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Anthony Smith

A KING the official page of Anthony B. Smith IV from Youngstown OH 330, Syracuse University, 2x Super Bowl Champion! Book KING KUFU email facecardbosses@yahoo

- Retired NFL - Safety (Steelers, 4 others)
College: Syracuse
70,533 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-03-2011


antkingsmith “@DJSpazzOhio: @antkingsmith #OhioVsEverybody #Success” Already! ????
antkingsmith “@iAmDelorean: @antkingsmith [Mixtape] DeLorean - Look Alive :: #GetItLIVE! @iAmDelorean” @iAmDelorean” fucks wit it ????
antkingsmith “@iAmDelorean: Naw g but Preciate it RT @antkingsmith: @iDeLorean checkin out dat #LookAlive ????” #Salute ????
antkingsmith “@iDeLorean: @antkingsmith lol this my new single "SOLO" http://t.co/P2ZSNT3bKq” fuck wit da homie new joint SOLO!????
antkingsmith Everybody go follow dat facecardbosses #FaceCardBosses new IG ??@nikodmuslive ?? antkingsmith… http://t.co/DHF7DB8cjM
antkingsmith Everybody go follow dat @FaceCardBosses #FaceCardBosses new IG ??@FACECARDBOSSES1 ?? @antkingsmith @NikoDmusLive we about to drop dat new ??????
antkingsmith I be workin the shit outta my phones ????????????
antkingsmith "If you can't beat em join em" was a quote made up by a weak mutha fucka who didn't wanna challenge himself, I don't Respect you. ??????
antkingsmith I'm fuckin wit dat @Rocko4Real #IGNANT too D.O.E ????????#Salute ???????
antkingsmith #np 08. Rocko - D.O.E [Prod. By Scorp Dezel] (4:36), @Rocko4Real @Rocko4Real Dis Stupid DOE http://t.co/4K1Dt0MoXo http://t.co/4K1Dt0MoXo
antkingsmith #np 07. Rocko - Get In Line [Prod. By Jon Boi] (2:49), http://t.co/5DxIUeM3xN @GetItLive Get it in Line Hoe! http://t.co/5Mx9z8DrOD http://t.co/5Mx9z8DrOD
antkingsmith #np 05. Rocko - A Nudda Nigga Bih .., @GetItLive @GetItLive Every now an then! http://t.co/kygQIi7juf http://t.co/kygQIi7juf
antkingsmith S/O to my bra doin his thing coaching @trapj99 @Drew_Foreal check out this link http://t.co/iOR6iipUYd Salute ????????
antkingsmith #np 03. Rocko - Get The F*ck Outta .., @GetItLive @GetItLive dis how i feel rite now! http://t.co/6GKr78gnGk http://t.co/6GKr78gnGk
antkingsmith My boy @trapj99 coaching these guys up in Mississippi 1 of his guys @Drew_Foreal #2 in sacks check him out http://t.co/AKtyOuKsSU… Salute ????
antkingsmith If her booty is Real you should kiss it if you fu€Ks wit her just because it Real an she's the last of a dying breed so appreciate her ??????????
antkingsmith It don't matter where you from if you Real i fucks wit cha! #Salute all you Otha mutha fu€Kas keep it movin! Much Respect to da Real! ???????
antkingsmith All u ni$$as get out my woman bit€h face she's allergic! ?? ????

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