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Brett Anderson

My grammar is terrible...and I will throw baseballs for someone.

- Colorado Rockies - Pitcher
5,788 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-08-2010


BAnderson_30 Gross. “@darrenrovell: Odell Beckham's 10 inch hand size put him above the 80th percentile in hand size among receivers at the NFL Combine.”
BAnderson_30 Eli Manning should just throw it towards Odell Beckham, Jr every play.
BAnderson_30 Hey Steve Tisch...get a room, gross.
BAnderson_30 Jimbo Fisher has to cringe every time he looks in the mirror due to all the bullshit he spews week in and week out.
BAnderson_30 Florida St just trolls all of us.
BAnderson_30 The Big 10 just can't have nice things.
BAnderson_30 Keith Law gets suspended from twitter and Schilling gets to keep tweeting his nonsense. http://t.co/dnIRSmClCg
BAnderson_30 RT @katienolan: Q: What kind of car does Jesus drive? A: Derek
BAnderson_30 This is why I bury all of my money like cousin Eddie. “#Phillies Ryan Howard reached a settlement with family. https://t.co/f5bPbOTCf1”
BAnderson_30 I wonder how many gold medals Michael Phelps would give back to sweep this whole "girlfriend being born a man" story under the rug.
BAnderson_30 RT @3rdand10: Will Smiths kids are what happens when everybody gets a trophy.
BAnderson_30 .@Izzy15Mercado is this some weird sexual reference?
BAnderson_30 .@DALLASBRADEN209 pretty upset with @DIRECTV I take it...
BAnderson_30 RT @UHCougarBB: Who's pumped to watch this pitching staff again? Before Anderson vs. Anderson Effect #GoCoogs http://t.co/fqT0E3SMV2
BAnderson_30 @whatwouldDOOdo @Lana @BringerOfRain20 he can't hit home runs or make diving plays until one of us throws the ball...so you're welcome Josh.
BAnderson_30 I wonder if Giancarlo Stanton's new contract will have a name change clause.
BAnderson_30 @BringerOfRain20 obviously, he plays everyday. There is something to be said about pretty much guaranteeing a win every 5 days though.

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