friday y'all

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