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David Nelson

NY Jets Wide Receiver #86-- Colossians 3:23 -- Advocate for the Orphans of the world-- Follow our Orphan Ministry @imME_org #imME

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Florida
10,477 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 11-09-2010


DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: We need at least 2 people to step up within the next few hours to sponsor Prosper at $30/month! Who's in? >> sponsorships@imm…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Prosper was bullied daily by other children and had no friends. Now he's part of the i'mME family, FULLY accepted >> http://t…
DavidNelson86 Great first day. Working toward that ultimate goal, but focused on the moment.
DavidNelson86 RT @RulingSports: Meet Prosper! I just signed up to sponsor this sweet 5-year-old boy who's living in @imme_org's… http://t.co/SoZJFhmIsD
DavidNelson86 RT @nyjets: 'The good thing is we have a veteran presence...we're out here to compete but at the same time encourage each other.' http://t.…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Every please take a second to meet our sweet boy, Prosper! >> http://t.co/8taGJNKiAM
DavidNelson86 RT @cmagazine: During a trip to Haiti @davidnelson86 asked a child what he wanted. The child's response: “Hold me”: http://t.co/xB1TStOmcY
DavidNelson86 RT @HP_S_fashion: Every child is born with greatness and with a purpose. - @davidnelson86 of @imME_org #consciousdaily (via @cmagazine) htt…
DavidNelson86 In honor of National Batman Day.. I'm wearing @imme_org's new Batman was an Orphan T. #UKnowUWant1 http://t.co/At00EupesB
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: || F A M I L Y || Family is eternal. God set the standard by adopting us as sons and daughters in His… http://t.co/fsdSIWhLee
DavidNelson86 Conditioning Test... ?? Time to ball! #JetUP!
DavidNelson86 Bed time for this guy .. Because in the morning... The NFL season is officially here ????
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Okay, so we need 2 more people to step up and sponsor Georgina at $30/month. Email sponsorships@imme.org and join a child's j…
DavidNelson86 C'mon people. We aren't going to change the world with our feet planted and standing still. Break those chains and let go!
DavidNelson86 RT @cmagazine: Last night,Team Conscious got together to support @imME_org. Highlight of the night - @DavidNelson86's speech: http://t.co/c…
DavidNelson86 Enjoyed @bakedbymelissa #KeyLimePie cupcakes at our NYC launch event for #imME! #NYJets http://t.co/IcCvyrlXbG
DavidNelson86 My guy DaeDae didn't get any sponsors yesterday! Email sponsorships@imme.org to step up and support this guy http://t.co/rCxy5uYFTO
DavidNelson86 Let's keep the momentum going! Follow @imME_org and find out how you can sponsor one of our beautiful kids!
DavidNelson86 Let's keep the momentum going! Follow @imME_org and find out how you can sponsor one of or beautiful kids!
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Hey Team! Meet this 3yr old beauty, Georgina! ?? http://t.co/jUJZqPZu4q http://t.co/jUJZqPZu4q

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