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AshWagner2010 RT @ISU_Reporter: Hey @AshWagner2010 congrats on yesterdays SP. Check out your #WaitWhat here: @USFigureSkating @USFigureSkating
SarahHughesNY RT @NickMcCarvel: Ashley Wagner def. Gracie Gold in 1R of #NC2015... Er, which sport is this? Keeping an eye from across the globe: http://…
RyanSBradley “@LaurenCRossi: Quite the talented & good looking @icenetwork Ice Desk #NC2015 http://t.co/UER9Q2ys9h” @JohnCoughlinUSA @JohnCoughlinUSA
kristiyamaguchi Enjoyed the ladies short programs. Nice skates from the top competitors,its a close one. Looking forward to the longs. #NC2015
JohnnyGWeir What a night of skating at #NC2015! A fabulous Scimeca/Knierim were world class & lead the pairs while a stellar Wagner leads the ladies. ????
Meryl_Davis These ladies crankin' it out with these tripe-triples... What a packed event! #NC2015
CharlieaWhite RT @ScottHamilton84: Witnessing history in Greensboro, #NC2015 US Nationals Skating. Ladies Short Program 2nite! Amazing talent! Watch it o…
RyanSBradley RT @buckhollywood: Good on you @AshWagner2010! Impressive. And no one sells like you! #DatFace #NC2015
RyanSBradley @AshWagner2010 They call you Swags for a reason. No one has that kind of presence

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Chad OchoCinco Johnson
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Marshawn Lynch
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Shannon Sharpe
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