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Pippa Mann

Racing driver, IMS Radio Analyst, Glass Hammer Racing Mentor, Miles Ahead Instructor. #NeverGiveUp

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
31,494 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann RT @IndyAndy52: This Saturday... RT @IMS: The @IMS Easter Egg Hunt! The event is FREE and open to children ages 12 and under. http://t.co/5…
PippaMann RT @indy44: For a preview of the #Glamping experience @IMS follow @CKightlinger
PippaMann And there's a #BehindTheScenes album that goes with that too... :) #TGPLB40 #FanZone http://t.co/KmpvKRG9gK
PippaMann In case you missed it earlier today, new #FanZone blog from #TGPLB40 now online! :) http://t.co/0AHooJFc5S
PippaMann RT @mikekitchel: The @INDYCARPR staff got a lot stronger today with the addition of @CKightlinger and @katdonn. Pretty pumped to be part of…
PippaMann - @Parnelli98 haha! She must have gotten that from me!! ??
PippaMann RT @dariofranchitti: Thank you to the very nice lady who had my mini helmet signed by the @ Indycar drivers & gave it to me as a memento. h…
PippaMann Well this is a fine time for my body to finally decide it's on California time... ?? #Doh #AlarmGoesOffIn5Hours
PippaMann - @CalvinVeen Okay, one last one, because I like the question! Hopefully still running the #Indy500 on a yearly basis! :) #AskPippa
PippaMann RT @CalvinVeen: -@PippaMann Where do you see your career in 10 years? #AskPippa
PippaMann And on that note folks, thanks for taking the time to tweet with me tonight! We'll do this again soon, but for now, good night! :) #AskPippa
PippaMann - @jwardh hahaha! ANY KIND OF MILK!!! Love it!! :) #Indy500
PippaMann RT @jwardh: .@PippaMann #AskPippa What kind of milk do you like drinking in May? :)
PippaMann - @briarstarr1 create great racing for the fans, and we can drive them a bit more sideways and get away with it!! :) #AskPippa
PippaMann RT @briarstarr1: @PippaMann what do you like about the new indycar cars? #askpippa
PippaMann - @PatKilkenny try to behave fairly well on roads. 1. Other road users! 2. If get pulled over, my occupation does not help!! :o #AskPippa
PippaMann RT @PatKilkenny: @PippaMann How do your friends characterize your everyday car driving. Careful.. fast? #AskPippa
PippaMann - @racrboi90 Dirty air creates push from 3 cars back on oval, but big tow on straights. Timing of passes at Indy, Pocono tough to learn. 2/2
PippaMann - @racrboi90 DW rear moves a lot more, has a bigger critical yaw angle, so we tend to drive it more sideways when pushing hard. 1/2
PippaMann RT @racrboi90: @PippaMann #AskPippa What was the major difference between the old Indy Car over the new one?
PippaMann RT @TheBenWedge: @PippaMann @djordan3223 if I ever see you on the street I'll "fan out" on you. Just for shits and giggles
PippaMann - @racrboi90 it was a crazy race to call from the @IndyCarRadio booth, but we had fun doing it, and hope people had fun listening to us too!
PippaMann - @djordan3223 I do however get mistaken for Simona on a regular basis due to being from Europe, similar height and build. #AskPippa
PippaMann - @djordan3223 LOL! Usually no, but occasionally in the lead up to, and the wind down from the #Indy500 it happens! :) #AskPippa

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