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Jairus Byrd

Jeremiah 29:11.... Safety for the New Orleans Saints ...Trying to build a legacy....#whodat

- New Orleans Saints - Safety
3,104 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-25-2010


jairusbyrd Surrounded by #GREATNESS #Teammates
jairusbyrd “@Saints: .@JairusByrd back at #Saints practice,http://t.co/1xKMVtru0w by @JohnDeShazier http://t.co/weWEwFRXwM”
jairusbyrd RT @Saints: .@jairusbyrd in pads, back at practice #SaintsCamp https://t.co/nFU5LqX0TY
jairusbyrd RT @weddlesbeard: Weddles dominate! @jairusbyrd, Charley Hoffman and @Part_Time_Adult . You have 24 hrs. #ALSIceBucketChallenge http://t.…
jairusbyrd RT @rgabbert1201: @jairusbyrd Seen your tweet of the #ByrdMan shirt at target!! Bummed we don't have that in Kentucky! #IWouldBuyThemAll #A…
jairusbyrd RT @whodatfanatic1: @rbush36 @KennyVaccaro4 @jairusbyrd yall keep workin and you'll become the best 3 overall safeties in the league! Work …
jairusbyrd “@bwombat24: Pretty cool. Target in Slidell has Byrd Man & the Big Breesy @drewbrees @jairusbyrd shirts! http://t.co/NXqktaDqwN”
jairusbyrd RT @brandincooks: The day I loose sight of God is the day I loose my talent! He make it all happen!
jairusbyrd RT @NolaTalk: @jairusbyrd The munchin's new jersey arrived in time for the game in the dome! #31 @Saints #WHODAT! http://t.co/2YtqrVd3p1
jairusbyrd #RIP robin Williams .. Gone too soon.. #MrsDoubtfire
jairusbyrd “@aiabuffalo: @jairusbyrd man 31 miss seeing you here in Buffalo God has a plan for victory for you Psalm 32”
jairusbyrd RT @RCR2NOLA: @jairusbyrd Running 125 miles from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for former Saint player Steve Gleason.Stop ALS R/T!-> http://t.…
jairusbyrd RT @brittme90: @jairusbyrd Sometimes God puts us through trials so we have to be dependent on Him. Even though we think we can handle thing…
jairusbyrd RT @Dvoxrox: @jairusbyrd The best way to stay humble and not be full of pride is to give Him the glory in every success, and even in your f…
jairusbyrd RT @MrMarcusBall: Like my dog @jairusbyrd say, somebody share some of that good word with me today...
jairusbyrd RT @cajunland504: @jairusbyrd I didn't go today but .I can say always b thankful for what you have .n never take anything for granted
jairusbyrd Have a great Sunday, always room to improve in life... Be blessed.. Also if anyone heard a good word In church today, please share!!

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