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Fred Jackson

Buffalo Bills Running Back #22 Former Division III Athlete at Coe College and Founder of @D3_Nation

- Buffalo Bills - Running Back
College: Coe
2,943 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-24-2011


Fred22Jackson RT @D3_Nation: Know a Division III athlete who deserves to be featured in our #D3Nation Spotlight? Nominate him or her here: http://t.co/qh…
Fred22Jackson “@mrdeadlier: @Fred22Jackson You may be the Hulk but I know you got some Wolverine in you http://t.co/9ApOYAcvbV” Haha! ??
Fred22Jackson RT @StevieJohnson13: Everyone send their Wolverine super human heeling powers to my guys @CJSPILLER @Fred22Jackson and @DanielKilgore67
Fred22Jackson Thanks for all the thoughts, Prayers, and well wishes from everyone. Will do everything I can to get back asap for my teammates #BillsMafia
Fred22Jackson .@TideNFL seeing fans rep my jersey gets me ready for a big game. #OurColors http://t.co/Cy2nh0ED0A
Fred22Jackson RT @missliz31: Two of my ALL time favorite Wabash All-Americans @wesdoug84 &Nate repping @D3_Nation #WhyD3 @Fred22Jackson #D34Life http://t…
Fred22Jackson RT @D3_Nation: Fred in action at Coe College for #ThrowbackThursday. Show us your #D3Nation action photos! http://t.co/wbCyaVGcD2
Fred22Jackson Jus heard about my fellow @D3_Nation brethren @PierreGarcon and his new #SpinFire spot. Yall check em out! http://t.co/szLb6dLJ0d
Fred22Jackson Practing my #BadBoys Impersonation as we speak! @dani22jack we're Blessed wit Beautiful #Daughters http://t.co/qKsIuJKJG9
Fred22Jackson RT @CanisiusHS: Look who stopped by the @Fred22Jackson Show. Members of @CanisiusHSFB team got to meet Fred & Chris Hogan. http://t.co/KzdN…
Fred22Jackson RT @WBBZ: Want to learn more about @Fred22Jackson's scholarship program for D-3 athletes? Check it out on twitter at @D3_Nation! #FJShow #B…
Fred22Jackson RT @WBBZ: T-1 hour until a new #FJShow with guest, #Bills WR Chris Hogan! #BillsMafia - tweet us any last minute ques. for @Fred22Jackson &…
Fred22Jackson .@TideNFL @buffalobills ready to go in #OurColors and addin pink in support of #Billieve #BreastCancerAwareness http://t.co/1PxSpJXMbV
Fred22Jackson RT @dani22jack: .@WBBZ after playing on a soccer team together this Spring, can u ask Frank who he thinks is a better soccer player him or …
Fred22Jackson “@Teffyjeplitsky: @charleslenihan4 @hsimon62 probably have the lead in 2 pt conversion scores though!" I don't. Haha. He's converted 2
Fred22Jackson “@charleslenihan4: @Fred22Jackson so @hsimon62 didn't ask who has more tds you or your son” Haha! Unfortunately I'm losing right now! ??
Fred22Jackson RT @D3_Nation: #Bills FB Frank Summers is the special guest tonight at 7p on The @Fred22Jackson Show. Tweet @WBBZ with your questions. #D3N…
Fred22Jackson RT @UnitedWay: Join @Fred22Jackson & @UW_TEAM_NFL and get out and Play 60 everyday ????. Use #HowIPlay60 to share your fav activities?? http:/…
Fred22Jackson RT @jimrome: .@Fred22Jackson tomorrow on ROME at 6pm ET on @CBSSportsNet. DirecTV 221, Dish 158 Cable: http://t.co/vFv5w9SBwt
Fred22Jackson RT @UW_TEAM_NFL: Here's a great workout: play with your kids. Right @Fred22Jackson ? Tell us your way at #howiplay60 @UnitedWay http://t.co…
Fred22Jackson I see Ya Braeden!! #ProudPops Gets his speed from his mom dani22jack ???? http://t.co/QaSfRJ9xUM

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