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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Rockies.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,432 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 I feel like you should be suspended if you willingly wear a terrible hat/outfit at the Kentucky derby and don't take Molly...
BAnderson_30 Adam Dunn= A's legend with 1 at bat.
BAnderson_30 Used all their money on that RGIII statue...“@valleyshook: For shame Baylor http://t.co/ZUZhgg1KeN”
BAnderson_30 Pretty sure Kevin Durant could now buy the entire state of Oklahoma if he wanted...
BAnderson_30 So based on what I've seen thus far Texas A&M is going to win the national championship this year.
BAnderson_30 Wisconsin kicker dance got LSU fired up...probably not a good idea.
BAnderson_30 This Jameis Winston first half performance is just karma for that awful post BCS Title game speech...
BAnderson_30 Georgia, Clemson, and South Carolina all should automatically start every football season 1-1.
BAnderson_30 Well the Florida State game is over.
BAnderson_30 Holy snoozefest between Ole Miss and Boise St.
BAnderson_30 Better luck in the '15-16 season South Carolina.
BAnderson_30 ESPN- "No, Tebow you can't throw some warm-up passes to the A&M or South Carolina receivers to show NFL teams your new 'throwing motion'."
BAnderson_30 Shhh everyone...College Football is about to start.
BAnderson_30 RT @BarstoolBigCat: I can't believe we're actually talking about Keith Armstrong yelling at his players too much on Hard Knocks http://t.co…
BAnderson_30 USC seems to be real stable heading into the first week of the season...
BAnderson_30 Greg Amsinger might be a wizard with his Mike Trout and Buster Posey predictions.
BAnderson_30 RT @brooksbaseball: Bleacher Report radio should just be a live stream of someone clicking through slideshows.
BAnderson_30 Pretty good start to the career for the Cubs new guy...
BAnderson_30 So, Josh Shaw you injured yourself in a "fall"...go on...
BAnderson_30 Matthew McConaughey should've won...

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