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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown OH 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU email facecard.bosses@gamil

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
72,126 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith The smooth sound of clippers always make me sleepy n the barber chair. ????????????????????????
antkingsmith Listen to 02 Her Body by Face Card Bosses #np on #SoundCloud #FaceCardBosses @antkingsmith @nikodmuslive ?????????? https://t.co/y2K5RyOpyU
antkingsmith Life is all about how u treat people regardless of what u have, once you figure that out you can pretty much see where your life will go. ????
antkingsmith “@BigBoi: SanJosePD Reviewing Officer After Threatening Tweet To Protesters – http://t.co/HNway1AmZy #Berkeley http://t.co/zVzbgLhA29” http://t.co/zVzbgLhA29”
antkingsmith OHIO STAND UP! S/O to John Crawford I, II, III, IV, my Blessings go out to the family. Stay Strong! Open ur eyes ?? people! Be Conscious. ??????
antkingsmith Life goes, Love goes, Everything goes back and forth, so appreciate it all. ????????
antkingsmith I'm tired of u like being awake when I'm sleepy. ????????????
antkingsmith ?????????? bit€h you average like yo test scores! ??????????
antkingsmith “@HotTopicKarma: “@antkingsmith: Natural Beauty is the Best Beauty! ??????” ?????? these niggas/guys/men don't hear you though! THEY LOVE FAKE!”????
antkingsmith Make up is what makes u, you ain't as pretty as her. ??????
antkingsmith I wonder if polygamy was legal in every state would u simple minded bit€he's have the same thought process! Yall just Fallin n line! ????
antkingsmith You got the type of bit€h who be fuckin on the side an askin u to marry her at the same damn time. ??????dats fuccckkkkkkeeddd uuuupppp ??????????
antkingsmith If I don't give a fu€k about you I'll still give you good advice that's just what type of person I am. ????
antkingsmith Let me be your Thearapist come get dis di€k! ??????????
antkingsmith She don't Respect her pu$$y that's why she's a THOT! ????
antkingsmith Yall bit€he's be havin the never to be wanting to get married an have back up ni$$as! #Bit€hPlease ????....#RNS ????
antkingsmith If she's gonna ride out wit cha she's gonna ride out wit cha no accessories ????needed! ????

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