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Pippa Mann

Susan G. Komen, Dale Coyne Racing #Indy500 driver, IMS Radio Analyst, Glass Hammer Racing Mentor, Miles Ahead Instructor. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
35,770 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann My alarm is set to go off in under 6 hours, and I'm not able to catch zeds yet... ?? #Rubbish #TiredPippaTomorrow
PippaMann RT @indy44: Anybody in Indianapolis want to race the JMV Grand Prix. I'll buy your ticket. Let me know. First reply gets ticket. http://t.c…
PippaMann RT @curtcavin: I'm thinking this #IndyCar Championship Celebration will be one to attend! #WineCountry @RaceSonoma
PippaMann RT @ricardipus: @PippaMann Favourite #IndyCar2015 race? Why the @hondaindy #Toronto of course... after so much uncertainty, great to see it…
PippaMann RT @flywheel011: @PippaMann The fact that it's released, and my Christmas wish list can begin!
PippaMann RT @IndyCarSTIG: @PippaMann The #IndyCar schedule has almost a 33.3333% ratio of street/road/oval courses, which is 100% cool and 0% lame! …
PippaMann RT @kenspi: @PippaMann The finale at @RaceSonoma! It was my local track growing up, and earthquakes are still rare!
PippaMann RT @groundedeffects: @fleshwound_NPG @PippaMann 6 Road, 5 Streets, 6 Ovals does have a bit of cachet to it. I'll buy that.
PippaMann RT @ryansheehanmfr: @PippaMann definitely Pocono! Only two hours from me. Of course the Indy 500 beats anything else but y'know.
PippaMann RT @SHELBYB03: @PippaMann Getting to attend the BEST race everyone looks forward to every race year…the #Indy500 of course!-????????#ScheduleLo…
PippaMann “@BronColt1992_88: @PippaMann My favorite part is the weekend of the #Indy500!!” Girl after my own heart!! ?? #INDYCAR2015 #IndyCar
PippaMann RT @kaseymk222: @PippaMann Milwaukee is back in July! And Sonoma is the finale!!!??????
PippaMann RT @stevewittich: 6 road courses, 6 ovals & 5 street circuits on the 2015 #IndyCar calendar. 12 races on a Sunday & 5 on a Saturday.
PippaMann “@briankeifer: @PippaMann The return of @poconoraceway! Tickets will be upgraded!” YES!! #Agree #INDYCAR2015
PippaMann RT @DawgPoundInc: @PippaMann #IndyCar2015 the new races in brazil and NOLA....should prove exciting
PippaMann “@MatthewKnell: @PippaMann you driving in 2015 Indy 500 again. Of course.” ?? Thanks! #INDYCAR2015 #Indy500
PippaMann So, what's your favorite part of the #IndyCar2015 schedule? I'll RT the best answers! :D #IndyCar #ScheduleLove #IsIt2015Yet
PippaMann Plus, I have to admit, the idea of a Championship Celebration in wine country does have *some* appeal... ;) #IndyCar2015 #JustSayin
PippaMann . @poconoraceway then @RaceSonoma as final 2 races of the year... 2 great, totally different tracks, 2 of my personal faves! #IndyCar2015
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: About 15 minutes until the #INDYCAR2015 schedule is released! Download the INDYCAR14 app now to get exclusive access! http://t…
PippaMann Just under an hour to go before the #INDYCAR2015 schedule announcement... ?? #LetsDOthis!!!
PippaMann RT @PaddockInsider: Today's the day. Download #INDYCAR14 for early access to the schedule. #IndyCar2015 http://t.co/Z12AnmjKx9

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