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Rod Smith

Owns a Gourmet International Coffee Company. Get 1 box and you'll Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. http://t.co/CZ6f4IbvUt

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,100 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith The only way to guarantee you will fail is to not take risk! #impact drives #income. How many people… http://t.co/FojS9cgHIa
TheREALrodSmith Go make an impact! Watch the look on their face! I love doing the unexpected. #neverforget911 #impact.… http://t.co/6TT4Ut2MFU
TheREALrodSmith @bubbawatson. Great PGA golfer out of Georgia was the kick off kid tonight for the Broncos. Bubba I… http://t.co/n0PLQKFZqA
TheREALrodSmith @McIlroyRory thanks for the pre game selfie. I had to. You're one of golds greats. Thanks for being a good sport. http://t.co/u2cC7Dgzrc
TheREALrodSmith Shameless selfie with one of golfs greats mcilroyrory. I had too. It happens to me so thanks for being… http://t.co/0OJirASyO9
TheREALrodSmith RT @npcdenbronco: Just woke up but had to rock it old school today @TheREALrodSmith jersey on cuz football's back!!! http://t.co/QDeG6IjyD2
TheREALrodSmith Broncos VS Colts! Who's going? What score you got for the Broncos Victory?
TheREALrodSmith I accept the assignment! Do You? Something's just put life in a different perspective. http://t.co/1juoFRydKN
TheREALrodSmith All true Entrepreneurs know what I'm talking about! #sleep4what #dreamBigger #billionaireboysClub… http://t.co/mmP9qAFjIH
TheREALrodSmith Thanks Mr. Frank DiRico, president of Viaero Wireless. You made me expand my thinking. Awesome company… http://t.co/qES9EuLj4S
TheREALrodSmith PreGAME meal for tomorrow's Nuts and Bolts training. Grilled pork chops and sides. #grillking… http://t.co/ggT7dAlXrG
TheREALrodSmith Plenty of time to make it a reality. GO! #2hustlemandatory http://t.co/PtikiFMMDO
TheREALrodSmith When you realize everyone is not rooting for you. Remember, You don't owe an explanation for your… http://t.co/nY7k2RJzlQ

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