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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown OH 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU email facecardbosses@yahoo

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
70,614 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith Get ready its goin down! inkjunkeyz The Ink ???? & Arts ?? Music ???????? 2000 Convention Center… http://t.co/0N8rKAPzuK
antkingsmith Come get Right & Tite at brightwork1st CarWash! ?? 4301 N Shallowford Rd North Atlanta GA… http://t.co/lWnxyh3uol
antkingsmith Make sure you talk to THE GODS on a daily basis. ??????????
antkingsmith “@LondonBridges4: “@Media_Monopoly: BRUH ?????? http://t.co/QoPO2wrYcM”??????????????????????????” ooooooohhhhh sssshhhhiiittttt ???????????????????? literally
antkingsmith RT @LondonBridges4: Is this DC? "@NettaFinesse: All lost in a book. Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media. http:…
antkingsmith “@upLied: I need this emoji Lmao http://t.co/OIwTPRR3h1” lol where is this emoji ?????? I need dat! ????
antkingsmith “@upLied: Tbh id probably spend the day sprinting laps around this pretending im on wipeout http://t.co/CPhKAKS7bv” looks fun! ????
antkingsmith RT @playerstrust: Rian Wallace stepped outside the helmet and defined himself http://t.co/OMIlO… http://t.co/OMIlO…
antkingsmith Everybody get wit it! #FaceCardBosses S/O to @Nikodmuslive we on the way! New Orleans all the way up… http://t.co/r9idZiGmK2
antkingsmith “@SwaggDinero: #RT if u would cop one of these ???? http://t.co/kHYokqrOL4” Dope Salute ????
antkingsmith Don't just fu€k her make Love to her too lil homie. #Salute ?????????
antkingsmith RT @iamch0pper: 30% of what you(yo mind) use to see with comes from your eyes. ?
antkingsmith @FRANSWOLE get dat thang back rite mane tell da Boyz I said wuz up. Keep Ballin Salute ?????????
antkingsmith @FRANSWOLE I'm just Chillin Brodie keepin it movin, how u been? ??
antkingsmith Most people become afraid when you start speaking to real. ??????

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