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George Wilson

Tennessee Titans Safety

- Tennessee Titans - Safety
College: Arkansas
4,587 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-28-2010


GWilson37 “@mikehodge14: @GWilson37 @BryanHall95 bc Yall under contract? B hall who u play for now?”that's not necessary, you offered we declined
GWilson37 "@mikehodge14: @BryanHall95 and @GWilson37 Yall tryna play in this alumni game or what?"gone have to miss me on this one
GWilson37 Had the chance to meet Ric Flair, grew up watching him wrestle as a kid. #Legend #MakeAWish http://t.co/Y65VzflYXe
GWilson37 “@TheProfessorSD: @GWilson37 does it still run?”yes
GWilson37 Working on my grandparents' tobacco farm growing up taught me some invaluable life lessons at a young… http://t.co/xOgtXQtG4a
GWilson37 One of the tractors that we used on my grandparents' tobacco farm when I was growing up. I learned to… http://t.co/TIEyzfIaFJ
GWilson37 "@Real_Johanna_5: @GWilson37 thank you for the picture !!???????????? http://t.co/7TJBWZpdW4"no problem
GWilson37 "@SportsbySharona: @GWilson37 feeling very blessed and thankful :) hope you have a great Friday!"I second that emotion, enjoy your day too
GWilson37 "@SportsbySharona: @Fact @GWilson37 so very true George! good morning!"good morning to you as well, hope things have been good on your end
GWilson37 RT @Fact: The first to apologize is always the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
GWilson37 “@DonnaP_Suits: @GWilson37 I don't always have time to clean my apartment, but when I do, I don't.”not me, I'm too OCD for that
GWilson37 RT @IyanlaVanzant: Do everything you do for the love of doing it.
GWilson37 "@IIILD: @Crushboy31 @GWilson37 Ha! Are you cooking GW? Nice."no, took the guys over to @Cals_CK , my boy's family owns it
GWilson37 “@HarveyS_Suits: @GWilson37 When you've got the right moves, every hand's a winner.”Agreed!!!
GWilson37 RT @HarveyS_Suits: @GWilson37 Life is not always a matter of holding good cards. Sometimes you need to play a poor hand well.
GWilson37 When their hug or handshake doesn't match the look in their eyes, you'll know who the frauds are, they… http://t.co/L65cyxK5eN
GWilson37 RT @Suits_USA: You can always count on Donna. Retweet if you agree. #suits
GWilson37 “@MikeR_Suits: @GWilson37 Citibike is a great way to commute in NYC, but the subway's a classic. Do you bus, bike or drive to work?”Drive
GWilson37 “@SportsbySharona: @GWilson37 isn't he the most charismatic dude EVER? I had the great fortune to meet him too. great experience”absolutely!
GWilson37 #tbt President Clinton and I at his #CGI event back in #2011 http://t.co/lcnBaeSZEs

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