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George Wilson

Tennessee Titans Safety

- Tennessee Titans - Safety
College: Arkansas
4,683 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-28-2010


GWilson37 RT @BudJudkins: @GWilson37 Very moved by your words this evening at #ForgottenFour I have been a ProFootball fan 50 years but learned a lot…
GWilson37 RT @BudJudkins: @GWilson37 Enjoyed the show gentlemen. Let us never forget the injustice. @GWilson37 thanks for hosting and the thoughtfu…
GWilson37 #ForgottenFour These are the men who integrated professional football in 1946, a year before Jackie… http://t.co/8PBPvDQYoH
GWilson37 mccourtytwins mikegriff33 and I attending the screening for the #ForgottenFour. These men are… http://t.co/31Lj7Fp6Fa
GWilson37 RT @jwyattsports: #Titans safety @GWilson37 hopes others learn from death of actor Robin Williams http://t.co/4pI6EwvX9O
GWilson37 #tbt My grandfather and I working in his garden and at my bowling event. I miss him and think about… http://t.co/Ox5lRBGwzf
GWilson37 "@Ali650: Big shout out to @Mr_Wimbley95 and @GWilson37 during #Work here in #Atl #TrainingCamp"good seeing you doing well fam
GWilson37 Gotta stay connected to the #SOURCE from which of all our blessings flow!!!! A #family that prays… http://t.co/HVYVO3Rsg0
GWilson37 "@JohnDaleJr: @GWilson37 s/o G-Dub for the follow! #HogTeam"no doubt fam
GWilson37 "@CPatt1119: @GWilson37 can't believe I wasn't followig you ?? smh thanks a ton for the gloves will keep them forever" no problem
GWilson37 #DrBonner #peppermint #soap #fresh Cleanliness is godliness!!! http://t.co/G8nU8p4HiK
GWilson37 RT @gdkfoundation: @GWilson37 spread the word. 1st 100 kids get #backtoschool supplies and backpacks. #deongrant #NFL #VFL http://t.co/enJ5…
GWilson37 "@gdkfoundation: @GWilson37 thx 4 the follow!"no doubt fam, hope all is well
GWilson37 "@CowboyJobu: @GWilson37 Thanks for a great shoot and giving back. Have a great season. http://t.co/3Fhv21w67o"no problem, had a great time
GWilson37 RT @PRPuff: .@GWilson37 doing his video headshot for the scoreboard #TitanUp http://t.co/osMygadfIO
GWilson37 RT @Fact: Music helps keep your memories alive.
GWilson37 RT @jwyattsports: #Titans safety @GWilson37 dedicates season to his late grandfather. http://t.co/23G65Ybygx
GWilson37 RT @AllAboutPisces: When depressed A #Pisces will isolate themselves from the world. #HonestHour
GWilson37 RT @PSunSports: George Wilson @GWilson37 begins Titans training camp with a heavy heart due to the loss of his grandfather, George Reeves J…
GWilson37 "@BlizzleStizzle: Thank you so much! @GWilson37 I'll be looking for you on the field. http://t.co/NtlnXrRV2Q" no problem Blade, anytime
GWilson37 "@LilTrip615: @GWilson37 what u been up to" getting ready for the season
GWilson37 Happy Birthday to my big bro!!!! Love you!!!! http://t.co/jYZ5roigPd

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