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George Wilson

Just me

- Tennessee Titans - Safety
College: Arkansas
4,724 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-28-2010


GWilson37 Had a great time interacting with the students today at Lincoln Elementary, there was a lot of… https://t.co/sr3Qkh04Bu
GWilson37 Congrats to Lincoln Elementary School for being a gold medal school in KY's breakfast challenge!!!!… https://t.co/maXnXqj5kC
GWilson37 RT @Smee81: @GWilson37: Baby Danny is having surgery today. Pls read, pray, & RT for him. http://t.co/Iya9WvpVBN @Smee81 @Smee81 #PrayFor…
GWilson37 RT @byron_susie: #TennesseeTitan @GWilson37 listened to our 7th grade choir sing, and gave us a generous donation! Thank you! http://t.co/…
GWilson37 Always a great time hanging out with the students, they keep me grounded as well as on my toes!!!!… https://t.co/7FHfSKDQy0
GWilson37 Another rewards program today at the Franklin Simpson Middle School. #SchoolBreakfast futp60 https://t.co/iF1ltJeflu
GWilson37 RT @crjones01: There's some pretty great kids at that school, @GWilson37. Thanks for giving back. #Titanup
GWilson37 RT @crjones01: Kid got in the car from school telling me they got a visit from @GWilson37 today at ACPC.
GWilson37 Had a good conversation with my new friend this morning as he finished up with his #SchoolBreakfast.… https://t.co/CUVMZYaaQf
GWilson37 Always a great time on these school visits with the futp60 program!!! A great program that encourages… https://t.co/CPvV0NzHWM
GWilson37 Congrats to the Allen Co. Primary Center on your breakfast grant and for being the gold medal… https://t.co/hJXjVyYJYa
GWilson37 RT @LisaZimmerman: George Wilson’s @GWilson37 gratitude for his own blessings has driven him to pay it forward: https://t.co/WEvgQFWAXh #Ti…
GWilson37 Thankful for another year of life!!!! One life to live, so why not enjoy it!?!?!? No do-overs in… https://t.co/ooZeZlH1kP
GWilson37 Out here just living and loving life!!!! #blessed https://t.co/GDGjQzLNST
GWilson37 “@2MuchFor1_: Need bro @GWilson37 to tell me how to make that cut by the toe in my cleats lol” lol gotta take care of your dawgs

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