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ThankGod2day RT @LeoneCuore1: Not everything that looks good to you is good for you..
Earl_Thomas Happy B-Day @RSherman_25 I'm blessed to continually make history along side of U ..LOB
Ob_Scho RT @AtlantaFalcons: LB @Ob_Scho knows what this Falcons defense needs to achieve high sack numbers: http://t.co/JKI7S7Pcp0 http://t… http://t…
ThankGod2day RT @Browns: Brian Hartline jumps straight into Cleveland community with 'A Prom To Remember' [Read] http://t.co/9l… http://t.co/9l…
Kam_Chancellor #Lunch #MP's punished it!!!!!! ?????? I ate the yams too fast so that's the only thing missing. Plate… https://t.co/kGi2MxLj8J
Jus_Showoff Big birthday shoutout to my Bro @RSherman_25 enjoy ya day bro!!
Jus_Showoff RT @HoneyLoveNic: I haven't figured it out my story is far from finished. I'm just getting started. #TheGrindisReal
DougBaldwinJr Happy birthday to my baby brother Devon and to my big bro @RSherman_25. Blessings on top of Blessings.
dshead24 Another week of the Grind @tfordfsp Hard Work Always Pays Off! #GoHawks #L.O.B https://t.co/vpjH0tjmjh
Jus_Showoff Thank you Lord for blessing me with a new day!!
DangeRussWilson God uses us ordinary people to do extraordinary things!
DougBaldwinJr There are those that will do you wrong and blame you for their actions. Be humble enough to love them anyways. Monday #Blessings
DangeRussWilson #BVD For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? ...(Matthew 16:26 ESV)
J_HILL_47 RT @AndrewErby: Boys Varsity and JV basketball weight tonight 6pm. Jr. High weight room today after school today at… https://t.co/WEVwwEJ96h
Kam_Chancellor “@shaunguerrero: The #bouncer went full @Kam_Chancellor ???????? ?? for this man http://t.co/QFFCuo8ebH” that's the homie.. BDK lol???

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