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Pippa Mann

Racing driver partnered with Susan G. Komen, broadcaster, instructor at Miles Ahead and other driving schools. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
37,190 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann Morning! Still plenty of challenges ahead before we get to May, defeat is not an option!! https://t.co/Bm0P9UUGcs
PippaMann Every time they release the new #Indy500 tickets, I can't help but dream that one day it'll be me... ?? #Dreamer #Believer
PippaMann RT @stevewittich: New @Hinchtown sponsor Arrow Electronics ranks 138th in the Fortune 500. The CO based company had $21+ billion in revenue…
PippaMann #TBT - My first day ever doing the turn left thing. #IndyLights #MRTI #TheDayItAllBegan #IsItMayYet https://t.co/EpoEDDuKVD
PippaMann My race team is starting to grow!! ?? #MoreThanARaceIN #PippasPinkPosse http://t.co/uyWOWSo7Xz
PippaMann RT @kateguerra4: Past #Rolex24 champions gather in Victory Lane. Proud to see many familiar faces in there. #IndyCar #Rolex24 http://t.co/W…
PippaMann Lol! My nieces and nephews would agree that this is me!! ?????? || #HappyFriday http://t.co/B4MMiPrisA
PippaMann - @KomenDallas thank you for sharing the @MotorSportsTalk piece! ?? #ProudToBePink #IndyCar #Indy500
PippaMann RT @KomenDallas: Pippa Mann and her pink Komen racecar helped raise over $1.35 million last week during our Perfect Pink Party http://t.co/…
PippaMann “@InfinetMotor: Shout out to @PippaMann #YouAreAwesome :) #justsaying http://t.co/uuFNAIdK7q” Awww! Thank you!! xx ??
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: We're LIVE from @DISUpdates for the #Rolex24! Follow along all week with our LIVE blog: http://t.co/iYlrKRNRfB #IndyCar
PippaMann A couple of happy memories from the #PinkPresser for today's #TBT. #PinkIsTheNewStrong #WeWillKeepFighting http://t.co/WF1DueQnUI
PippaMann Finally watching #Homeland season 1... So good!! ?? #Addicted
PippaMann Today, I laced up for Cynthia. We have to keep fighting. #LaceUp365 #IndyCar http://t.co/GUhp2aBIqQ
PippaMann Today, I laced up for Cynthia. We have to keep fighting. #LaceUp365 #IndyCar @ PitFit Training http://t.co/a14BHne7ZE
PippaMann Deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Cynthia Layne this morning. Rest in peace. http://t.co/2mTTJZEUjk

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