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Nick Barnett

I am ME... I apologize in advanced if you are offended by me being me... Sorry I will not change who I am to make you feel more comfortable.. Still Gods Son

- NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Oregon State
14,021 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-18-2009


NickBarnett #tbt to when things were simple!!! #gopackgo #greenbay http://t.co/7vp7jEzcfb
NickBarnett Ok roster is full now... ?? guess I'll wait ??...
NickBarnett @NickBarnett: Somebody please call uncle Ted let him know am ready to come home ?? #backtothepackornaw lol
NickBarnett Somebody please call uncle Ted let him know am ready to come home ??
NickBarnett The Mercedes Benz dealership in Carlsbad has had my G-wagon for 2 months just to fix the sun roof!!! Wait did you hear me 2 MONTHS!!!
NickBarnett Sorry but I can't stand iggys vocie!!! It sounds fake sorry!!
NickBarnett Ok Melo it's your turn Lakers it is bro!! Come on already
NickBarnett LegoLand swooping thru the fairy tales lol #legoland #barnettgang http://t.co/TmULxYeVSJ
NickBarnett This where I use to live in Fontana !!! You remember these deebarnett ??? http://t.co/SiZNIEGqEk
NickBarnett A great day pulling my boys on a tube!! End of a great vacation!! #BarnettBigBearTakeover http://t.co/O9BIGggHnF
NickBarnett This would be a hard thing to tackle!!! #bigbear #hiking #treehugger #lovenature http://t.co/CMEIdETliS
NickBarnett Hiking time with the fam!! gotumcoach djisbeastly313 pinkbarbiegurl deebarnett and my mother in law… http://t.co/ewGsG6Ysbu
NickBarnett Playing battle of sexes and the question was. What does Hemi stand for? Their answer was hydro electronic manifold intake!!! What!!??? Lol
NickBarnett Rain rain go away I'm just trying to boat and play!!!! #damnyourain #stillhavingfun #lazertagupnext… http://t.co/YPFVEOTwsM
NickBarnett And we just had a earthquake here in BigBear!! It was small but active !!!
NickBarnett A lil rainy but still a great time!! #happyfourth #besafe http://t.co/xNnaAh3G1c
NickBarnett @Rich_Crawford6 I am up in big bear with the family for the fourth I'll be there next week will you?
NickBarnett Wow last sec goal to steal the win away from #usa wow #WorldCup2014
NickBarnett This is a great match!! #WorldCup2014 #USA
NickBarnett Peaches and creme by 112 a throwback yet? Because that shhhhhh go hard!! Dj days lol back at the royal pac in Corvallis Oregon and peacock

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