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JSMarisnick RT @astros: Happy birthday @JSMarisnick! Join us in wishing Jake a very happy 24th birthday. http://t.co/dRKWuYhEMf
robbrantly Enough static stretching! Get a dynamic warm up this spring training to get you ready for the game! I… https://t.co/pPm3M7aOMK
DonovanSolano17 JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever. No other name that restore, heal and forgive. No other bigger than JESUS! Good night!
DonovanSolano17 JESUS es el mismo ayer, hoy y siempre. No hay otro nombre que restaure, sane y perdone. No hay otro mas grande que JESUS! Buenas noches!!
ELuke21 RT @hoLLywhoaa: Good thing that didn't go into OT because @ELuke21 has been looking forward to Nick Jonas and the #KidsChoiceAwards for wee…
handlebars41 Tweeps that shave your head; what razor do you suggest and why?
handlebars41 Tweeps that shave your head; what razor do you suggest and why?
handlebars41 Norte Dame taking it to the rack. Think it's caught Kentucky off guard. The trees for UK better pick it up.
bhand22 RT @mbhand531: One month down...forever to go! Luckily, this guy makes it easy! #marriedlife ?? @bhand22 https://t.co/7ZdKZUcM0D
ELuke21 @ELuke21 Ahhh apparently North West is female. News to me.
ELuke21 Although he has strong musical bloodlines, sadly North West is ineligible to become the new 5th member of One Direction.
DonovanSolano17 Mas gracias sean dadas a Dios, que nos da la victoria por medio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo. 1 corintios 15:57
theajramos Bacon pancakes, makin bacon pancakes Take some bacon n I put it in a pancake Bacon pancakes, that's what its gonna make Bacon pancaaakes
JSMarisnick RT @BrittMcHenry: If you ever played a sport competitively, there's always 1 game you wished would mercifully be over. Imagine West Virgini…
handlebars41 WVU has zero chance in the paint. Tough to watch.
JDFernandez16 Step by step...day by day...love what you do & life will make your dreams a reality! #JDF16 #hardwork #SpringTraining http://t.co/wlSfA5zBlb
srSHREK31 RT @expositors_sem: Conferences on gospel-grace R full but where R the conf's on obedience?ExpositorsBlog addresses:Gospel Off-Centered 3 h…
srSHREK31 A lil #tbt to when us CN Eagkes won the 2007 SAC Tourny to move on to regionals. We started the day… https://t.co/EqiJfp37fb
nickgreen20 .@Applegate is there any possible way to make your humanely raised, gluten and casein free, "full of flavor," turkey burgers mildly edible?
JDFernandez16 Pumped up to kick off my new partnership with @5hourenergy...going to be a great year #my5hour #JDF16 #MLB http://t.co/d5aQPKmdHb
DunnForAll40 RT @LVWantsHockey: Thank you @Fox5Vegas for sharing our #VegasWantsHockey video featuring local youth hockey! http://t.co/dq9kxqgpfH
srSHREK31 RT @expositors_sem: Can one claim 2B “gospel-centered” only to find out they R actually “gospel off-centered”?Expositors Blog addresses: ht…

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