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Tyvon Branch

Safety for the Oakland Raiders, Fly Boys Club, Uconn alumni, Cuse 315, IG: tyvonbranch

- Oakland Raiders - Safety
College: Connecticut
6,104 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-15-2010


tyvonbranch That new Acura NSX is too official! I need to find the plug
tyvonbranch “@chicharo_mania: @tyvonbranch how is the french toast from Ole's?” It's good that's what I get when I go there
tyvonbranch Got a good workout in this morn now it's poolside... So nice out today
tyvonbranch Costco run for this grilling I'm about to do... Can't wait for these games to start up
tyvonbranch They going bad on me on Twitter... It's real out here lol
tyvonbranch My blackberry screen blacked out today smh I'm 38 bout dat
tyvonbranch RT @onlyonenation_: Heavy Hitters! #HeavyHitter #BigHits #TyvonBranch #Raiders #RaiderNation @tyvonbranch @tyvonbranch http://t.co/28nXQtgp…
tyvonbranch “@__missTARALYNN: People hate on e-40 but like....his shit GOOOOOOO. Don't sleep on the bay” 40 water!
tyvonbranch “@M_G0NZ: @tyvonbranch "you should be in the gym training" tweets coming in 3..2..1.....” Lol I'm always training people know better
tyvonbranch “@vallyshy: @tyvonbranch yo how did you get so fast” blessed with it
tyvonbranch Florida weather is amazing it was cold as cheese in Indy!
tyvonbranch Damn man Stuart Scott tho! That's tough RIP
tyvonbranch I think 2014 can officially called the year of the flex... Let's see if 2015 people keep it a lil trill with themselves
tyvonbranch Chicks find a new make up artist then start acting brand new in these streets lmao
tyvonbranch Hungry bout to make a chipotle and Jamba Juice run
tyvonbranch “@aorduna21: My #mcm #tyvonbranch @RAIDERS @tyvonbranch hope you are feeling better I (we) miss you! http://t.co/FKLCPNWlPJ” thank you!

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