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robbrantly For all you athletes living in the south Florida, seek this trainer out, Dan Palacios… http://t.co/YvzK6N5ilG
srSHREK31 Forgot to add the twitter handle for all you hockey players and athletes in Falmouth who need a place to train go check out @APTstrength
srSHREK31 Thanks Pete for letting me sneak in the gym this morning! Love the facility! http://t.co/2kC7iDJRkf
bretthayes12 RT @TKREFRESH22: How about we start each at bat with a 1-1 count like my wife's slow pitch softball league. That should speed things up. #n…
CupOfLoMo RT @_darkman44: If I was Tom Brady I would tell media what's deflating is that The colts came in here and sucked now suck the air outta tha…
ELuke21 For some reason sticking my hand in the garbage disposal is like reaching into a black hole of unknown terror.
ELuke21 Heights? No prob. Spiders? Snakes? Cakewalk. But trying to fish a dime out of the garbage disposal is making me consider selling my house.
DunnForAll40 RT @MLBPlayersTrust: .@MLB_PLAYERS past & present come up "aces" in #LasVegas http://t.co/7lizbkjOGL http://t.co/7lizbkjOGL
srSHREK31 Under inflated... Over inflated... Who cares? Radley still had to wear the gear! #coltslose http://t.co/FehbZF1LJ2
DunnForAll40 RT @egwhite32: @DunnForAll40 thanks for letting our little guy get some major work in with you. #gocottonwoodcolts#ChrisRowan#thanku http:/…
CupOfLoMo “@flstate26: @CupOfLoMo a plaque filled with your firsts. Gotta love it. Miss you in SFL http://t.co/ZEf96Ryogb” got it hangin at da crib!
DunnForAll40 .@theajramos just having your favorite lunch time snack! http://t.co/RC1fNoCMUl
DunnForAll40 @DALLASBRADEN209 if you play that course better than I did there might be birdies in it. Tough outing for me. Great course though
DunnForAll40 @DALLASBRADEN209 lol yeah I might have lost a few others out there the other day! 4 to be exact.
CupOfLoMo Pats deflating balls? Brandon Browner can't get away from them at home or at work. How is this a big story, but not when NFL guys juice?

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