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Nick Barnett

I am ME... I apologize in advanced if you are offended by me being me... Sorry I will not change who I am to make you feel more comfortable.. Still Gods Son

- NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Oregon State
14,058 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-18-2009


NickBarnett Can someone please tell me what a performance sheet set is??? ??????????? http://t.co/xNe6HJBXoK
NickBarnett #TalkDirtyToMe #Beavers #rzr get your mind out the gutter!! http://t.co/zt8GIqe8D9
NickBarnett I like this Packer RB trio! All good kids! And talented! #NflNetwork #NFL
NickBarnett I want in!!! #LetHimPlay !!! Lol #ThingsFreeagentsSay lol
NickBarnett So eating breakfast in GB and the waitress comes up to me and says so who are you Randall Cobb? What??? We look alike?? Or naw?? lol
NickBarnett #tbt one of the couple of plays I got to play last year on defense wasn't an ideal situation but I… http://t.co/o1bxkKleyG
NickBarnett RT @lecrae: Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be grateful the thorn bush has roses. Perspective.
NickBarnett #Freeagents be like yea man I can come thru "if I anit signed by then" with the event being 1 day away lol
NickBarnett RT @JoelOsteen: Nothing that was spoken over you has to define you. Nothing that’s happened in your past has to keep you from your destiny.
NickBarnett Just like a crackhead I need a hit!! A football hit thou!!! Lol #Thingsfreeagentssay lol
NickBarnett And who takes a creepy photo of someone like that!!! You are not the media!! Lol stop being a creeper!! Don't make me Kanye you!! Lol
NickBarnett Would you wear your own shirt? I do !! Proud of my #BillsMafiaFamily http://t.co/qEVbpdJPm6
NickBarnett This how you have to park if you don't want to get scratches lol #slab #wet #carporn #imdifferent http://t.co/weKeXl2kDr
NickBarnett I don't ask for favors I give jobs! #eljefe
NickBarnett I need one of teams to let this dog eat!!! So hungry right now!!! ??
NickBarnett Just grab some lunch thought I drop it low for you lol #mobsteel #lincoln #slab http://t.co/RzksWoUm68
NickBarnett #tbt #billsmafia having fun with my loved ones!! http://t.co/iILOX10ZnN
NickBarnett #tbt to when things were simple!!! #gopackgo #greenbay http://t.co/7vp7jEzcfb
NickBarnett Ok roster is full now... ?? guess I'll wait ??...
NickBarnett @NickBarnett: Somebody please call uncle Ted let him know am ready to come home ?? #backtothepackornaw lol
NickBarnett Somebody please call uncle Ted let him know am ready to come home ??

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