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Pippa Mann

Susan G. Komen, Dale Coyne Racing #Indy500 driver, IMS Radio Analyst, Glass Hammer Racing Mentor, Miles Ahead Instructor. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
33,939 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann RT @IMS: EPIC. The only word to describe 2013 #MotosOnMeridian. And it's happening again on Aug 8 & 9. See you there? #IndyGP http://t.co/D…
PippaMann RT @williamrhoads: @PippaMann Thank you so much for all the support that you give to the Susan G. Komen Foundation Pippa~! Together we'll …
PippaMann ICYMI: Write up on @MotorSportsTalk - Helmet sale and @SusanGKomen "#ROY"... :) >> http://t.co/PranP05E26 || #ProudToBePink #IndyCar
PippaMann Thanks for write up @MotorSportsTalk @tonydizinno! Honored to have received award from @SusanGKomen last week!! ?? #ProudToBePink #IndyCar
PippaMann RT @MotorSportsTalk: Susan G. Komen honors Pippa Mann as its rookie-of-the-year; Mann also auctions helmet http://t.co/aHKvrKTamz
PippaMann RT @SusanGKomen: Wow! @Mrbobbybones & @Jason_Aldean reached their goal & raised over $60K! We’re overwhelmed by your passion & support, tha…
PippaMann RT @IndyFansTweetUp: Working on #IndyFansTweetUp at @FollowMidOhio this weekend! We’ll also share if @IndyCar organizes an official #TweetU…
PippaMann @ConorDaly22 very jealous you're getting to do that! Enjoy! :)
PippaMann Lots of you also suggesting milkshakes... That's not a bad idea... ??
PippaMann Food options after dental surgery? Cool soup. Cool, blended mashed potatoes. Yoghurt. Jello. And that's about it!! #BritishTeethProblems
PippaMann Pretty sure we had #IndyHenge tonight downtown! ?? #Sunset #HomeLife http://t.co/ewxOWpsnir
PippaMann Easy like a Sunday morning! :) #RaceFanAtHeart #F1 http://t.co/sn0iqnLQFt
PippaMann Thanks @cold_hard_art for getting this back to us today, and for the tour! Coffee table at home now… http://t.co/uE7VHROuIT
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: Only 4 races left on the 2014 @Verizon #IndyCar Series schedule. Which are you most looking forward to? http://t.co/Ws9e55iGtM
PippaMann Enjoying a couple of days actually at home here in Indy with the husband the next few days!! ?? #WeekendOff
PippaMann “@caldwellrealty: @PippaMann The Pylon would look beautiful in the full PINK!” I agree! What do you say @IMS?! ?? #IsItMayYet #Indy500
PippaMann This just had to be done!! ?? || #BecausePagoda #Sunset #BestPlaceInTheWorld @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway http://t.co/YMz0sHXBfY
PippaMann Well look who's lurking in the stands tonight!! ?? #RaceFanAtHeart #PagodaSelfie #BestPlaceInTheWorld http://t.co/Rs74k30gTW
PippaMann Got home. Reunited self with wallet. Pretty sure @IMS and @UnitedSportsCar might be calling me that way... :) #RaceFanAtHeart
PippaMann That moment when you discover you left your wallet at home... ?? #Fail #BlondeGene1PippaNil

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