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Jacoby Ford

Clemson University Scholar. Wide Receiver

- Oakland Raiders - Wide Receiver
College: Clemson
14,243 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-23-2010


JacobyFord12 @Ant_Allen lol Bruh a dude that was working out literally farted and it was so bad I woke up my sleep my nig lol
JacobyFord12 Man a dude farted so bad in my dream I really woke up tho??????. Friday grind tho bout to jump off????
JacobyFord12 Top of the morning. Back to the grind
JacobyFord12 Back home in the good ol Fla waiting on my bro @MarkIngram22 hurry up mane lol #TitanUp??
JacobyFord12 RT @TennesseeTitans: Newest #Titans on Twitter: @JacobyFord12 @EdmondGates
JacobyFord12 “@olivia_dicar: @JacobyFord12 why haven't I heard from you yet? ???? GO BUCKS” Go who?
JacobyFord12 I hate when ppl get mad cuz they take a isle seat and look at you crazy when u wanna make them get up lol. Get Ya ass up shawty????
JacobyFord12 Might be over for em. Ohio State ground game on point!
JacobyFord12 “@ReemBoi25: @MarkIngram22 @Ant_Allen @JacobyFord12 lol one of best decisions in your life!! We ain’t looked back since!!” Lol reem ugly
JacobyFord12 “@MarkIngram22: @Ant_Allen @JacobyFord12 lol u already know bruh! Where u at mane?!” Lol Ant we hit it tho #pause
JacobyFord12 Ok Brady I see Ya with the quick hesitation lol
JacobyFord12 Boy these Ravens clicking in all phases right now
JacobyFord12 Back to the Fla wed. Been real out here in the bay relaxing??

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