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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Rockies.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,637 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 Erin Andrews really knows how to suck all the joy out of winning a World Series.
BAnderson_30 Yeah he probably forget that tremendous double play...
BAnderson_30 Madison Bumgarner kinda makes me want to own a cow...but not really.
BAnderson_30 So if the Giants hold on and win...they should just tell everyone to get ready for Spring Training 2016.
BAnderson_30 Sing the song in the rhythm it's supposed to be sung.
BAnderson_30 RT @DangerGuerrero: Sliding into first base, like many things that are dangerous and stupid, looks very cool. It is basically the cigaretteā€¦
BAnderson_30 Witten gives Romo a piggyback out to the coin toss.
BAnderson_30 Nothing like testing the back out by getting crushed on a blitz.
BAnderson_30 How ridiculous would it be if Romo is done and the Cowboys somehow end up 8-8 again.
BAnderson_30 Fingers crossed that's it not the disc again for Romo...such a painful injury.
BAnderson_30 How about you just go down DeMarco...
BAnderson_30 I'm starting for the Jets this week.
BAnderson_30 Just a guy and his bird out for a casual stroll. http://t.co/3EuY1yHHtM
BAnderson_30 RT @JeffPassan: There is currently a golden retriever frolicking on the field at AT&T Park, playing fetch. http://t.co/U30S3BUKiO
BAnderson_30 @BMcCarthy32 3. he has a stare that makes him look like he doesn't have a lot going on behind it.
BAnderson_30 Almost homer from Perez off Wade Davis and 3 rbi's from Crawford...baseball is a crazy game.

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