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Julio Borbón

Professional athlete living my dream!..thankful 4 everything God has put in my life,blessed beyond measure!..engaged to the beautiful @SimplyAmberLane #VFL

- Texas Rangers - Outfielder
1,289 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 04-02-2012


JulioBorbon20 Que el señor te tenga en su gloria Oscar De La Renta! Nunca olvidaré aquellos días cuando ahorraba para poder vestir tu elegante marca! #RD
JulioBorbon20 Rest in peace Oscar De la Renta! Thanks for touching each and every one of us in your own unique way! #OrgulloDominicano
JulioBorbon20 I want to thank @norfolktides and the TideWatchers for this recognition! Another year and chapter in… http://t.co/Bc9eo0SFve
JulioBorbon20 I’ve just made a donation to AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2014! Click on the link below to join me in the fight. http://t.co/AjJNauv1np
JulioBorbon20 Repost from @will_acosta01 via Mi pana @julioborbon20 que color le queda mejor? Yo digo que el Rojo :)… http://t.co/7spxPaZscZ
JulioBorbon20 Always find ways to improve on your craft, study the things you want to become more knowledgeable… http://t.co/7NYxAga0me
JulioBorbon20 Repost from @edwinborbon05 via igrepost_app, it's free! Use the igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram… http://t.co/AZWVNgsDDX
JulioBorbon20 We all know what Coach Jones was talking about to the referees! No need to ask! Terrible call! #TN #OU
JulioBorbon20 Indisputable evidence! Are you serious?! Thats a joke! #TN #OU fumble!!
JulioBorbon20 Hiccups have to be one of the most annoying things a human being can experience! #help smh
JulioBorbon20 Thoughts and prayers go out to @Giancarlo818 Praying 4 speedy recovery!
JulioBorbon20 Mike Tyson!! Tell me how you really feel! Wow!
JulioBorbon20 La vieja escuela! #LigaEnriqueCruz con rfmoreta garyfreites y el corrillo! Cuantas lacras! Hahaha y… http://t.co/5fKPp8CBM4
JulioBorbon20 always knew how to put a smile on my face even during the toughest days! #welldeserved
JulioBorbon20 If you don't like how the table is set turn over the table..
JulioBorbon20 RT @NorfolkTides: A no-hit preserving catch by @JulioBorbon20 is up for @MiLB play of the week! Watch it & vote for his efforts here: http:…

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