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SarahHughesNY RT @LeeSchechter: #Patriots QB Tom Brady released his college résumé from his days at Michigan on his Facebook page for #tbt http://t.co/8S…
NateBartholomay Just watched the police give some lady a ticket for leaving her dog in the car while she ate breakfast..it's 95° lady what are you thinking?
jeremyabbottpcf Heading to Boston. Who's ready for @eveningwchamps ?! Be sure to buy your tickets here! http://t.co/uakDvW3lvJ #EWC2014
mirai_nagasu Volunteering at the National Solo Dance Series Final at 6:30 am! Good luck competitors! http://t.co/f5RqDEigaU
j3r3bear She said "We should take a #selfie!" and naturally I agreed. #DogSitting #Puppy #Doggy #Pets #Pitbull… http://t.co/uaN6tOXpf1
SarahHughesNY “@agneszawadzki: @SarahHughesNY @eveningwchamps we'll miss you ??????” early #tbt to #twinning a few months ago!!! ????????? http://t.co/R1cE8FXqHg
SarahHughesNY Seriously can't wait to see my friend Gabe Polsky's new film The Red Army!!#GettingRaveReviews #Hockey RT @VICECANADA @VICECANADA

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Chad OchoCinco Johnson
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D.J. Moore

John Salley
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