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DAPoints Yes I will be there.RT @bst323: @DAPoints you playing wells fargo next week?
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @dogrin: A big shout out to @JimmyWalkerPGA for coming out to talk to @tluathletics #golf. Thanks to @tourwifetravels tourwifetfor letti…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @dogrin: The very pink @tluathletics #mensgolf with @JimmyWalkerPGA at Tapatio Springs GC. Jimmy might be a Baylor Bear but... http://t.…
garyplayer RT @kaiame: Fell in love with @kiawahresort Cougar Point course by Gary Player. Here 10th hole at sunrise. Beautiful! http://t.co/TLXUMVeyh6
ArronOberholser At Pinehurst #2 for US Open media day. My first one of these things. It's early and unseasonably cold. This track is going to be a beast!
ShawnStefani1 Thank you @united for canceling my flight this morning to Houston! I missed my own Scholarship Foundation tourney because of you. #typical
BrandtSnedeker Congrats to @VandyWomensGolf and @GregAllenVU for winning the SEC championship yesterday!!! #champs
TheSergioGarcia RT @gfcgolf: @Coelsss @plarrazabal Callaway has just released it's new clothing line for the summer season #LimitedEdition #bbbzzz http://t…
WestwoodLee “@craigclegg: @WestwoodLee score prediction for the Leeds Forrest game later on today ?”well it was 7-3 last time. I'd take 6-3 today.
WestwoodLee “@smzika: @WestwoodLee dawg u sound bored to tears..”it's a long way and that's just the first flight! In Frankfurt with another 9hrs to go.
WestwoodLee “@JonathanKobz: @WestwoodLee - good win today! Looks like I'm a little flat on the take away - cheers! http://t.co/OGSomYIlPC”slightly!
WilliamMcGirt RT @jarrodlylepga: Flights are booked for June 17th. Look out America, the Lyles are coming back. Planning on starting PGA tour in October …
harmanbrian RT @MolonLabe300: @harmanbrian good meeting ya today man, take care of that truck! Too many SVT's in the players lot.
JeffOvertonPGA My cousin, Bianca, tells me @MarMedico you're a good golfer. Good luck at @monmouthu next year!
KyleThompsonPGA I think Bourbon Street got the best of this guy. I checked for a pulse. Wow! http://t.co/6FwCcnxFjP
HunterMahan Vince is trying to survive and she's decorating. That's a problem. #NakedAndAfraid
WestwoodLee “@troyacody: @WestwoodLee who would be in your ultimate 4 some and on what course?????”Hogan,Palmer,Seve. Augusta.
HunterMahan RT @justyniak: @chefsymon Made your bacon brownie today, chef. Holy cow, it's AMAZINNN !!! http://t.co/LIic0uRNUm
JEFFKLAUKpga RT @DrewSMorris: Maddie and her cousin (and future @FootJoy model) Henrik. Check out his FirstJoys! #stud #Easter2014 http://t.co/8dnh10SCUJ
HunterMahan The guy just said he's top 5 in the world at rubbing sticks together. Congrats #NakedAndAfraid

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