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Mike Napoli

Official Twitter of Mike Napoli Instagram- mikenapoli25

- Boston Red Sox - Catcher
4,485 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-05-2012


MikeNapoli25 RT @J9Feeley: @MikeNapoli25 Danny's birthday is only 2 days away. Let's help him get those birthday cards! #cardsfordanny http://t.co/cyZzm…
MikeNapoli25 RT @LOL_Paul_Ledoux: @MikeNapoli25 Plz RT to find this Lab a furever home in Central Mass. http://t.co/s95f0Fs6IE? http://t.co/s95f0Fs6IE? h…
MikeNapoli25 RT @Rip_It_Up20: Time for me to enter the Twitter world. Family night at Fenway. Thanks for tix @MikeNapoli25 http://t.co/pdA3fLsGQi
MikeNapoli25 RT @DoItForDurrett: Thanks to @MikeNapoli25 we have an incredible auction item for the @DoItForDurrett event. Talk about Boston strong. htt…
MikeNapoli25 RT @Kyle_Fisher: @JohnCena @TrueKofi @MikeNapoli25 SUPPORT/DONATE for our MaDukes! #MOMSTRONG Much Respect! http://t… http://t…
MikeNapoli25 RT @myfallenwarrior: @MikeNapoli25 giving trike to Special Forces Green Beret double amputee @ Blackbeard's Ride 7/5 #blackbeard #pucino h…
MikeNapoli25 RT @J9Feeley: @MikeNapoli25 let's help crush cancer 4 kids! 5k walk or run or even help by making a donation! http://t.co/hrCIccS6yR
MikeNapoli25 This kid went "in" when he saw himself on the video board! I can't stop laughing http://t.co/xOhLEPcNXO
MikeNapoli25 RT @myfallenwarrior: @MikeNapoli25 4th Blackbeard's ride 05JUL14 we r honoring a special forces double amputee soldier with custom trike ht…
MikeNapoli25 Mix in a salad and grow a beard RT @StatFreak101: @B_Dufek_92 Both teams still suck ass. And @MikeNapoli25 is a total queer douche.
MikeNapoli25 RT @Hannahsfight1: @MikeNapoli25 Funds R Urgently Needed 4 Baby Hannah As She Battles A Deadly Disease C.A.H/2Others 2 Give http://t.co/VP…
MikeNapoli25 RT @Meaningfulwins: @MikeNapoli25 Fantasy football. yep. supporting veterans, kids w/ cancer or ur fav charity? better flw @meaningfulwins
MikeNapoli25 RT @codfishdave: @MikeNapoli25 My Brother has Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Really need Donations. Please donate or RT http://t.co/spy7Tw…
MikeNapoli25 RT @myfallenwarrior: @MikeNapoli25 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. " John 15:13 http://t…
MikeNapoli25 Thinking today of all the men & women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to make this THE best country on earth. You're the real heroes!

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