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Cam Thomas

In Da Burgh!!! I.G. 92Zilla

- San Diego Chargers - Defensive Tackle
College: North Carolina
5,978 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-26-2010


Baby_Zilla76 My lil one got me watching Frozen once again and I swear I know the movie buy heart now, even the songs smh. #frozenlife
Baby_Zilla76 Is anybody on this Clash of Clans game???
Baby_Zilla76 This firework show at PNC Park is nice #SteelerNation
Baby_Zilla76 This is crazy “@IntThings “@Factsionary Saudi Prince Alwaleed owns a diamond encrusted $48 (cont) http://t.co/fflCITMW9Y
Baby_Zilla76 RT @TheWeirdWorld: Having negative friends is linked to depression, lowered self esteem, insomnia and anxiety. Positive friends promote goo…
Baby_Zilla76 What should I do out here in the burgh today??? #SteelerNation 
Baby_Zilla76 Congrats big homie lets get this thang goin #SteelerNation “@LanceMoore16 Excited to be a part of (cont) http://t.co/q5kPb2lY8F
Baby_Zilla76 Who tryin to play me in madden or fifa on xbox one add me BangDown92
Baby_Zilla76 Is there any good tattoo artist in pittsburgh???
Baby_Zilla76 Thanks to all of #SteelerNation thats showing me love!!! LUCK#7
Baby_Zilla76 Any steeler fans have xbox one and me BangDown92
Baby_Zilla76 Thank You “@elliottBolts @Baby_Zilla76 you are dead to me”
Baby_Zilla76 Sorry im late with this but I want to thank the whole charger organization and city for allowing me (cont) http://t.co/mvitAtxsno

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Thurman Thomas
Retired NFL
Running Back (Bills)