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Clinton Portis

Gainesville High School, University of Miami, Denver Broncos ROY 2002, Washington Redskins 80 greatest, ACC Digital Network

- NFL Free Agents - Running Back
College: Miami
1,966 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-25-2011


TheRealC_Portis RT @theACCDN: "Nebraska didn't stand a chance. We knew that." @TheRealC_Portis recalls @CanesFootball's 2002 over Nebraska. http://t.co/Ufv…
TheRealC_Portis RT @OWHbigred: Ex-Miami RB @TheRealC_Portis says the #Huskers "didn't stand a chance" in the 2002 Rose Bowl: http://t.co/rJTIPdHDQe http:/…
TheRealC_Portis RT @ROC_LaFamilia22: @TheRealC_Portis is 8th in #NFL history in Yards Per Game. Imagine if the #Redskins had a more balanced attack during …
TheRealC_Portis RT @theACCDN: There were a lot of goofy plays this past week, and there's no better way to relive them than w/ @TheRealC_Portis! http://t.c…
TheRealC_Portis RT @TheTripleFL: @TheRealC_Portis You r one of the all-time greatest RBs, no doubt! @nfl misses you on and off the field : ) @Broncos http:…
TheRealC_Portis RT @Aaron_Torres: @TheRealC_Portis My man, thank you for all the support and help this summer. Article is finally up. Hope you enjoy: http:…
TheRealC_Portis RT @theACCDN: Whether you're heading to #FSU or watching the game on TV, @TheRealC_Portis has the recipe to take in the big game--> http://…
TheRealC_Portis It's the 3rd quarter & SF has more penalty yards then the bears do on offense! Great D horrible discipline
TheRealC_Portis RT @_AnthonyStarr: I feel bad for whoever didnt get to see @TheRealC_Portis play. Would've killed in today's offenses. #goat
TheRealC_Portis Never thought I would say this but it saddens me to see my @CanesFootball struggle against Arkansas state ??
TheRealC_Portis RT @560WQAM: If you missed Clinton Portis @TheRealC_Portis with @KupandCrowder earlier you can listen to it here @56… @56…
TheRealC_Portis RT @theACCDN: Are you serious?! @TheRealC_Portis breaks down 3 interesting things in this week's news cycle. http://t.co/UGs49mgQpu #FSU #W…
TheRealC_Portis RT @aliciakeys: Standing with my city and the rest of the world on this day of remembrance... #neverforget #nyc #shine http://t.co/LeF9WcOF…
TheRealC_Portis RT @James5Crawford: So much scrutiny on Ray Rice for WRONGFULLY hitting his "now" wife but let the killers of Trayvon or Michael brown get…
TheRealC_Portis RT @borntocompete: This week's Show features highlights from @gmsaa @gxyfl and @cmyfl! B2C Prime: Chayce Bryant of the East Cobb Astros. ht…
TheRealC_Portis @trapj99 boy it's amazing how people forget... we will return soon trav just wait
TheRealC_Portis RT @JulioGil: RT @Broncos Top 5 home-gm moments in #Broncos - Cheaps history http://t.co/EwGelleBnF http://t.co/yHR4n8oonK @TheRealC… @TheRealC…
TheRealC_Portis RT @Jonwheelz: @CNN @TheRealC_Portis Great interview last night... #greatpoints #interview #cnnnews #cnn #Redskins #NFL http://t.co/QBQKa5m…
TheRealC_Portis RT @DavyLambert: @TheRealC_Portis always respected u as a player and person. You played for my fav team and you tell it like it is. #respect
TheRealC_Portis RT @CNNTonight: Former NFL player @TheRealC_Portis re friend #RayRice: "I don't know that man that I saw in that elevator." More: http://t.…
TheRealC_Portis ...@Hal_Maine @benfergusonshow @CNNTonight I stand up for mine... i was raised to protect/respect women... fyi my mom a sniper

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