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Mike Napoli

Official Twitter of Mike Napoli Instagram- mikenapoli25

- Boston Red Sox - Catcher
4,512 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-05-2012


MikeNapoli25 Everyone follow my boy David Ross. @D_Ross3 He will be on ESPN for the postseason
MikeNapoli25 Check out the new commercial from my friends @DeltaDentalofMA and see what makes me smile. http://t.co/dY7hHRl2MG
MikeNapoli25 RT @DeltaDentalofMA: Look for our DDMA TV commercial featuring Boston Red Sox @MikeNapoli25 this week! http://t.co/Tucbft0Hln #RedSox
MikeNapoli25 RT @myfallenwarrior: @MikeNapoli25 "IF YOU ARE ASHAMED TO STAND BY YOUR COLORS, YOU'D BETTER SEEK ANOTHER FLAG!" back until 10/1 ONLY http:…
MikeNapoli25 RT @DeltaDentalofMA: Look for our brand new DDMA TV commercial featuring Boston Red Sox @MikeNapoli25 this week! #makesmesmile #RedSox
MikeNapoli25 RT @myfallenwarrior: @MikeNapoli25 last day to help triple amputee by donating to receive limited BLACKBEARD shirt http://t.co/MwPX1OIs5x
MikeNapoli25 S/O to the Columbia Eagles Volleyball Team for their tournament championship and to @xoxo_JordanRipp for making the all tourney team!
MikeNapoli25 RT @AshMarSmi: @mikenapoli25 . @PeterTryba needs a kidney. Let's get some RT so we can find this beautiful family a donor. @r_a_n_t http://…
MikeNapoli25 RT @jenniferjoy678: Let's help raise money for blood cancers!! @MikeNapoli25 @middlebrooks @middlebrooks plz RT :)
MikeNapoli25 RT @Meaningfulwins: @AndyWEEI USAToday writing about us @MikeNapoli25 @MikeNapoli25 tweeting about us. we are based in boston. tal…
MikeNapoli25 Check out http://t.co/9T9FJECxAA. Cool way to play fantasy football and raise money for your favorite nonprofit.
MikeNapoli25 RT @Hannahsfight: @MikeNapoli25 U Can Have A Huge Impact In Sick Baby Hannah's Life With A Small Donation 2 Her Fund. Pls Give & RT http://…
MikeNapoli25 RT @codfishdave: @MikeNapoli25 My Brother has Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.Could use a little help.Please donate or RT http://t.co/spy7Twh…

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