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Rod Smith

Owns a Gourmet International Coffee Company. Get 1 box and you'll Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. http://t.co/CZ6f4IbvUt

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,205 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith RT @9NEWSSports: RT @psmyth12:On TD catch, WR @DemaryiusT posted his 8th100-yd game this year, NFL-high tying @TheREALrodSmith for most in…
TheREALrodSmith “@Betonbett: Did @TheREALrodSmith sneak back in there yaaaaayyy RT @BroncosTV: They're ready http://t.co/BB2X32sqQp” they booted me out
TheREALrodSmith #association hanging with 2 of the best. michaelstotts and the birthday lady Ms Marlene. South… http://t.co/ZYiAbzR8zF
TheREALrodSmith If your going to photo bomb. Photo bomb rich people. #association with winner. http://t.co/nAKaH92Wwl
TheREALrodSmith Time out with the #1 Business Builder in the industry. #priceless nuggets and wisdom. We are blessed.… http://t.co/EBAdkTsZXh
TheREALrodSmith Today's going to be a good day. In my ice cube voice. Bible study and a Salted Carmel King of Coffee… http://t.co/fm9400iwdX
TheREALrodSmith Serving leader. Mr Barry Overton out here and we moving coffee. thanks bro setting up this event.… http://t.co/14kjX8dS7Y
TheREALrodSmith Have know this guy for a few years. He used to weight 391. So proud of you Mr Duane Taylor. Congrats… http://t.co/nZXrAyvg5g
TheREALrodSmith #blackcakeboss serving peach cobbler for charity event of 1000 plus. Serving others never get old.… http://t.co/kWwicBbk59
TheREALrodSmith Pinto and hamburger with all the flavor your mouth can handle. My first time making them, but I did… http://t.co/8rfpRn2xVD
TheREALrodSmith A little turkey breast with cherry and lemon juice. Marinated with I can't tell you seasoning.… http://t.co/1LQDjsZYel
TheREALrodSmith Ham, macaroni and cheese, and mash potatoes. Just adding to the Itis. #delicious http://t.co/uJ7fzclaul
TheREALrodSmith I made My moms home made cornbread dressing. #youaintready. Trust me. Banging like drums. http://t.co/dbykAWGJ1P
TheREALrodSmith Only post a pic of what YOU MADE!!! ITs serious #foodComa over here. Happy Thanksgiving! I pray you… http://t.co/22o3feU6wC
TheREALrodSmith You are on track, if your hands are dirty from you out there putting in the hours. #itsnotluck! http://t.co/7MoDQGjzN6
TheREALrodSmith Daddy daughter night. Taking my girl to her first live comedy show. Texarkana Proud Derrick Keener.… http://t.co/Mc9UNIlkll
TheREALrodSmith RT @PaulKirk_CSU: Working w/Champ, John, @Foxworth24 & many other former teammates (@TheREALrodSmith, Al Wilson), in memory of D-Will meani…
TheREALrodSmith RT @nflnetwork: Congrats! RT @nfl: Charles Woodson now the first player in NFL history to record 50 INTs and 20 sacks. #TNF #KCvsOAK http:/…
TheREALrodSmith RT @Zorana87: @TheREALrodSmith thank you for the best #selfie ever! I love you and the #broncos! #winewomenandbroncos http://t.co/ayAFf3pWOw
TheREALrodSmith RT @ambernelsonshow: @TheREALrodSmith Q: how do you feel about the lack of #milehighsalutes this year A: it would bring the team more luck …
TheREALrodSmith RT @IrishMason: How can anyone who saw the #Broncos Dream Team of @johnelway @ShannonSharpe @TheREALrodSmith,etc. call this current offense…
TheREALrodSmith RT @IrishMason: Last year @TheREALrodSmith made me giggle by calling me a "youngun" on my birthday. Hoping for an encore! ;) 61 today! …
TheREALrodSmith “@RazorHog56: @4check22 @TheREALrodSmith agree bro, it's dam sad the bs HOF committee can't see how great Rod was.” Thanks guys.

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