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Nick Barnett

I am ME... I apologize in advanced if you are offended by me being me... Sorry I will not change who I am to make you feel more comfortable.. Still Gods Son

- NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Oregon State
14,211 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-18-2009


NickBarnett Have a Merry Christmas!! God bless all of you. I am very grateful to have the friends and family I do.… http://t.co/nZJk439ELd
NickBarnett Has anyone on here camped glamis? If so where is the best place to set up camp with family.
NickBarnett KOKO making sure Mrs. Santa takes back her toy request!! #Disney #Itstoopackedhere #kindastressful… http://t.co/inNDBmo6Vs
NickBarnett To the Raiders thou!!?? Dang tough one #BillsMafia
NickBarnett So.... I need some friends who like to camp and ride ATV/UTVs etc RVs are not necessary down in the SD area will meet you in dunes lol
NickBarnett If the Bills or Packers go to Super Bowl the tailgate that will go down in AZ will be ridiculous!! ??
NickBarnett I love the holidays and Winter....But!! I really miss Summer!! #havasu #boating #chilling #Jetskis… http://t.co/eDRuYtSQTU
NickBarnett With my Bills beating my Packers I might as well root for the Vikings!! Lol we need a lil help from the purple people!!
NickBarnett I woke up saw the rain and almost decided to sleep in but then I remember I use to practice in worst rain then this at Oregon State #Grind
NickBarnett @JermichaelF88 hey bro what's good!! We still waiting for the Finley visit!!! ??
NickBarnett Here's a throw back for that tail end lol #TbT #GoPackGo Uncle Ted my number is still the same I would… http://t.co/mdurbqtw3S
NickBarnett If you can't fight you can't fight all the training in the world won't change that!!! It's inside of you!
NickBarnett It's selfish but all people want is someone who loves them no matter how much of a piece a shit they are! #realshit
NickBarnett It's funny all this Drake and Diddy stuff... You remember when PAC was going at Them? I don't remember him calling PAC outside ??
NickBarnett "If you can't do this we can't date " should be the caption of this lol http://t.co/coB3efVCNF
NickBarnett Wow coach @Coach_Riley is leaving Oregon State. We are sad to see you leave. But Good Luck on your future in Nebraska! #GoBeavs
NickBarnett I need some good people to play ps4 call of duty with send me some game tags and I'll add you
NickBarnett Packers moving on all cylinders but have to capitalize when they get down there in the redzone.. But keeping Brady off field ??
NickBarnett That's good defense! Can't front #revis

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