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Rod Smith

I just make stuff happen. What you need done?

- Retired NFL - Wide Receiver (Broncos)
3,284 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 09-05-2009


TheREALrodSmith @BmitchliveCSN @dennyhamlin you guys rock it today. I can't wait to see the final race. On the 30th. Great hanging with you guys.
TheREALrodSmith RT @BmitchliveCSN: When #NASCAR and the #NFL get together, great things happen. #OneBoldChoice #NBCSPORTS #TOYOTARACING #JOEGIBBSRACING htt…
TheREALrodSmith RT @ClintBowyer: Had an awesome day at the track with some badass NFL players for the NBC Sports Gridiron Challenge. #OneBoldChoice http:/…
TheREALrodSmith @ClintBowyer you are amazing. Thanks for the great experience the last 2 days. Slow your aZz down. Not going to happen. Best wishes sir.
TheREALrodSmith @KyleBusch @NBCSN thanks so much not only for being a friend but a hellla driver. Bucket list ?? lets do it again soon. #kylebusch
TheREALrodSmith MORE! “@greenbunny7: @TheREALrodSmith @KyleBusch Great to see you guys out with the speed demons. Was it as much fun as you expected?”
TheREALrodSmith Kyle and I about to get these boys. Check us out. I drove the car, then I rode in the car with Kyle. I… http://t.co/0L0lK2YmF2
TheREALrodSmith Team owner. The legendary head coach Joe Gibbs. Master transition from football. #oneboldmove know how… http://t.co/lxiMVfKCav
TheREALrodSmith Check out who won during Super Bowl Week. These guys have a major set. Scared and excited at the same… http://t.co/WPeAcKk7SS
TheREALrodSmith Here's my coach. The bad boy of Nascar. Kyle Bush. Just hit gas and no breaks is what he said. But… http://t.co/nJ5mxhLviA
TheREALrodSmith These NFL legends vs me in a race. Who you picking? Hines Ward, Doug Flutie, Willie Gault, Brian… http://t.co/Q4uBb3tOpx
TheREALrodSmith If I'm in a nascar racing suit, that means something fast is about to happen! #oneboldmove. http://t.co/38Fu0RlRGx
TheREALrodSmith Wow. Happy birthday to my youngest grandson Bricen. 3 years old today. He wanted Mater and Paw Paw… http://t.co/vtFzAOmth0
TheREALrodSmith RT @NickScurfield: Kubiak plays with Elway in Denver, Kubiak coaches Elway in Denver, Elway hires Kubiak back to Denver. The Circle of Life
TheREALrodSmith RT @Broncos: #Broncos coach Gary Kubiak gets a tour of renovated Dove Valley from his son Klein (left), a team personnel intern. http://t.c…
TheREALrodSmith RT @blairsinger: If you're starting a new #business, not only do you need products or services people want, but you have to know how to #se…
TheREALrodSmith RT @Fran_Tarkenton: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others? ? Martin Luther King Jr. #MLK #quote #l…
TheREALrodSmith RT @DenverBroncosMx: RT if you want Peyton Manning back with the #Broncos the Next Season http://t.co/Q9z4GwsDJU"
TheREALrodSmith RT @BroncosSocial: Coach Kubiak reconnects with Fred Fleming, #Broncos Director of Special Services. http://t.co/sUaNGz0JGB
TheREALrodSmith @johnelway Congrats on bringing Coach Kubiak Home. Time to get this thing Right!
TheREALrodSmith “@ShawnSully: If Kubiak comes in to coach the Broncos, hopefully he brings in @TheREALrodSmith to be a receivers coach” WHOA!
TheREALrodSmith Congrats to the Patriots! Legends play great in big games.

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