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Rod Smith

Owns a Gourmet International Coffee Company. Get 1 box and you'll Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. http://t.co/CZ6f4IbvUt

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,182 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith RT @Zorana87: @TheREALrodSmith thank you for the best #selfie ever! I love you and the #broncos! #winewomenandbroncos http://t.co/ayAFf3pWOw
TheREALrodSmith RT @ambernelsonshow: @TheREALrodSmith Q: how do you feel about the lack of #milehighsalutes this year A: it would bring the team more luck …
TheREALrodSmith RT @IrishMason: How can anyone who saw the #Broncos Dream Team of @johnelway @ShannonSharpe @TheREALrodSmith,etc. call this current offense…
TheREALrodSmith RT @IrishMason: Last year @TheREALrodSmith made me giggle by calling me a "youngun" on my birthday. Hoping for an encore! ;) 61 today! …
TheREALrodSmith “@RazorHog56: @4check22 @TheREALrodSmith agree bro, it's dam sad the bs HOF committee can't see how great Rod was.” Thanks guys.
TheREALrodSmith “@ShedG: On the Road With @darnelldavis01 Headed To Omaha Nebraska Then Denver!!!… http://t.co/R9gB4zSTZY” be careful bro
TheREALrodSmith What score you got for the Broncos Vs Raiders this Sunday? Only Bronco Victories need to be posted.
TheREALrodSmith RT @sundevils31: Great podcast @snakestakes awesome @TheREALrodSmith was on! Remember going to see you guys play in Denver vs the Ravens.
TheREALrodSmith “@TebowsourQB: @ShannonSharpe @TheREALrodSmith I thought you didn't like to teach or coach? I think you should reconsider” reconsider what.
TheREALrodSmith RT @ShannonSharpe: ??????. "@TheREALrodSmith: This guy taught me how to be a professional football player. ... http://t.co/A7ohcOr2oA
TheREALrodSmith RT @tempjoe: @TheREALrodSmith you were a fantastic player and seem to be even a better guy. I love to see pictures like this. Thank you!
TheREALrodSmith This guy taught me how to be a professional football player. @shannonsharpe thanks sir. I appreciate… http://t.co/UQ8GCxWa7c
TheREALrodSmith “@TheImpact99: @snakestakes @TheREALrodSmith Do you have any fitness or nutrition tips? #askrodsmith” eat an apple a day
TheREALrodSmith RT @snakestakes: I'm excited to have @TheREALrodSmith on ST's today, anyone out there have a question for 1of the best wr to ever play the …
TheREALrodSmith I like this song. Great job young man. The beat is stuck in my head now. Im going to workout and listen on... http://t.co/ul13ozeV4R
TheREALrodSmith Post CJM treat. Great meeting tonight. Love watching people get excited over their future. #og100k http://t.co/EtgABUlJ8z
TheREALrodSmith “@saab007: MT "@Broncos' greats Terrell_Davis, @TheREALrodSmith praise #Broncos" http://t.co/CsaenSywHt” great article. Check it out
TheREALrodSmith RT @JustinDenette: It's a shame that @TheREALrodSmith is not in the hall of fame! His numbers, and his actions off the field

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