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Jillian Loyden

Believer. Aunt JuJu. Goalkeeper. Professional hugger.

- Chicago Red Stars (WPS) - Goalkeeper
987 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-05-2010


jloyden to that one person out there who may need it the most. continue pledging!! more details to come how you can get your team involved!
jloyden Thank you to everyone who pledged yesterday and supported a cause that is so near and dear to my heart! all the support will mean the world
jloyden I pledge to raise awareness for domestic violence... To honor my family and in remembrance of my… http://t.co/B1dyenYv15
jloyden I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for everyone who has helped with the launch of @JL_Foundation every voice counts campaign #love
jloyden Ahhh can't wait for the launch of JLF's new "Every Voice Counts" campaign. Starts this Sunday! Join in with your pledge! @JL_Foundation
jloyden 23 days to go!! TKI summer clinic on august 3rd in Neptune nj! Girls and boys ages 10-18. For more… http://t.co/tcBt72qQ5B
jloyden August 3rd.NeptuneNJ.TKI Summer Clinic! Check out http://t.co/eGxV16T3Qz for more details! You wont want to miss http://t.co/rwgmLZsdpo http://t.co/rwgmLZsdpo
jloyden That awkward moment when you start to tell the lady at dunkin to have a good day but then combine it with weekend #grool
jloyden I couldn't be anymore thankful for @Cloud9_Skyblue right now during this rain delay!!! Thanks for the goodies!!!! #loyalfans
jloyden Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! Sending love right back at ya! Got the best bday present ever.... Three points for SBFC! #beezup
jloyden Real friends bring you ur spare keys at 3am when you flush them down the toilet at dunkin donuts on your way to a 6am flight @aradu412
jloyden Excited to see Pepe Reina in goal for Spain today #namedmydogafterhim
jloyden you are responsible for your actions and how they impact other people. there is always collateral damage that WILL affect others.
jloyden I wish people would learn how to pay attention and drive. That way I don't have to sit in their traffic for a fender bender #njproblems
jloyden Always against the odds, but never defeated #youcan http://t.co/SkG74Bxcu9
jloyden I hope that for the rest of my days I leverage my life for good! #bringheaventoearth
jloyden So proud of the team today. Congrats to first time goal scorers @lindsicutshall and @Hayzee11. Now you can wear those black diamonds #ballas
jloyden RT @bavacado2: Check out my article for @Purpose2Play on #USWNT and #SBFC goalkeeper @jloyden and her inspiring journey. http://t.co/Su3A8…
jloyden Great to return home to jersey with four pts on the week. Awesome team win yesterday. Keep on chipping away #soproud

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