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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I throw baseballs for the Rockies.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,028 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 @Travis_Blackley I just listened to their latest single...sick.
BAnderson_30 Newsflash Troy Tulowitzki is pretty good at short.
BAnderson_30 RT @Fascinatingpics: 7 Disgusting Pics showing you why we should stop @MelissaBachman immediately! See here: http://t.co/21YWOO8hGu . htt…
BAnderson_30 RT @RockiesPR: Charlie Blackmon is 22-for-43 this year. With his 2 hits tonight, he's 10-for-15 when leading off an inning.
BAnderson_30 Bold new marketing strategy @USAirways is going with.
BAnderson_30 With everything that I've been through...just want to let @abrband that I appreciate everything they do.
BAnderson_30 Baseball once again continues to be a humbling game...
BAnderson_30 .@Lana yes, didn't you know Texas and Colorado are natural rivals...duh
BAnderson_30 Feels kinda weird to be back in the Bay Area as a 100% visitor.
BAnderson_30 RT @JeffPassan: Awesome stuff from @mikeoz on Major League's 25th anniversary. My favorite here: Bernsen punched Sheen in real life! http:/…
BAnderson_30 Nothing worse than getting beat by someone that's not as good as you.
BAnderson_30 This tweet is directed at you and your posse @JFeitelberg
BAnderson_30 I didn't have a great day today...but at least I'm not a grown man watching Wrestlemania...
BAnderson_30 Have a day @Chuck_Nazty...he's probably going to run for mayor next.
BAnderson_30 Going to have to breakout some sunscreen for the home opener tomorrow. http://t.co/X8uZMacOkY
BAnderson_30 @BringerOfRain20 all three of them?? Eovaldi is tough to square up sue me.
BAnderson_30 .@BringerOfRain20 hey don't be jealous I have more extra base hits than you.
BAnderson_30 RT @UHCougarBB: SHARE THIS W! No. 10 @UHCougarBB improved to 23-5 on the year with a 10-8 win at Texas A&M! #M64 http://t.co/rxjFZdJRCS
BAnderson_30 Adreian Payne almost hit the shot clock on that last 3 attempt.
BAnderson_30 Sounds about right...“@BleacherReport: Ray Rice married the woman he allegedly assaulted day after he was indicted http://t.co/CkgCwMHpeD”

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