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David Nelson

NY Jets Wide Receiver #86-- Colossians 3:23 -- Advocate for the Orphans of the world-- Follow our Orphan Ministry @imME_org #imME

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Florida
9,930 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 11-09-2010


DavidNelson86 RT @walkinlove: @DavidNelson86 1 hour to go till the Final Four! Help us win! Vote here before 8pm! RT to help! - http://t.co/YOLz0jMM3m…
DavidNelson86 RT @TDStew: Killer work out, free stuff and a good time with NY Jets @DavidNelson86! Get your tickets quick! https://t.co/9nRo14U2Qu
DavidNelson86 RT @MMehtaNYDN: Jets @DavidNelson86 will lead spin class in NY next Mon (4/21). Proceeds to @imME_org (helping with orphan care) #nyj http:…
DavidNelson86 RT @lsullivangolf: NYC area sign up to spin @soulcycle with @DavidNelson86 teaching the class to benefit his incredible organization @imME_…
DavidNelson86 RT @AhoLindsay: Hey @DavidNelson86 is so hot right now.. Well he will be and you can join him. All proceeds go to @imME_org https://t.co/wx…
DavidNelson86 Check out the amazing story behind this weeks @26shirts. Let's buy more shirts than they can produce this week! https://t.co/pUbvXIWJbW
DavidNelson86 Yesssss! - that's good RT @Project245: You'll never change the world by acting like it.
DavidNelson86 ???? well done RT @bre_88: Can I get a #3 w/chz no tomato no onion. Large Tea &I get those fries fresh @DavidNelson86 http://t.co/Cn506DKp3u
DavidNelson86 RT @MikeMassey46: Check out @imme_org @pats_promises @emgtexas08 @DavidNelson86 three of my favorite people! They rock! #golovehaiti #getpa…
DavidNelson86 ??'Merica. I need some Haitian kiddos in my life.
DavidNelson86 .@MikeMassey46 grateful for you and the servant leadership you possess! Such an honor to be a part of a dream being manifested! Love u man!
DavidNelson86 RT @MikeMassey46: @DavidNelson86 hit a home run @GoToSpark #gotspark AWESOME! I LOVE you bro and am privileged to watch the rise of your sh…
DavidNelson86 Our org is growing, and it's an honor to humbly say- we need help! If you'd like to part time volunteer & serve w us, email info@imme.org
DavidNelson86 RT @NickinRoanoke: #gotspark was so great, thankful for the time that @DavidNelson86 gave!
DavidNelson86 Grateful for the opportunity to speak at @gotospark this weekend. Look out for Roanoke, VA- hearts were activated! http://t.co/uuxy8QzkPm
DavidNelson86 #BeAwesome RT @bhbrasileira: @DavidNelson86 @Finchworthy and I enjoyed the dance party! Thanks for sharing the music! :) b safe traveling!
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Day 2 at the @GoToSpark conference! Come by and see how you can activate that spark! #GotSpark http://t.co/vJ7Lng58lO
DavidNelson86 RT @just_parrita: Selfie with David Nelson highlight of the Day (: #Davidnelson #highlight #bestday #happy http://t.co/twGhueavdd
DavidNelson86 RT @GoToSpark: "Jesus is coursing through my blood."-David Nelson #GotSpark http://t.co/VhuoUD3Fgo
DavidNelson86 I dunno about y'all, But I get saved everytime a speaker gets up and speaks at this conference @gotospark #GotSpark #Jump

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