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BrandianRoss RT @TheUnusualFact: Hearing your name when no one is actually calling you is a sign of a healthy mind.
BrandianRoss Back in Ohio for the first time in a long time.
BrandianRoss RT @TheUnusualFact: Eat grapes! They can improve your brains ability to process new information.
BrandianRoss RT @itzwikipedia: This is why Lorde's song "Royals" is banned from one radio station http://t.co/AI5dbodzXi - sp
dmcfadden20 Shout out Melvin Cortes reppin his Nation Tee #FanFriday #BlackandSilver http://t.co/3o2uN7q9AT http://t.co/3o2uN7q9AT
RashadJennings Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts on sale! #NeverStopFighting Purchase at: http://t.co/u8mqxxCw7s http://t.co/u8mqxxCw7s
MrOakTown55 RT @Im_Alex_C: Great discussion how policy leaders can embrace startup businesses & social entrepreneurship #riseconf14 #Millennials http:/…
Big_Luke_Dog RT @TheeMapes: If you aren't taking 45 lbs plates off two at a time, you my friend are a fuck boy.... http://t.co/av7htpLNjs
Brice_Butler My theme song right now is "say hello" jay z.... Don't question unless u listen to the words
Veldheer68 RT @OakleyDeli: Well....it's the last day. We're here till its gone. Might be noon...might be 8:00. Stop in for a commemorative T-shirt.
MrOakTown55 You tend to play well with others at work because you're norma... More for Taurus http://t.co/XlDTOjDWPI
BrandianRoss These Randy Orton vines are getting ridiculous. But I enjoy them lol
WillieSmith79 RT @LincolnRiley: Big shout out to ECU Students...you guys were live tonight! Win 1 Game/Week! #bowleligible #PirateNation
WillieSmith79 RT @LincolnRiley: Big shout out to ECU Students...you guys were live tonight! Win 1 Game/Week! #bowleligible #PirateNation
BrandianRoss RT @WhenRapperSaid: When J Cole said "Old chick callin' but I'm onto new thangs. She still a dime but I always lose change." http://t.co/q3…

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