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MikeBuke99 Indulging in fantasies today motivates you to reach beyond you... More for Aquarius http://t.co/VF8odMtH6w
BrandonSpikes51 “@latimes: Poll: Should Kobe Bryant retire? http://t.co/xhg6QQgk6N” hell no !! He's still ballin hard ?? #TheGoat #LakerNation
BrandonSpikes51 RT @buffalobills: Light work and easy reading. #multitask RT @BrandonSpikes51: Just another day at the office #PoWwWwWw http://t.co/QlUsCRk…
aarondobson17 You know you're on the correct path today, yet you can't escap... More for Leo http://t.co/HsbmDgp8EF
Blafell1 You may feel as if you're witnessing a changing of the guards;... More for Scorpio http://t.co/dnL50b9cjm
BB_HulkSmash Indulging in fantasies today motivates you to reach beyond you... More for Aquarius http://t.co/0Q4nPLGIE5
McCourtyTwins RT @Facts_About_Dan: Today we ask YOU to help Dan bring an NFL cheerleader to prom. Help him out boys and girls?? http://t.co/KSdGS7ZO5t
LG_Blount RT @LanceMoore16: S/o to two of my brothers on making it to the super bowl!!! @LG_Blount @jcasillas52, crazy how things work out.
McCourtyTwins RT @james_patsfan: @McCourtyTwins I'm trying to win tix to see my boys #Patriots at #SB49 please #RETWEEET #pleaseretweet @TheEllenShow htt…
aarondobson17 RT @BlackBoyChris: When my instagram started going crazy, I stopped tweeting.... I'm so unloyal
aarondobson17 RT @49erGameDay: MBB - Congrats to Pierria Henry who just set the 49ers career steals record. http://t.co/gbR8XHvKMM
BB_HulkSmash WOOOOOOOOOW ?????????????????????????????????? so proud of my cousin @jellysings just #smashed… http://t.co/AQigGhKfC9

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Chad OchoCinco Johnson
NFL Free Agents
Wide Receiver

Marshawn Lynch
Seattle Seahawks
Running Back

Shannon Sharpe
Retired NFL
Tight End (Broncos, Ravens)