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Pippa Mann

Racing driver partnered with Susan G. Komen, broadcaster, instructor at Miles Ahead and other driving schools. #ProudToBePink

- IRL - Indy Lights - Indy Lights Driver
37,489 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-06-2009


PippaMann “@Hallbean: @PippaMann @AmyKate8LFC look who I bumped into?! RT for more female racers at Indy this year!! http://t.co/pftBJ41dGv” ?? ????
PippaMann The two #IndyCar show cars outside the Mahaffey are getting all sorts of attention! ?? #FirestoneGP… https://t.co/M3tr6Rcs22
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: It's Race Day. The battle for the @Verizon #INDYCAR Championship begins now. #INDYRIVALS https://t.co/EsDKipmFug
PippaMann RT @SHAYZEN: What does @12WillPower do after breaking track record 2x & landing P1 @GPSTPETE? Makes time for his littlest fan... ?? http://t…
PippaMann Also, massive thanks to @SHAYZEN for getting the @IndyFansTweetUp organized this weekend! She did the work, I just showed up!! #IndyCar
PippaMann Great group for the @IndyFansTweetUp! Thanks to @ArmsUpAieee for coming out too!! #IndyCar #FirestoneGP #AmazingFans http://t.co/LGlSjfqIeu
PippaMann RT @WCRacing: "This is like my dream come true. This is all I ever wanted!"-@RyanEversley http://t.co/xwN8TYPmMo
PippaMann RT @IndyFansTweetUp: The @GPSTPETE #IndyFansTweetUp is TODAY-3:30 in front of the Mahaffey Theatre. @SHAYZEN & @PippaMann will be there w/ …
PippaMann RT @KrystalKlear11: @MarianKeyes please retweet this to show my primary class how quickly a picture can be shared online. Thanks. http://t.…
PippaMann Hello @DaleCoyneRacing!! ?? #LookinSharp #IndyCar #VerizonIndyCar #BecauseRaceCar #FirestoneGP http://t.co/8HqPtL2dtD
PippaMann Hello Tampa! Next stop? St Pete!! ?? #IndyCar #FirestoneGP
PippaMann “@indyracingfan: @PippaMann 33, a good omen for May surely?” I like this way of thinking!! ?? ????
PippaMann I am currently 33rd in line for an upgrade.... ??????#ThatsGoingToHappenTodayThen #BackOfTheBusWhereIBelong #Travel
PippaMann RT @IndyCar: The 2015 @Verizon #INDYCAR Series season starts today and the battle for the championship begins now. #INDYRIVALS https://t.co…
PippaMann My pink @SusanGKomen @DaleCoyneRacing fleece must make me recognizable. I've been stopped three times so far today, not left IND yet! ????
PippaMann RT @Sportmaguk: “I don’t wish this upon any of my future children”. Maria Sharapova on a career of challenges. http://t.co/OTTNLFUDV9 http:…
PippaMann It's all a little blurry when you're at IND before 7am... ?? #Travel @ Indianapolis International… https://t.co/Bu7nM0KEnZ
PippaMann @TylerClary if you stop by @DaleCoyneRacing tomorrow, look for the blonde girl in pink! ?? #IndyCar #FirestoneGP

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