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David Nelson

NY Jets Wide Receiver #86-- Colossians 3:23 -- Advocate for the Orphans of the world-- Follow our Orphan Ministry @imME_org #imME

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Florida
11,030 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 11-09-2010


DavidNelson86 RT @scout6albertson: @DavidNelson86 just ordered my "superman was an orphan" tee thanks to @WendyHaskell #AthletesDoingGoodThings
DavidNelson86 Only kids would bring the @nyjets and @nygiants together. Great time at the @nfl Play 60 event. http://t.co/aSRpqAfhfG
DavidNelson86 Long, full day today. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Let's change the works today people
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: This letter from our CEO truly displays the hearts of our founders >> http://t.co/hXTxWoS9I7
DavidNelson86 Can someone wake up @EricDecker87?! We have a game tomorrow. #KnockedOut #GotEm http://t.co/yT2WBKXV9J
DavidNelson86 Can someone wake up @edeck87?! We have a game tomorrow. #KnockedOut #GotEm http://t.co/sA4aTClJqw
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: NEW BLOG: A touching letter from @DavidNelson86 to our children in Haiti... Read here ?? http://t.co/hXTxWoS9I7
DavidNelson86 Join the fun, and make a difference in an Orphans life! Sign up an pledge to @SuddenChallenge today. http://t.co/Hi5b1S1mR4
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: This beauty, Taina, still needs of 4 sponsors to be fully covered. Will you join her journey? sponsorships@imme.org http://t.…
DavidNelson86 Every dollar means the world. I pray you'll consider giving to @imME_org today! http://t.co/VFnt2jkoRw
DavidNelson86 It's Friday! Which means it's a great day to sign up and pledge to http://t.co/Hi5b1S1mR4
DavidNelson86 RT @ReillyRick: League game on our street tonight in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Not pick up. #WhoNeedsGrass? http://t.co/URzReG8T5e
DavidNelson86 Go to http://t.co/VFnt2jkoRw to support our journey and effort to give every orphaned child love, support, and encouragement
DavidNelson86 Our efforts at @imME_org are motivated & inspired by the kids we serve..But fueled by the generous hearts of people like YOU!
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: In football, 1 play can make or break a game. Same goes for the life of an orphaned child in Haiti >> http://t.co/bfefkBLXcR
DavidNelson86 RT @ReillyRick: Dinner time at the http://t.co/Ejlz1g6Yx9 orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Everybody's arms are 2 short to drink. http:/…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: Every new sponsor this month gets a FREE tee. Who's ready to join a life journey and look awesome while at it? :) sponsorship…
DavidNelson86 RT @SuddenChallenge: What are you waiting for?? Sign up today, help orphans, and rep your favorite team!! ??????

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