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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I will throw baseballs for someone.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,887 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 This on loop forever. “@WillBrinson: Um Kenny Smith just shoved Shaq into a Christmas tree https://t.co/fLA1ITiwuF”
BAnderson_30 Kenny Smith shoving Shaq into a Christmas tree is the perfect way to end the night.
BAnderson_30 Got an autographed Jim Thome jersey for Christmas...pretty much the only jersey I've ever truly wanted.
BAnderson_30 Right...“@BrennanClay24: Jumped to a conclusion that wasn't true .can't judge a situation without knowing the facts. http://t.co/pUQO811JN3”
BAnderson_30 There's some weird epidemic going around where you have to comment on the 'Entourage' trailer, good or bad.
BAnderson_30 "Well now the Bengals AND Andy Dalton are in the playoffs when it really matters."- Peyton Manning http://t.co/zrcJdRFuv7
BAnderson_30 The Bengals definitely lead the NFL in hair.
BAnderson_30 Who would've thought the ending of BYU vs Memphis would be exponentially more entertaining than the finale of Homeland.
BAnderson_30 Marshall Lynch...destroyer of toilets and Cardinal hearts.
BAnderson_30 NBC is going to give Steven Hauschka a bonus for keeping this game interesting.
BAnderson_30 .@ryenarussillo nobody at ESPN hunts...and I know you don't, let's set fire to that camo.
BAnderson_30 I see your atrocious Thursday and slightly raise you a Saturday where it only means something for one team...the NFL.
BAnderson_30 The airport is without a doubt my favorite place to sit and listen to people's stories/judge them.
BAnderson_30 Times are tough...“@KimKardashian: yesterday...trying to pick out an outfit struggle http://t.co/8FjNI3kPKj”
BAnderson_30 Heading back to Phoenix on a plane that is a slight step up from a crop-duster.
BAnderson_30 If you can name 5 or more players involved in this Thursday night game...you really love the NFL.
BAnderson_30 I've been in Los Angeles 45 min and saw Madison from Million Dollar Listing LA eating lunch by himself...can only go up from here.
BAnderson_30 Traveling today and I just assume Sarah Koening and Adnan fornicated via telephone to finish the last episode of Serial.
BAnderson_30 Traveling today and I just assume Sarah Koening and Adnan fornicated via telephone to finish the last episode Serial.
BAnderson_30 Maybe the pilot was being comical because he knew this flight would be like a R.A. Dickey knuckleball....I hate him even more now.
BAnderson_30 Pilot on this flight keeps joking about what city we're going to...zip your lip and make sure we land this bird safely in LA, guy.
BAnderson_30 RT @barstoolsports: Derby the dog with 3D printed legs that let him run is a must watch video for dog lovers http://… http://…
BAnderson_30 @BringerOfRain20 thanks man, I would but idk the conversion rate for that monopoly money they use in Canada.
BAnderson_30 @BringerOfRain20 you've just been itching to use that picture haven't you

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