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Clinton Portis

Gainesville High School, University of Miami 2001 champs, Denver Broncos ROY 2002, Washington Redskins 80 greatest, ACC Digital Network, @clintonportis IG,

- NFL Free Agents - Running Back
College: Miami
2,371 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 12-25-2011


TheRealC_Portis Been looking for ways to hydrate better. Scooped this @Publix. Tastes awesome! @DrinkBODYARMOR http://t.co/iS7IKcrTZO
TheRealC_Portis RT @proCanes: #proCane @TheRealC_Portis at Cameron Indoor for the @CanesHoops game tonight. LOVE IT. #BeatDuke
TheRealC_Portis It's almost like the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial! The guy turns on the fans and send it to overtime ??????
TheRealC_Portis @TheRealC_Portis how do you punish jones for winning a championship?
TheRealC_Portis Big dilemma, who starts at QB for OSU next year?
TheRealC_Portis ..@frankgarcia65 a score here & it's trouble for the Big O
TheRealC_Portis How exciting will this game be? If OSU don't score here & Oregon go up two scores this game is a wrap!Oregon will not be stopped offensively
TheRealC_Portis RT @tattoomanpaige: @TheRealC_Portis watch this 'Gansta Party' comedy remix, ????with over 20 celebrity impersonations!! https://t.co/Anxztgr…
TheRealC_Portis Connecting powerful people #reelcausescores success is a must! http://t.co/HKAeuBb3Yu
TheRealC_Portis RT @br_radio: Clinton Portis (@TheRealC_Portis) explains why this playoff team reminds him of the '07 Giants on The B/R Spotlight. http://t…

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