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Tyvon Branch

Safety for the Oakland Raiders, Fly Boys Club, Uconn alumni, Cuse 315, IG: tyvonbranch

- Oakland Raiders - Safety
College: Connecticut
6,080 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-15-2010


tyvonbranch “@rockyrunrun: Where's @tyvonbranch? Not at Chipotle. WORD?! http://t.co/6u3sg9me79” on my way
tyvonbranch I remember the good ol days when people did stuff that made them happy... Now a day people selling they soul for a few likes #chill
tyvonbranch I'm a mark my moms and step moms still do my Christmas shopping for me lol
tyvonbranch Somewhere in the world my boy Terrance Johnson celebrating his bday if anybody has his contact tell him holla at me
tyvonbranch Blessed to see another year God is good! 28 years old officially triple OG status lol
tyvonbranch “@real_Dreez: @tyvonbranch do you even know your ABC's check casher” I'm confused are u insulting me lol
tyvonbranch If by age 3 your kid doesn't know how to recite their ABC's you have failed as a parent! Lmao
tyvonbranch #squad #squad #squad #RaiderNation
tyvonbranch #BattleOfTheBay game bout to be sooooo live! Wish I could play soooo bad! But we bout to mob #RaiderNation
tyvonbranch I ain't gunna lie I got the leaked j cole album but I'm fed gunna cop it on dec 9th gotta support a good body of work like that!
tyvonbranch “@NaviBajwa24: @tyvonbranch @_AyJayKay I think the only people who listen to papoose are Papoose and Kay Slay” lol just not my type of music
tyvonbranch “@_AyJayKay: @tyvonbranch Lemme guess you listen to Papoose too?” Nah I don't
tyvonbranch “@_AyJayKay: @tyvonbranch you from New York? ??” lol yup
tyvonbranch RT @SeanMagsFBC: If Sallie Mae gonna keep calling my phone she might as well let a nigga hit..
tyvonbranch “@_AyJayKay: Max B is up there with Papoose as the worst rapper in the history of rap.” U trippin max was wavy owwwww
tyvonbranch Homie said he wanted a Chevy, so I put my dog in the vet
tyvonbranch RT @BillionBus: First Team All-Trash Talk 1. Ric Flair 2. Muhammad Ali 3. P. Diddy 4. Kevin Garnett 5. Michael Jordan
tyvonbranch I just try to put as much love and positivity into it as I can
tyvonbranch “@CVines23: Brooklyn Pickle for lunch ??” man that's the spot!

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