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David Nelson

NY Jets Wide Receiver #86-- Colossians 3:23 -- Advocate for the Orphans of the world-- Follow our Orphan Ministry @imME_org #imME

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Florida
11,250 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 11-09-2010


DavidNelson86 RT @23Blast: "Walk by faith, not by sight. That's what the tag line 'Vision Comes From Within' means to me." -@DavidNelson86 http://t.co/mZ…
DavidNelson86 Happy Birthday my beautiful Taina! We celebrate your life today. http://t.co/IefXKVrtnl
DavidNelson86 With new found free time- looking to dive in to a few books. Any recommendations?! ??
DavidNelson86 Instead of doubt, I walk with faith. Instead of defeat, I walk in victory.
DavidNelson86 When the unexpected happens- we either react, or respond from a place of strength.
DavidNelson86 RT @KnowHopeFund: If you're in Nashville/Franklin 12/1, you need to come to this! http://t.co/965Ty0haCX
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: "There's so much greatness inside of each and every one of them. They're so resourceful, so hopeful." http://t.co/c8IhnemWEv
DavidNelson86 RT @SuddenChallenge: The Bills are yet again victorious from last week - with the Colts and Jets close behind. This week is a new week! Who…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: "Everything that #Haiti needs is in Haiti. I saw beauty in the landscape, the hearts and the eyes of the people." http://t.co…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: We want everyone to see the beauty and potential of #Haiti! Join us on an upcoming Vision Trip. info@imme.org http://t.co/KAq…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Hey, New Yorkers! Come out to @chevysfreshmex for the #Jets game on Nov. 2 from 1230-430. They're giving 20% of purchases to …
DavidNelson86 "Change doesn’t happen by sitting on the couch. Change happens when you get up and facilitate it." @RulingSports blog http://t.co/RzSjUesfLX
DavidNelson86 If interested in a vision trip to Haiti with @imme_org- email info@imme.org! http://t.co/Mqb9oyJM5V
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: "Step beyond physical need and address heart need. Then you see courage, inspiration and power in #Haiti's people." http://t.…
DavidNelson86 RT @brittnyperez13: Check out the awesomeness @DavidNelson86 & @imME_org are doing to empower and influence the kids of Haiti! #GoGators ht…
DavidNelson86 Grateful to have the opportunity to serve some amazing kids in Haiti. Check out our newest video! http://t.co/SXunksKBem
DavidNelson86 RT @handyguard: Check out my friend @imME_org @DavidNelson86 new video! http://t.co/7uGKpuaoUM These guys are selfless and doing huge thing…
DavidNelson86 RT @LaurennDixonn: The new video for @imME_org is here! Thank you @DavidNelson86 for sharing your heart. Can't wait for all to come. http:/…
DavidNelson86 RT @nyjets: .@DavidNelson86: “We’re throwing our record out the door. We’re trying to start fresh.”- http://t.co/x3V… http://t.co/x3V…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: IT'S HERE! We're so excited to share our new video with you, tell our story and show the beauty of #Haiti. Such love! http://…

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