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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Rockies.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,557 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 I bet Brett Favre had to go to a public library for that congratulatory tweet to Peyton.
BAnderson_30 Peyton Manning will probably have not 1 but 2 chocolate milks tonight.
BAnderson_30 How grossly planned was that interaction between Winston and Fisher.
BAnderson_30 Great job of not covering the 6'4 wide receiver Florida State...
BAnderson_30 Nothing like a team Chaplain with some street cred... http://t.co/K1CxEROthV
BAnderson_30 Can you imagine all the free stuff you could get casually flashing your 'Ebola Czar' business card.
BAnderson_30 RT @katienolan: Sick of hearing about Madison Bumgarner "chugging" beers. He's being wasteful. THIS is how you chug 6 beers at once: https:…
BAnderson_30 Posey's kid needs to take some lessons from Uehara's kid.
BAnderson_30 Erin Andrews interviewing Pablo Sandoval is match made in hell.
BAnderson_30 Settle down Bruce Bochy and save some excitement for everyone else...
BAnderson_30 Ishikawa really wanted that home run.
BAnderson_30 John Lackey is still furious with that defense even though it was for the other team.
BAnderson_30 Yes Harold, the logo on a Major League Baseball is rendered after Buster Posey...Jesus Christ.
BAnderson_30 “@easleyas123: @SportsCenter still doesn't know who anyone on the Royals is. http://t.co/KT4Owi5OQD”
BAnderson_30 umm? “@NHLonNBCSports: What do you think: Does hockey still have a place in the NHL? #RivalryNight”
BAnderson_30 Just give the World Series to the Royals with what they have going.
BAnderson_30 Ha ok...“@NBCNews: Frontier Airlines plane that carried Ebola patient has been decontaminated, will be used for flight in 30 minutes.”
BAnderson_30 Has Jameis Winston done anything right off the field...
BAnderson_30 Norte Dame would be 6th or 7th in then SEC West.
BAnderson_30 Can't deny that College Football revolves around the state of Mississippi.

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