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Ricky Jean Francois

Living Loving & Enjoying.

- Indianapolis Colts - Defensive Tackle
College: LSU
16,206 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-05-2009


Freakyjean99 RT @XSTROLOGY: #Sagittarius can be volatile, lively, aggressive and will alternate between freedom and laziness.
Freakyjean99 RT @XSTROLOGY: You may think that the goals of a #Sagittarius are a bit out of reach but watch, they will make it happen.
Freakyjean99 Gotta learn have to live uncomfortable to be comfortable.
Freakyjean99 RT @GeorgeAtallah: College athletes: the mere threat of a union made them change a decrepit rule. Imagine what you guys could do if you act…
Freakyjean99 I hope I can watch a #Pacers game when I get back.
Freakyjean99 Monday Morning work is done.. ???????????????? #NoDaysOff
Freakyjean99 Anybody know when "Watch Dog" the game drop ?? #GamerHeads
Freakyjean99 Get out the bed, let the grind begin. Good morning.
Freakyjean99 RT @RealSkipBayless: Congrats to UConn women for their 40-0 national championship season without once having to play a close game. Awesome.
Freakyjean99 RT @Coday24: Playoffs come around Nets play the Heat put the money on the wood make the bet good!!!
Freakyjean99 @IWilliams95 win first , I don't wanna here that mess after the game at least we made it.

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