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Justin Reiter

Olympic Snowboarder, Mountain Athlete. Member Team USA in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

- Snowboarding - Olympic Snowboarder (US)
995 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-29-2014


justin_reiter RT @midwestash: My friend & olympian @justin_reiter shares his top 5 #studyabroad destinations for skiing/snowboarding http://t.co/U6qLICD6…
justin_reiter That awkward moment when you get stuck in the window while playing dukes of hazard. http://t.co/xemL2Z425f
justin_reiter Back on the road again. Headed to CA to check out the redwoods. #pumped!
justin_reiter RT @redbull: Redefining Steep Lines with Rhem and Ruby http://t.co/GkfvHbqUyi http://t.co/GkfvHbqUyi
justin_reiter RT @skisteamboat: Ready for winter? Get your season pass before prices go up http://t.co/n5IJXGhP8Z http://t.co/YSaGAyWjbq http://t.co/YSaGAyWjbq
justin_reiter Hit up the Telluride Via Feratta today! So epic. I highly recommend it. http://t.co/nBWy5RmVBJ
justin_reiter @tomdanielson thanks for the follow. Great job this past week! Way to crush it.
justin_reiter RT @StellerStories: Olympic Snowboarder @justin_reiter + friends share their 500+ mile bike pack ride on the Colorado Trail https://t.co/Nw…
justin_reiter RT @GRoskopfsMAT: @justin_reiter wrote an awesome story about an #ultramarathon our own Kristian @rmblew finished! @stellerstories https:/…

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