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Jairus Byrd

Jeremiah 29:11.... Safety for the New Orleans Saints ...Trying to build a legacy....#whodat

- New Orleans Saints - Safety
2,899 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-25-2010


jairusbyrd RT @Saints: New Saint @JairusByrd will answer a few questions from our Twitter followers later today. Reply to us with questions for No. 31…
jairusbyrd Ok I'm done... Y'all have a great night 1 love ????
jairusbyrd RT @powens91: @jairusbyrd Things wonderful in NY. Here's wishing you were here. Good luck in New Orleans.
jairusbyrd “@thumbsup19: @jairusbyrd just got ur jersey in the mail ??????”
jairusbyrd “@Lim_003: “@jairusbyrd: What's up everybody!?Just got home from the gym, upcoming freshmen gotta prove myself in my first year ??”>go get it
jairusbyrd “@Niamke44Verrett: @jairusbyrd have u met the other guys yet”
jairusbyrd “@ProfesorNixon: @jairusbyrd Doing well JB...Coach Nixon”
jairusbyrd RT @73iisweet: @jairusbyrd Hey Jairus! Just enjoying this nice day and waiting for kickoff! Can't wait to see you on the field in the Black…
jairusbyrd “@XxAshes2Ashes: @jairusbyrd name looks nice on a black and gold jersey”
jairusbyrd “@nivgill: @jairusbyrd what up dude! Looking forward to seeing you in the black and gold all the way from England!! #WhoDatNation”
jairusbyrd RT @SnoBunnySlayerr: “@jairusbyrd: What's up everybody!?” Plottin on these season tickets! ??
jairusbyrd “@Fausty29: @jairusbyrd You seem really chill man....just pointing that out”
jairusbyrd “@hashbrown711: “@jairusbyrd: What's up everybody!?” Workin gotta get the cash somehow”
jairusbyrd “@maggio_nick: @jairusbyrd come get a free snowball homie”
jairusbyrd “@Saints_Tigers: @jairusbyrd Afternoon? What's up in the Big Easy?”< getting a quick car wash
jairusbyrd “@molls663: @jairusbyrd Impatiently waiting for the season to start. You?”
jairusbyrd RT @CaptOTM: Looking forward to seeing @jairusbyrd at the @LarryFitzgerald softball game! Hopefully he'll sign my Bills photo. http://t.co/…
jairusbyrd RT @ericistheUN: Got my @jairusbyrd jersey finally but the Saints team shop sent the cheaper one not the limited version!!! Help!
jairusbyrd RT @Louisiana_Lac: Where can I get a game day @jairusbyrd jersey at? I dnt want them ones with long jersey sleeves
jairusbyrd RT @drtonyevans: God will do what He will do when you do what you are supposed to do. #Faith #Go
jairusbyrd “@JModdre: @jairusbyrd go to the festival today live like a whodat”

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