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Jillian Loyden

Believer. Aunt JuJu. Goalkeeper. Professional hugger.

- Chicago Red Stars (WPS) - Goalkeeper
1,009 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-05-2010


jloyden "@bjondaademi: Pretty cool watching Georgian Court University women's soccer warm up in @JL_Foundation Tshirt #EveryVoiceCounts" sweeeeet!!!
jloyden I want to live my life as a hero everyday. Nothing to do with a soccer ball and everything to do w what overflows out my heart #youcantoo
jloyden Why do I feel everytime I turn on ESPN there's a new case of domestic violence being spoken about? We have to put a stop to this #NOmore
jloyden You missed a great dinner @quartbennett with @WUWSOCC. Sorry about you face...you should probably get that fixed #2brokebones
jloyden On days like today your memory floods through my thoughts,leaving me drenched in tears w a heart broken in pieces. Enoughs enough #MissyouBL
jloyden Today was maddens first day of school. I thought today was a national holiday?! #beyoncesbirthday
jloyden So great seeing JLF's "Fearless Hero" Bree McMahon yesterday and the rest of the Brevard Women's… http://t.co/9YKAAC2cxx
jloyden "@danielleking: In news unrelated to anything, I just figured out that I sort of love @jloyden." Love ya long time. Right back at ya.
jloyden Winnings for the birds. Eagles that is. Thanks ms @ayenick for brining us :) http://t.co/aawWr2YGX3
jloyden I made this for you. You who may be going through something tough right now. Something that has you… http://t.co/FApt2iHHuf
jloyden Never settle for a perverse form of love. Love should never be tainted w excuses. Believe you are worth it #UGLY #yougottaloveyourself
jloyden Check out this little bippity boppity boo video! Enjoy :) http://t.co/tFErLmlSJ8
jloyden Just BC you have the right doesnt mean its right. Words are powerful. Use them for uplifting instead of upheveal. Save lives>destroying them
jloyden Joy isnt the absence of pain and suffering. Its peace and hope amid the storm. Knowing and confidently expecting a greater future awaits you
jloyden Come support the NWSL and military appreciation night in Houston on saturday. Great cause @HalesBells99 #empoweredpro http://t.co/5ntb4ZHKUC
jloyden Don't curse the darkness. Praise the light. For in due time it will shine all the more brightly. #bringiton
jloyden RT @mnoaktree: Got to see the most loved-filled lady again today ?????? http://t.co/gDUFuawIsT
jloyden RT @KeeperInstitute: Tomorrows clinic will be rescheduled due to inclement weather in Neptune nj. Sorry for the inconvience we hope to have…

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