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Pippa Mann

Susan G. Komen, Dale Coyne Racing #Indy500 driver, IMS Radio Analyst, Glass Hammer Racing Mentor, Miles Ahead Instructor. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
35,382 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann Just went to take my dinner out of the oven and discovered I had forgotten to put it in... ?? #LifeOfABlonde #YesImHopeless
PippaMann Good news is apparently I should start feeling better within next day or two, and I should be back in the gym FINALLY next week! :)
PippaMann So apparently my #StupidFlu is taking so long to get better because it came laced with a side of walking pneumonia...! >:<
PippaMann Plus I'm only a few short of 21,000 of you on here... Not bad for a girl who races once a year... ;) #JustSaying #ThankYou #IndyCar
PippaMann Apparently 9000 people have clicked "Like" on my @Facebook page... :) #ThankYou #ThankYou #ThankYou https://t.co/4KkXRexVaH
PippaMann RT @HondaRacing_HPD: #HondaLove to #NationalCoffeeDay! (photo cred: @GdeFerran You can drive cars really fast & take great pictures too!) …
PippaMann RT @WWE: #WWE is proud to partner with @SusanGKomen to help end breast cancer! #CourageConquerCure http://t.co/Uleha11Ct9
PippaMann RT @mikhailaleshin: Big big thanks to my Russian fans, that met me in the airport!! That was super cool!!))) http://t.co/xF60bzuMGE
PippaMann Gutted I'm not going to my first @colts game of season today... These had to go to friends. #StupidFlu!!! http://t.co/lI9XNDzraK
PippaMann So I finally dragged my sorry self to the doctor. Apparently "proper flu" runs up to 10 days these days... ??
PippaMann RT @SusanGKomen: We’ll be joining @WWEmoms on Wed 10/1 at 7 pm ET to share stories of strength. Join us using #WWEmoms and RSVP here: http:…
PippaMann RT @Sara_Walsh: Gf beating cancer asked me to wear teal 2day for #ocamonth. Done. You can help her raise $ simply by retweeting! http://t.c…
PippaMann Had to cancel my long planned trip to Bloomington for #WOO tonight... ?? #StupidFlu #MyCouchAndIAreStartingToFallOut
PippaMann RT @leighdiffey: “@mrindycar: @leighdiffey Out of all of the motorsport races you've seen. What are your highlights so far for 2014?” Indyc…
PippaMann RT @SusanGKomen: Race for the Cure participants, where are you walking & why do you walk? http://t.co/HaLWDcRvhH
PippaMann #TBT - Even #LittlePippa went pink this past May... ?? Working hard to make this happen again in 2015!! #IndyCar http://t.co/29igl8AldZ
PippaMann Flu, flu, go away!! ?? #DuvetDay #HateBeingSick

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