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ChrisDiMarco RT @GCMorningDrive: Who do you think Paul McGinley will select with his three #RyderCup captain's picks? #TeamEurope
IanJamesPoulter So nice to hear the pita patter of Joshua's feet this morning when he come running into our room. Lovely moments.
garyplayer RT @Equinome: Do you know how genetic information is passed down through the thoroughbred pedigree? http://t.co/wFFVJthAIZ
ChrisDiMarco RT @GCMorningDrive: Who's in? Who's out? Paul McGinley reveals his three #RyderCup captain's picks for #TeamEurope at the top of the hour o…
ChrisDiMarco RT @GolfChannel: Coming up at 7AM ET on @GCMorningDrive: #TeamEurope captain Paul McGinley reveals his three #RyderCup picks. http://t.co/1…
SharkGregNorman “@usopen: Interesting clash coming up #Dimitrov & #Monfils. What's ur prediction? #usopen #nightshift http://t.co/Uj3SZFFrws”>>#DIMITROV
garyplayer RT @EuropeanTour: The man-made amphitheatre surrounding the 13th green at Crans-Sur-Sierre. http://t.co/5gdojl4utM
Oliver_Wilson That being said, the last pick isn't too hard as all the contenders would do a good job at Gleneagles, all good in waterproofs!
Oliver_Wilson For what it's worth... Stevie G would be my first pick followed by Poults, that's the easy ones. Then...I'd go with Westy #RyderCup
PatPerezGolf RT @solgoodejobless: .@PatPerezGolf A fraud, R Braun, with all the cheating in the last 15 yrs Rose should be a lock and all cheaters shoul…
PatPerezGolf Watching the Pete Rose deal on Olberman. HOF or no?
PatPerezGolf RT @BDenny29: Under Graham, #ASU has used 38 timeouts on D on 3rd down, forcing 4th down/TO on ensuing play 27 times (71%) http://t.co/EvU2…
PatPerezGolf RT @chargerspress: #Chargers Tweets: Coach Mike McCoy: "Happy with where we're at" http://t.co/P99R7JycBy http://t.co/P99R7JycBy #NFL http:…
JakeTrout @Chris_Kirk_ Congrats Chris! Great to see you play so well and take this one home!
Tadd_Fujikawa Was so exciting to watch @KrunicAlex! Sad to see the end to a great run!
PatPerezGolf RT @goodwalkspoiled: Tune in to NBC Sports 1060 Tuesday morning at 8:00am to listen to the ASU Mens Golf season preview.

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