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Fred Jackson

Buffalo Bills Running Back #22 Former Division III Athlete at Coe College and Founder of @D3_Nation

- Buffalo Bills - Running Back
College: Coe
3,029 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-24-2011


Fred22Jackson RT @Joe15Paolucci: Remember our baby announcement? Well lets just say that score is settled Thanks @Fred22Jackson ! Rocco says Go Bills! ht…
Fred22Jackson RT @JeffreySuhr: My son's new bedroom wall... a tribute to the #BuffaloBills and his favorite player @Fred22Jackson ! #BillsMafia http://…
Fred22Jackson “@pthomas3434: @Fred22Jackson @ajwilliams23 @Blackout20 @emilykeem good cuz you know” I do know, Preciate cha Patty. ?
Fred22Jackson “@sdavy715: @Fred22Jackson where can I get that "D3 Nation" shirt?” Check the website D3_Nation.com
Fred22Jackson RT @laurenjilek: Toyota, I need tissues. The relationship with my father is so near to my heart, + love the @Fred22Jackson feature! https:/…
Fred22Jackson RT @Boss_Ox: @Toyota @Fred22Jackson Sorry, no photos to tweet. I didn't have a great Dad. I made the decision to be one tho http://t.co/iq…
Fred22Jackson Get your questions ready peeps! I'm taking over @D3_Nation today at noon eastern time!!! http://t.co/FNjBA326HM
Fred22Jackson Get your questions ready peeps! I'm taking over @D3_Nation today at noon eastern time!!! http://t.co/FNjBA326HM
Fred22Jackson “@cscieri: Got my dad, @oscar6987 a @Fred22Jackson custom jersey for his birthday! My dad is so #infredible http://t.co/ykNima4itB” Nice ?
Fred22Jackson Teamed w/ @Toyota to discuss being a good dad. Check back tomorrow 2 learn how U can celebrate Ur dad. #OneBoldChoice http://t.co/ev2I1uedWe
Fred22Jackson I like the #Ducks to win tonight! Who yall got? #DucksvsBucks #NationalChampionship
Fred22Jackson Excited about the hire of Rex!! Great coach to come in and keep us moving in the right direction!
Fred22Jackson “@BobNajduk: Doing our own @Fred22Jackson frozen castle in bath tub fun in cold Madison today! http://t.co/r6sqEHh06s” Haha! ?
Fred22Jackson With jus 10 mins left till #2015 we lost Maecen! ?????? Haha dani22jack http://t.co/ikJCeUHrA1
Fred22Jackson RT @JonahJavad: Throwback Tuesday: @Fred22Jackson goes Hulk. @StevieJohnson13 hangs by the fire. And @EJManuel3, uh, yea. #BilsMafia https:…
Fred22Jackson I wanna wish everyone a very #MerryChristmas and #HappyHolidays Y'all be safe!!
Fred22Jackson RT @buffalobills: The last batch of Christmas mail is here! View all the cards, from Bills families to you: http://t… http://t…
Fred22Jackson Excited to be talking w/ @Toyota about raising the most important people in my life, my kids #OneBoldChoice http://t.co/zx7TxI7TgG

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