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Rod Smith

Owns a Gourmet International Coffee Company. Get 1 box and you'll Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. http://t.co/CZ6f4IbvUt

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,140 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith RT @tonycarter904: Do things for others because U want,not because U have to. That's where your Blessings come from
TheREALrodSmith “@aballer53141: @TheREALrodSmith Hey Rod are we on for this Thursday night? Brad” my team has a game Thursday.
TheREALrodSmith RT @magickwyrkz4u: I'm one of his biggest fans. Have both jerseys. RT @Skeetahbite: @TheREALrodSmith maaaaaan idk that the OG had a twitter…
TheREALrodSmith “@Fran_Tarkenton: Congratulations Peyton. It's been a pleasure to watching you play over the years. #Legend #NFL #SFvsDEN” from legend to 18
TheREALrodSmith @MrHillman2U remember young man. I know what I'm talking about. Great job. Take advantage of the opportunity.
TheREALrodSmith RT @NotKennyRogers: If your boyfriend has no clue who Peyton Manning is or what he just did...you can probably do better.
TheREALrodSmith “@ChrisHarrisJr: 2pbus 1tfl 1 catch for 5 yards #NoFlyZone #BroncosUp #GodGetsGlory” get em Undrafted. Show them boys we play great ball.
TheREALrodSmith In the house with the GOAT. #peytonmanning witnessing records crushed #manningholdsallrecords now… http://t.co/YYHOr5kefw
TheREALrodSmith RT @jeoronia: @TheREALrodSmith Ready for #Broncos to make history tonight! Baby girl has her favorite jersey on. http://t.co/IkvZEPptKT
TheREALrodSmith Peyton said "hey ref, make em smell your deodorant" all he do is throw touchdowns. I witnessed it.… http://t.co/lqAD20zcXP
TheREALrodSmith Peyton said "ref make me smell your deodorant" again. All he do is throw touchdowns #ManningistheGOAT… http://t.co/lgZqvOxMyZ
TheREALrodSmith He just threw a record tying touchdown. Stands there like "what". #manningholdsallrecords. #broncos… http://t.co/p7yXi1hYa2
TheREALrodSmith He just threw 508 touchdown and stands there like. "What I did" chilln. Waiting on more.… http://t.co/gq6pzPqeTe
TheREALrodSmith Who catches Peytons Record Tying Touchdown? Ok, Then who catches The Record Breaker?
TheREALrodSmith RT @67wjj: @Broncos @TheREALrodSmith @49ers I still remember so many of the plays Rod and @87ed McCaffrey made for Broncos. Truly great pl…
TheREALrodSmith RT @ColoradoStateU: "To have a street on the campus that you consider your home named after you is pretty cool.” — @amyvandyken #RamPride h…
TheREALrodSmith RT @kenmcelroy: By continuing to learn, and to apply your learning by investing in assets, you too, will be financially free.
TheREALrodSmith @WesWelker congrats on the record. Keep it rolling this week. We need a Big game Sunday night. #BroncosCountry
TheREALrodSmith Be a finisher! Stop thinking you have to be perfect to start and get it complete. #theupperroom.… http://t.co/NmZp3DdZth

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