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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Dodgers.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
6,346 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BrettAnderson35 RT @keithlaw: The fact that people I like and respect care about professional wrestling is my greatest source of cognitive dissonance
BrettAnderson35 @whatwouldDOOdo did you see that drive and dunk, almost got blood-flow...
BrettAnderson35 Is this the same Kentucky team that beat West Virginia by 1,000.
BrettAnderson35 You have a World Series ring/probably picked up a basketball before @BMcCarthy32, you should see if you can crash a NBA training camp.
BrettAnderson35 Whoever ok'd the thick waistband stripe for Adidas college basketball uniforms needs to be fired.
BrettAnderson35 Not an expert but Maryland might want to score if they want to win.
BrettAnderson35 Hard pass and I think his wife would frown upon that. “@FLOTWENTYFO: @BrettAnderson35 I can't wait till posey takes you balls deep!”
BrettAnderson35 Well San Diego State should just wave the white flag.
BrettAnderson35 Pat Connaughton showing pitchers can be athletes too.
BrettAnderson35 Nothing like A) being in the band and B) crying into your flute after getting beat at March Madness.
BrettAnderson35 @whatwouldDOOdo thanks Sean, that's exactly what I needed at this time.
BrettAnderson35 Idk what ended up being worse today my pitching or my bracket.
BrettAnderson35 Hampton just changes the names and logos on Kentucky's leftover gear every 5 years.
BrettAnderson35 “@UHCougarBB: Coach Anderson never stops working... #GoCoogs #OntheRoad http://t.co/ywuN7hnIPE”
BrettAnderson35 No Northeastern, no that's not what you do on the last possession.
BrettAnderson35 Happy Birthday @ClaytonKersh22!!!! We all chipped in and got you a years supply of these. http://t.co/jpZyd183uF
BrettAnderson35 Fun fact of the day: nobody has ever watched a game from the NIT/whatever the other secondary tournament is.
BrettAnderson35 30 for 30...attempts by Tim Tebow trying out for the NFL.

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