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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown OH 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU email facecardbosses@yahoo

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
68,788 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith I'm at Arby's n line an this lil girl just asked her mother why doesn't she like her real hair because She likes hers?? ????????????????????????????????????????
antkingsmith Back by popular demand these nuts n ya mouth. ??????????
antkingsmith Ask a girl u fuckin crazy questions hours ???????? just because ????????
antkingsmith RT @DjMixMasterG: “@antkingsmith: “@DjMixMasterG: One time for big homie @antkingsmith” #Salute bra ?????” u already now I show my homies eve…
antkingsmith “@DjMixMasterG: One time for big homie @antkingsmith” #Salute bra ?????
antkingsmith RT @WashYoPussyHo: All you can do is let them know you care and try to support them
antkingsmith “@2020PHOTOGRAPHY: Nothing like a chic that let's u video tape ??”????
antkingsmith “@BRUHWEBLACK: Bruhhh ???? https://t.co/ljeqft3VoN”??????
antkingsmith “@ScottWarner18: Twitter needs a "you're lying" button.”???? dats sum funny shit but the haters would press the shit just b/c. Smh ??????
antkingsmith Only a ignorant person will let another person continue to act and be ignorant without any correct guidance. ????
antkingsmith “@__BRAT_: I gotta get some of this Henny dick. I hear it's everything.”??????????????????????????????
antkingsmith “@ItsSonGoku: When you the freshest nigga out the squad http://t.co/LnvTjrri99” #Salute ????
antkingsmith “@Vinetastical: Paul George doesn't care where he shoots it from http://t.co/B10sdFnBvn” dat ni$$a wet dat bitch too ?????? Salute ????
antkingsmith “@tami_black: Lmfaooooo "@WashYoPussyHo: This bitch done wasted a whole damn pack of cheese! http://t.co/vCa9c7cCwe"”??????????WTF????????????????
antkingsmith Don't only learn from your mistakes, learn from your progress too. ??????
antkingsmith Her pu$$y so wet ???????? I had to take up scuba classes. ??????????
antkingsmith “@SexTaIk: Sex won't make him love you, and a baby won't make him stay.” Learn this ladies or u won't learn anything at all. ??????
antkingsmith “@jinyi_Nerd: «@CalebSumners Public schools ain't shit. I learn shit like this from twitter but not my teachers ? http://t.co/E4sV2jbBGk»”????

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