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Pippa Mann

Susan G. Komen, Dale Coyne Racing #Indy500 driver, IMS Radio Analyst, Glass Hammer Racing Mentor, Miles Ahead Instructor. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
35,080 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann #Latergram - more from last night. The #RedCarpet in #BlackAndWhite! ?? http://t.co/H7WizvTAKE
PippaMann Hello Indy! Home for 24 hours before we head to Italy... Good job I'm accustomed to swimming in laundry!! ??
PippaMann Never have I been more grateful for an upgrade!! Thank you @Delta, and Twitterland, I bid you good night!! xx
PippaMann My husband was a little *unimpressed* to be dragged down the red carpet, but he smiled for me... ?? #IndyCar http://t.co/tvrF5vgDo1
PippaMann RT @CogitoErgoBibo: .@PippaMann and Himself make their grand entrance. #IndycarBanquet #Indycar http://t.co/A7ZnMrZ57T
PippaMann @TonyKanaan seeing as you seem to be going thru your tweets this am... #PARABENS!! :D
PippaMann Also, belated and most massive thanks to @SHAYZEN who basically organized the #TweetUp this weekend entirely herself! #IndyFansTweetUp
PippaMann We also had a *little* special guest... ?? #LittlePippa #IndyFansTweetUp http://t.co/bMzkcYQYXO
PippaMann #Latergram - a few pics from the @IndyFansTweetUp yesterday! #IndyCar #MavTV500 http://t.co/juI8Nn1saI
PippaMann Good Morning, with a #Repost from paddockinsider - Congratulations @12willpower!! http://t.co/V0W2CdajE8
PippaMann Wow. What a race! Congrats @12WillPower, you are now a @Verizon #IndyCar Champion!!! #IndyRivals #MavTV500
PippaMann We are live on @IndyCarRadio for the @IndyCar season finale! Start your engines at 7.14 PT! #MavTV500 #IndyRivals http://t.co/PoNAgg0e3a
PippaMann RT @IndyFansTweetUp: Thanks to all these great folks and many more for coming out to the @ACSupdates #indyfanstweetup! @IndyCar fans rock! …
PippaMann RT @indy44: So who's everybody pulling for? #TeamPower #TeamHelio #TeamPagenaud #MAVTV500 #IndyCar
PippaMann Great time at the @IndyFansTweetUp! Sorry I had to run pretty fast! #BackToTheBooth On air at 6pm local! Pics from #TweetUp later!
PippaMann RT @tonydizinno: #IndyCar medical update: Mikhail Aleshin was upgraded to stable condition following a procedure for a chest injury. Remain…
PippaMann RT @IndyFansTweetUp: Are you at @ACSupdates? Come to @ICFanVillage! @IndyCar drivers autograph session NOW, then #indyfanstweetup at 515p w…
PippaMann RT @IndyCarRadio: Our broadcast for tonight's #IndyCar season finale goes on air at 6pm PT, 9pm ET. Tonight we crown a new @Indycar champio…
PippaMann I'm going for all kinds of healthy food today... ?????? || #IceCreamSelfie #HotterThanTheSun @ Auto… http://t.co/LrfbAZF9bJ
PippaMann RT @IndyFansTweetUp: Don't forget to tweet us & let us know if you're planning to come to the #indyfanstweetup today! 5:15pm @ICFanVillage
PippaMann Friendship, and modern technology make a great combination. Conversation with two of my best friends this am has given me back a smile. :)

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