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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown OH 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU email facecardbosses@yahoo

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
68,617 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith “@OHPHOTOGURL: @antkingsmith glad you look behind the scene. Tells a lot about a person.” Yes it does auntie. ??
antkingsmith “@_Tiauna_: Too bad honesty ain't in a lot of men's vocab “@antkingsmith A Real Woman appreciates a Man's Honesty. ????????”” Tru dat. ????
antkingsmith A Real Woman appreciates a Man's Honesty. ????????
antkingsmith At least I'm honest, most y'all females out here suckin an fuckin a nigga who got more than 1 bitch anyway who Lyin bout it, so yea. ??????????????
antkingsmith Bitches be on Instagram wit dirty rooms an houses an shit flexin, smh hoe get cha life together don't nobody want a dirty mutha fucka. ????
antkingsmith A single dirty female should be ashamed of herself point blank period, just being dirty period u should b ashamed. ????
antkingsmith RT @DaleHDecker: @antkingsmith this world is far, far removed from the 10 commandments. Humanity needs to awaken to the controls which bind…
antkingsmith “@DaleHDecker: @antkingsmith I don't think so. If we had, the world would be crumbling as we speak” well with whats goin on we ain't far. ????
antkingsmith “@DaleHDecker: @antkingsmith the plans for humanity, etched in granite, on every language on the planet” #LearnSumthin ????
antkingsmith “@DaleHDecker: @antkingsmith Google "Georgia guide stones"” appreciate dat chief. #Salute ????
antkingsmith “@DaleHDecker: @antkingsmith people with the sole purpose of depopulation” it figures. ????
antkingsmith The prescription drug Risperdal causes male breast growth, who the fuck makes these demonic medications? ????
antkingsmith If I gotta treat u good in order for u to treat me good that tells me sumthin about u, it tells me ur a tacky person. ????
antkingsmith When I hear people say outta site outta mind to me that just means ur weak minded. ????
antkingsmith RT @FunnySayings: I want a relationship where we can act like idiots, talk about the most random stuff, share music, and never get tired of…
antkingsmith “@o_OmgBB: “@LoveSexNotes: ???? Ass! > > > http://t.co/85w1rzKS2P” hey joe would you eat this @Followmeupstaz” @Followmeupstaz” my type of sweet snack. ????
antkingsmith “@TasteMe_YumYum: “@MzJamaricanDiva: ???? #TeamAries #FrenchKisser ?????? http://t.co/ysrVmhd90J”"” Sagittarius ????????” #TeamVirgo ????
antkingsmith Her pu$$y so wet ?? I gotta ?? just to get to it then I can ?????? in it once I get there. ?????? ??????????
antkingsmith I think ima do a #WhatHoesSay day today ??????????
antkingsmith If she's pretty I'll follow her but if she's beautiful I'll swallow her. ????????

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