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Jillian Loyden

Believer. Aunt JuJu. Goalkeeper. Professional hugger.

- Chicago Red Stars (WPS) - Goalkeeper
1,072 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-05-2010


jloyden Our greatness need in life is forgiveness. bad news: you can't earn it. Good news: you can't earn it.
jloyden Great JLF Clinic this weekend! big thank you to @SkyBlueFC players and those who participated!#proud#everyvoicecounts http://t.co/D7xpwBAnen
jloyden have you heard my boys Kicking Sunrise's new single? If not...you need to right NOW! Check it out http://t.co/7KGlJ5ZjfR #crushinIT
jloyden Four AM wake up call. 8 AM classic Motown call. #sugarpiehoneybunch #yeahimthirtythisyear
jloyden "All the corn the sun touches is ours, honey" #bachelorfianceproblems
jloyden Good luck to all my friends and teammates who start preseason today! (on a sidenote my comp autocorrected preseason to prison) oh the irony
jloyden I miss my foster children @AubreyBledsoe And @ShelbeeStilwell already. The last two weeks were incredible. Unstoppable laughter for days!!
jloyden Game day. Just a littleeeeee different. Pregame and halftime announced for the union today. Gosh I… https://t.co/EFdENT7Gkj
jloyden My heart is just overwhelmed w gratitude this AM! Its a beautiful day, people. Celebrate by smiling. Ahhhh sending hugs round the world :)

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