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Pippa Mann

Racing driver partnered with Susan G. Komen, broadcaster, instructor at Miles Ahead and other driving schools. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
37,542 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann - @MatthewKnell Ha! Given I cursed every single person I picked, there is NO WAY I am picking myself!! :)
PippaMann So basically, whoever I pick from here on out... Don't pick those drivers!!!! ?????? #INDYRIVALS http://t.co/VYHDQPDqTU
PippaMann So. After the first race in #FantasyIndyCar #INDYRIVALS I am last in league with my friends, and last of the "experts"... ?????? ?????? #IndyCar
PippaMann A little slow to get moving today, but good morning! https://t.co/zNEmAIDFtp
PippaMann - @chuckie_css thankfully it's not lost this time. It's just a little delayed!! #ICanGo230ButMyBagCant ??
PippaMann Made it back to Indy. My bag however is still in ATL...!!! ?????? #WithoutFail #Travel #WhenYouFlyStandBy
PippaMann - @Lucia027 you're welcome! Pleasure was all mine!! ?? #IndyCar #GirlsRule #AmazingFans #FirestoneGP
PippaMann - @Lucia027 you're welcome! Pleasure was all mine!! ??
PippaMann RT @Lucia027: Thank you @PippaMann for the pic with my daughter, and for all you do to promote STEM for girls #IndyCar #STEM http://t.co/xY…
PippaMann RT @MotorWeekPat: Motor Week LIVE! reviews @MartinsvilleSwy @zMAXDragway @F1 & more. Plus @PippaMann is our guest. Monday 7pm ET/4pm PT htt…
PippaMann #Repost from @Ecraw_Biddy on pitlane during #IndyCar pre-race today!! #FirestoneGP https://t.co/JiaUlzfdD4
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: INDYCAR and Juan Pablo Montoya are now trending worldwide! #INDYCAR #FirestoneGP
PippaMann Note to self. If you get to race this year, DO NOT PICK YOURSELF for #FantasyIndyCar... ?? #CurseOfDoom #IndyCar #IndyRivals
PippaMann I apologize to everyone I picked for #FantasyIndyCar. It was obviously the curse of DOOM. ?? #FirestoneGP #IndyRivals
PippaMann Had to leave the track mid race today, but at least I can listen to @IndyCarRadio from the car!! Sounding awesome as always guys!! ??????
PippaMann RT @jwardh: I finally own something pink! Thank you @PippaMann and everyone who organized this tweet up. #IndyCar http://t.co/oKxx99LPI0
PippaMann The grid is set, and @IndyCar is live on @ABCNetwork right now for their first race of 2015!! #FirestoneGP #IndyCar http://t.co/ShVgiaTAan

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