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Jillian Loyden

Believer. Aunt JuJu. Goalkeeper. Professional hugger.

- Chicago Red Stars (WPS) - Goalkeeper
1,042 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-05-2010


jloyden My posse for the weekend. Headed up to mountains at eagle rock resort to find some quality alone timeā€¦ http://t.co/B0LUwG0jhk
jloyden Thanks @NSCAA for having myself and @KeeperInstitute present a field session this past weekend at the convention #setshape #NOSEoverToes
jloyden Find the root of the problem and cure it. Don't just treat the symptoms. Numbing the pain leads to worse more destructive side effects
jloyden Nothing or person is universally liked. Not even chocolate, PB, or beyonce. What makes you think you should be any different?? #pleaseOne
jloyden Nothing is universially liked. Not even chocolate or peanut butter. What makes you think you be different? #pleaseOne
jloyden Dont fuss over the "dirty dishes" of life and forget the imp things. You'll end up with a clean house and a starved heart #mary>martha
jloyden Its one of those two song rotation days. Real love by clean bandit. For once in my life Stevie wonder #comeonnnnn
jloyden Don't minimize the significance of your words and actions, they have eternal implications. #slowtoanger #loveon
jloyden Its good to wrestle with your fears. Just don't let them pin you down. Fear is the biggest inhibitor to our freedom and joy
jloyden Your enemy is telling you your best days are behind you. Don't be robbed of your glorious future filled with triumph and sweet victories.
jloyden Just landed in ATL! So excited for @passion268 to start tonight. Everyday is an opportunity for growth #UpwardandOutward
jloyden When you start seeking the approval of others you completely lose your identity, joy, and sole reason you were created #repurposed#pleaseone
jloyden Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you WANT to support those that are important to you. One act of support could change a life #whatif
jloyden What a great way to start the day! Anyone else watching @GMA and bawling right now?! #inspiringwork
jloyden Great meeting you @TobyLightman after your show in PHL. What a performance. Get her new album, folks. #itsavibe
jloyden Can't stop, won't stop. TKI @keeperinstitute trains in the tundra. #warmhead #frozentoes http://t.co/zpaCYIM2oR
jloyden Its not about the place setting. the decor. Or even the turkey. Its about those we get to enjoy it with #family #althoIdidmakeabanginturkey

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