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Dom DeCicco

University of Pittsburgh alum. #hailtopitt

2011 NFL Draft Picks & Rookies - NFL Free Agents - Linebacker
College: Pittsburgh
1,584 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 07-04-2012


ddecicco58 RT @JayBilas: MSU manager Jacob Schemmel: pick and pop (his Achilles) big man; built like an out of shape a Polar Bear; last to practice, f…
ddecicco58 How do you have a great season end with such a shitty finale? #homelandfinale
ddecicco58 RT @CascinoRoyale: I really hope Bob Junko, Chris LaSala, Tim Enright, and Rob Blanc will remain at Pitt!! They've held it together as much…
ddecicco58 RT @mvukovcan: Pederson deserves all the criticism that he gets but M. Nordenberg needs to get some too. Letting SP in charge for that long…
ddecicco58 RT @RealSkipBayless: Big 12 was a better and deeper conference than the Big 10. And the Big 12 got SHUT OUT? At least give the Big 12 Baylo…
ddecicco58 RT @RealMikeWilbon: Only thing better than hearing J. CORNELISON sing the National Anthem in the United Center is hearing him sing 2...ours…

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