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Jairus Byrd

Jeremiah 29:11.... Safety for the New Orleans Saints ...Trying to build a legacy....#whodat IG: jairusbyrd

- New Orleans Saints - Safety
3,361 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-25-2010


jairusbyrd Have a great Monday.. Another blessing
jairusbyrd Great win by the Ducks tonight.. Keep duckin
jairusbyrd RT @A_Milton17: Only young buck rolling with the guys???? #Blessed #WhoDat @jairusbyrd #ImNext http://t.co/yWZEghlLCd
jairusbyrd Good luck to @TeamNutriBullet running the #LAMarathon today
jairusbyrd Congrats to my big bro @Byrdcall25 on the new job.. Proud of you??
jairusbyrd 1 more #Whodat to the newest member, my bro @CJSPILLER
jairusbyrd @bbrowner27 no doubt!..you already got one with my dude @PatrickChung23... I need that!
jairusbyrd RT @Nader723: @jairusbyrd got my Js customized so they can go with ur jersey. #WhoDat http://t.co/w3fUrNlEek
jairusbyrd Venice beach on a Saturday.. All love??

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