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Nick Barnett

I am ME... I apologize in advanced if you are offended by me being me... Sorry I will not change who I am to make you feel more comfortable.. Still Gods Son

- NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Oregon State
14,121 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-18-2009


NickBarnett If you can run the ball you can win the game!!
NickBarnett I really wanna start fishing!! I need a pro in SD to show me the ropes do you guys know anyone?
NickBarnett What's inside you? Everyday I wake up facing different challenges. But the fire that burns inside me… http://t.co/2fh4pJc1Lf
NickBarnett When you have Wisconsin plates people yell their city to you when your at red lights!! Lol "Racine" have to love the midwest!!
NickBarnett Indoor plants and pottery is expensive!!
NickBarnett “@JoelOsteen: God helped you get started, but more importantly, He’s going to help you finish. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you.”
NickBarnett Lbs just can't cover like they use too!! ??
NickBarnett Arizona just ran that down the Raiders neck!!
NickBarnett Don't fall for the double move in the redzone!!!
NickBarnett Healthiest I have been in three years!! The hungriest I been as well! When the opportunity comes I will devour it! ??
NickBarnett I should be somewhere in practice! But that is not the path for me at the moment.. I must except where I am but understand where I am going
NickBarnett Peppers out there making that 56 look good!!??
NickBarnett I really hate porn spam on my Instagram!! That's just disrespectful!! And those quick make a buck joints!!
NickBarnett Waking up and grinding is not even considered grinding anymore to me! Really it is just an everyday routine. I love every second
NickBarnett Everyday just continuing to grind a get better at my craft.. Waiting for my opportunity..
NickBarnett So.... When is RG coming back thou? Just saying
NickBarnett Not a good start for my boys but have faith I think they will get it going!!
NickBarnett This show #BlackIshabc is pretty awesome thou lol

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