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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Dodgers.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
6,263 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BrettAnderson35 Initial reports are that the "swag" from Harrison Ford's earring weighed his plane down causing it to stall and crash.
BrettAnderson35 Brady stabs a football, frisbees it into the crowd, and says "here's your deflated ball" as he walks off.
BrettAnderson35 Tom is adamant about not wanting anyone to touch his balls = Only thing taken out of this press conference.
BrettAnderson35 Tom Brady steps up to the podium with pine tar all over his neck.
BrettAnderson35 Where is Kevin Spacey sitting?? #SOTU
BrettAnderson35 If Obama doesn't give a demonstration on how to properly deflate a football then what are we even doing...
BrettAnderson35 John Boehner's tan is rivaled only by George Brett's.
BrettAnderson35 Ernest Moniz bring back the Washington Administration haircut. http://t.co/39G7SB5ziO
BrettAnderson35 Pure nightmare scenario having to shake that many hands. #SOTU
BrettAnderson35 I should've kept the ball from my catch with Scherzer today now that he agreed to his contract...missed eBay opportunity.
BrettAnderson35 Not big on UFC but this McGregor guy being left-handed, a ginger, and cocky as hell is my new favorite.
BrettAnderson35 Belichick is already coming up with a game plan on how to exploit Richard Sherman's bad arm.
BrettAnderson35 Marshall Lynch at another Super Bowl media day is a win for everyone though.
BrettAnderson35 What you just felt was the whole city of Dallas nodding simultaneously after Seattle just scored...
BrettAnderson35 I bet Russell Wilson still uses a Zune too.
BrettAnderson35 @CJNitkowski the dude that looks like a character out of Goosebumps.
BrettAnderson35 Holy nightmare in the middle. “@DickieV: Wow Pls help me / can't say no to Chef /VINCENZO'S is awesome baby http://t.co/ETQoqp2RvF”
BrettAnderson35 RT @Brewers: Congratulations to Hank, the Dog of the Year! Thank you for voting! #WorldDogAwards! http://t.co/nOcPgr… http://t.co/nOcPgr…
BrettAnderson35 100% someone in his crew is selling '12 Gauge' shirts in the hallway after this ends.
BrettAnderson35 Pro-tip, don't accentuate your receding hairline by covering up the rest of your head. http://t.co/j2EljwgUcc
BrettAnderson35 Classic white guy that probably doesn't play confetti angel.
BrettAnderson35 I think Chris Christie snuck into Lebron's crew to dish out hugs. http://t.co/wFfwL1QV98

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