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Tyvon Branch

Safety for the Oakland Raiders, Fly Boys Club, Uconn alumni, Cuse 315, IG: tyvonbranch

- Oakland Raiders - Safety
College: Connecticut
5,778 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 03-15-2010


tyvonbranch Most the time when it rain it start pouring, but how we grind make the weather change for us
tyvonbranch “@MaaarkyBo: Chipotle and Jamba Juice the best combo. Word to the bro @tyvonbranch” trill
tyvonbranch RT @KARANDOPE: RETWEET if you wanna thank JESUS?? for everything he gave you ?? ?????? http://t.co/wnRa9hQKdy
tyvonbranch RT @WolfpackAlan: I just checked the weather, it's going to be Drizzy outside. Expect a lil Wayne.
tyvonbranch @MrOakTown55 @PreciseMike and @_Go_DJ_ been running from me all day in the 2K if y'all scared just say that
tyvonbranch I'm a big fan of this fitness movement I must say! Girls look good toned up
tyvonbranch My truck been parked outside bout a month sitting under a tree! So much bird poop on it smh
tyvonbranch Trying not to turn back into the savage I once was
tyvonbranch I'm with my NOLO boys this weekend in LA I can't wait! #reunited
tyvonbranch Bout to get my first haircut in over a month the naps are real right now!
tyvonbranch So proud of both the men and women HUSKIES but especially this kid I watch her grind day in and day… http://t.co/7POMeDXxQp
tyvonbranch You never see it coming you just get to see it go
tyvonbranch RT @Vigliotti14: SIGNED POPCORN BOX by @tyvonbranch #Billybeez #raidernation #Rt #thankyou http://t.co/OUwf1VQDad
tyvonbranch I always make it home for the bday run gotta love family... Happy BDay Bella http://t.co/r7lPZyyb8y
tyvonbranch Just kidding here for a bday party jeez
tyvonbranch Me and my bro @Not_So_Tatted in destiny mall on thot patrol
tyvonbranch “@SeanMagsFBC: Packing for this 6 am flight” kill it brodie I'm happy for u
tyvonbranch I'm mad bored anybody doing anything tonight in cuse?
tyvonbranch “@Manuel_Tena: Chipotle and Jamba Juice. Shout to @tyvonbranch for the hell of a combination” Man U can't beat it

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