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David Nelson

NY Jets Wide Receiver #86-- Colossians 3:23 -- Advocate for the Orphans of the world-- Follow our Orphan Ministry @imME_org #imME

- NFL Free Agents - Wide Receiver
College: Florida
11,272 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 11-09-2010


DavidNelson86 Benz has a Halloween message for you- "What's up everybody, it's your boy Benzley. I just… http://t.co/RII1fs8Y0H
DavidNelson86 2 days until our event w Chevys in Times Square! Bring ur friends & family on Sunday to watch the games & proceeds will go to @imME_org!
DavidNelson86 Our mission is simple. To give everyone in #Haiti the opportunity and the platform to #dream. http://t.co/28A2mXn9TH
DavidNelson86 "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received"
DavidNelson86 Can't catch the games live- someone give me an update!
DavidNelson86 Love my @imME_org team. Just finished an amazing conference call w our staff- dreaming of ways to bring family to orphans! Join us!
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: We want to create a sustainable lifestyle in #Haiti so that 5, 10, 15 years from now, we're no longer needed. http://t.co/c8I…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: We're not in #Haiti to give a handout. We're there to put them in a position where they can succeed on their own. http://t.co…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: ANNOUNCEMENT: In addition to new Vision Trip schedule, we just launched our new beYOU Fundraising Platform! >> http://t.co/Gs…
DavidNelson86 Application for Vision trips are now open! Come meet "Cheeks" & the rest of Nautical Nine- http://t.co/iO8KzKnzJ1 http://t.co/iO8KzKnzJ1
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: "The kids I met are resilient! They’re fighters! Overcomers! We're there to combine that resiliency with #love and support" -…
DavidNelson86 RT @imME_org: 2015 Vision Trip registration is now OPEN! Register here to lock in your group! ?? https://t.co/ektF8BGUA2
DavidNelson86 Had a great time at the @23Blast premiere last night. If you're looking for an inspiring movie- this is it. http://t.co/fV1tuN5pY3
DavidNelson86 RT @IceMyCoffee: For "Super Hero/Role Model" day at school, someone wanted to rep her fav hero/role model @DavidNelson86 & @imME_org! http:…
DavidNelson86 RT @23Blast: "Walk by faith, not by sight. That's what the tag line 'Vision Comes From Within' means to me." -@DavidNelson86 http://t.co/mZ…
DavidNelson86 Happy Birthday my beautiful Taina! We celebrate your life today. http://t.co/IefXKVrtnl
DavidNelson86 With new found free time- looking to dive in to a few books. Any recommendations?! ??
DavidNelson86 Instead of doubt, I walk with faith. Instead of defeat, I walk in victory.
DavidNelson86 When the unexpected happens- we either react, or respond from a place of strength.

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