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Nick Barnett

I am ME... I apologize in advanced if you are offended by me being me... Sorry I will not change who I am to make you feel more comfortable.. Still Gods Son

- NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Oregon State
14,156 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-18-2009


NickBarnett Dallas ran right thru that defense!! Odell going to need a lot more catches with the way that D just played!
NickBarnett Sunday night football now !!! Jam pack action on my sunday!! http://t.co/T4cqaoYASo
NickBarnett Hair crazy but Kaden needed to block sun!!! So... I sacrifice lol http://t.co/fJ99JZZIFB
NickBarnett Ok I never been to a NFL game as Fan what do people wear?
NickBarnett Headed to the charger game today I been missing being in a stadium.. Anything cool I should look for down there?
NickBarnett A complete waste of my money!!! Fight #Mayweather already!!! Cause this was a disappointment
NickBarnett Then of course a wall of me ????#barnett #Barnett #Barnett lol #OregonState #GreenBayPackers… http://t.co/nsntioMymM
NickBarnett Got a couple of the homies jerseys up #CharlesWoodson #AlHarris #DonaldDriver http://t.co/h1ruV2bUNb
NickBarnett R.i.P to this work out I just killed at @TeamEXOS thanks to the NFL trust having my back!! #KeepFaith #StayonPath #GrindDontStop
NickBarnett To much celebrating for 1st win! I bet Wood Adress that ??
NickBarnett Came up big on defense to force them to 3..
NickBarnett Wow muffed punt? Can't have that when your trying to get your first win!
NickBarnett I know for a fact I can make a team better! I just need another opportunity. I keep the faith but I keep seeing moves that don't make ????
NickBarnett Just in case you were wondering yes am in shape! Yes I wanna play! Yes yes yes yes!! Oh and Please ??
NickBarnett “@britmow: @lotayro @NickBarnett lawlzzzzz. Too far.”___Thats what she said ??????
NickBarnett Some people believe no one cares about you they only deep down care about what you can do for them! What you think? Is it different ?
NickBarnett No matter what you choose somebody will not be happy with your decision! So what do you do? Lol
NickBarnett Wow missed opportunity there!! #missed #itsallontheline
NickBarnett The ball never lies!!! Remember that
NickBarnett If you can run the ball you can win the game!!

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