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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown Oh 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU call Karonna 757-240-6331

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
65,914 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith “@VH1PNUT: ONLY HOES GET OVER PEOPLE FAST” Tru dat! ????
antkingsmith RT @IamBCoolin: Ready to shoot the video for this banger I got my dawg @antkingsmith on!! ????
antkingsmith RT @CarsonLeeDiega: @antkingsmith @TMorrisey1 yeah she wanted to be a porn star from the jump. A lot of women has no dignity these days smh
antkingsmith If my women let chu hit she disrespectin the levels to dis shit! ?????? shit real doe! ????
antkingsmith Some people take the positive route to payback. ????
antkingsmith (2Nite) AT Club Onyx Atl! $5 Dances $6 Patron and Greygoose Free B4 11 W/ text. Follow Us 4 Free Bday guest List. @djawesome1 ??????????????????????
antkingsmith All the WOMEN who KNOW ME APPRECIATE ME and I RESPECT them so they know what I mean when I say FUCK YOU BITCHES! ??????????????
antkingsmith “@TMorrisey1: @antkingsmith She ruined that..then again, maybe she did what she wanted to do from the start.” ?? Yezir I never left it out ????
antkingsmith I give women the highest honor but sometimes bitches get n the way of that. ??????????
antkingsmith Mimi u ain't have to do dat u was almost dat kinda girl until just recently smh ?????? ????
antkingsmith You Caint be my homie if u dress like a bitch, dats what they created women for. ????
antkingsmith Real ni$$as do real shit so if yo bitch like to fuck leave her at home cause she will get stuck! ????
antkingsmith Ask ya bitch bout me u might get cha Feelins hurt depends on what she tell u! ????????????
antkingsmith Stress kills more people than it keeps alive so if I were you I'd stop stressin. ????

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