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Julio Borbón

Orioles OF. Livin' my dream!..thankful 4 everything God has put in my life,blessed beyond measure. Much Love!..engaged to the beautiful @SimplyAmberLane #VFL

- Texas Rangers - Outfielder
1,260 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-02-2012


JulioBorbon20 RT @Vol_Baseball: #VFL @jparencibia9 crushed the ball AGAIN this week, going 6-for-17 w/ 2B, 2 HR & 8 RBIs through 4 games! #TBT 2007 http:…
JulioBorbon20 RT @Vol_Baseball: #VFL @JulioBorbon20 had another big week for @NorfolkTides, going 8-for-20 w/ HR, 4 RBIs, 4 R & 3 SB in 5 games! #TBT htt…
JulioBorbon20 RT @Crazy4NYSports: @JulioBorbon20 Thanks for the entertainment, you looked like you were enjoying it, you kept turning around every ten se…
JulioBorbon20 “@JakeHaimowitz: @JulioBorbon20 better let me know when he's playin in Texas so I can go” I will Jake! Say hi to the boys in Texas!
JulioBorbon20 RT @jtrom311: @JulioBorbon20 great job tonight! Was fun watching you play out in the outfield! Good luck on the rest of the season! Wanna s…
JulioBorbon20 “@jtrom311: @JulioBorbon20 great job tonight! Was fun watching you play center field!” Thanks man! Love playing in that ballpark!
JulioBorbon20 “@jtrom311: Julio Were the sunglasses tonight for fashion or were they to help you out??” Meant to use them but I couldn't see with them on
JulioBorbon20 “@Crazy4NYSports: @JulioBorbon20 How much did your sunglasses help you tonight?” Not at all bro! Haha thanks for the entertainment! #Coolfan
JulioBorbon20 Havin played for @TimCorbin I can honestly say I am very happy 4 him and not really surprised! He's turned VU program around! #CongratsCoach
JulioBorbon20 Congrats to @VandyBaseball and @TimCorbin on winning the #CollegeWorldSeries #NationalChamps #SEC #TN
JulioBorbon20 “@JakeHaimowitz: I'll be watching a game at @JulioBorbon20's old stomping grounds #WrigleyField” have fun! Good place to watch a ball game
JulioBorbon20 Alertaaaa, pendienteee que camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente!!!!....#BabyRastaYGringo
JulioBorbon20 RT @SportsCenter: Tony Gwynn once averaged .368 over a 5-year stretch in his amazing career. His legacy is legendary. VIDEO: http://t.co/A5…
JulioBorbon20 Very very saddened by the news of Tony Gwynn. The baseball family has lost one of the greatest of all times! You will be missed!
JulioBorbon20 Wow! So the NBA Finals is over just like that....
JulioBorbon20 Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there especially mine! Love you pops! Thanks for everything you've done and all your support!
JulioBorbon20 Whoever invented clash of clans is a genius!
JulioBorbon20 Now listening to "Maquina del tiempo" by Tito el Bambino #ElPatrrrrroon #WisinyYandel
JulioBorbon20 RT @pcrossvol: What deep rooted sentiment drives an individual to hate on another person when they are doing well. Why you hating? Why don'…
JulioBorbon20 There's always a reason to be happy! #lookwithin and find it! #blessings #keepwalking #keepgrinding
JulioBorbon20 his back pocket and asked to take a selfie right before the game! Haha what a baller! and best of all after he says Alright Alright alright!
JulioBorbon20 Where are the "selfies" going these days?!!! These kids took the field with us for the anthem and b4 they ran off pulled a phone from CONT
JulioBorbon20 Happy Memorial Day!!! Thanks to all the brave men and women who serve this great country!! #TrueHeroes

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