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Rod Smith

Owns a Gourmet International Coffee Company. Get 1 box and you'll Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. http://t.co/CZ6f4IbvUt

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,019 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith RT @PaulKirk_CSU: Great to catch up w/1 of all-time great guys (& pretty good football player) @TheREALrodSmith after he watched son Roderi…
TheREALrodSmith “@pretzellover121: @TheREALrodSmith is that Csu? Looks like it's by the outdoor hockey rink by the rec center” yup
TheREALrodSmith “@902Meade: @TheREALrodSmith Hey Rod, what NFL team did you grow up cheering for?”steelers
TheREALrodSmith “@GeorgeFoster72: @TheREALrodSmith wow, he has grown up too. Bout your height” he still will get chin checked. What up FOSS
TheREALrodSmith Welcome to the Bond Brothers! "They young and they gettin it" #kappaalphapsi #??? http://t.co/lxQj6aHEJy
TheREALrodSmith Tonight my son became my brother. Welcome to Kappa Alpha Psi! #proudDad. The legacy continues. http://t.co/UZ44iFKupJ
TheREALrodSmith If you eat breakfast whenever, show some love. Tonight. Had to Hook it up. #breakfastofchampions… http://t.co/7jEYqKTYaC
TheREALrodSmith “@AvgDude2: @TheREALrodSmith The part I love.....is....you see it too.....call John....seriously.....call him.....” I don't have his #
TheREALrodSmith RT @kenmcelroy: If you have to “hard-sell” a deal, then it probably isn’t a good deal.
TheREALrodSmith “@AvgDude2: @TheREALrodSmith This kid is "you" coming out of college, http://t.co/KygUAHChC3” that kids got skills.
TheREALrodSmith RT @theorangepage: @TheREALrodSmith copy and paste this link, it will be easier for people to follow you Rod: http://t.co/aNyMqZ4P3q
TheREALrodSmith Follow me on Instagram as well. #Rodsmith80 need to get to 1000 on day one. Help a brother out!
TheREALrodSmith This SUV Keeps calling me! Someone must have told him I have a 4 car garage! http://t.co/UFyhKe5PAG
TheREALrodSmith “@DoinTheMath: @TheREALrodSmith my favorite coffee mug http://t.co/Jbjo631aVa” very nice. I need to get me one of those.
TheREALrodSmith “@Broncoholic247: @TheREALrodSmith I'm ready for a cup!” I can get you some
TheREALrodSmith My coffee company just launched K cups. New #gregNorman branded machine. What's your favorite coffee… http://t.co/m3r9ZCt7hn
TheREALrodSmith I'm on Instagram now. Follow me @rodsmith80. Here you will see the humor, business, and family side. I'm laughing... http://t.co/uVYNkBLqXc
TheREALrodSmith The dreamer has joined Instagram! Let's see how much love I can get! http://t.co/LLzXgv0svr
TheREALrodSmith Thinking about joining Instagram tonight???????
TheREALrodSmith “@ATownPizzaria: @TheREALrodSmith is it too late for coffee? http://t.co/HYJfFuht0n” I'm coming there tomorrow for lunch. So be ready.

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