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Gresh49 This is my mom and grandparents in town for the wedding!! We had the best time tonight and… http://t.co/PhseaogRFZ http://t.co/PhseaogRFZ
Bailey_67 RT @BillyHutcheson: By far dumbest thing I've read today “@SportsNation: Would Kentucky beat the 72-10 Chicago Bulls? http://t.co/dX6JtadtS…
BIrvin_WVU11 @Bwagz54 u don't even believe that. Never heard of Utah state until I met u and turbo
Bwagz54 @BIrvin_WVU11 this isn't about me.. Lol & we would of beat yall.. U would of got no sacks
Bwagz54 “@MackWop: When You Realize You Committed To The Wrong Team!!! @BIrvin_WVU11 @BIrvin_WVU11
ThankGod2day I got excited for this? I thought the freshman from WV knew something i didnt know when he was talking noise...
ThankGod2day RT @CHenderson49: What the hell man.. I talked West Virginia up today and they do this to me Lol
ThankGod2day RT @LOVEJONED: I heard today that when God wants you to grow He makes you uncomfortable
G_Scruggs My prayers go out to Daryl Gordon, the Cincinnati Firefighter who lost his life today to save others. One of the real heroes.

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Donta Hightower

Herculez Gomez

Shannon Sharpe
Retired NFL
Tight End (Broncos, Ravens)