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Mike Napoli

Official Twitter of Mike Napoli Instagram- mikenapoli25

- Boston Red Sox - Catcher
4,570 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-05-2012


MikeNapoli25 RT @BostonsBlackie: If you do anything today, follow @joeandruzzifndn and donated to their #PointsForPatients program... #Patriots
MikeNapoli25 Playing Santa at @BostonChildrens Hospital! Thanks to @nb_baseball, we provided @newbalance care packages to 75 deserving, awesome kids!
MikeNapoli25 RT @Edelman11: @MikeNapoli25 sportin the @BestBuddies beanie #BestBuddies #gosox #gopats http://t.co/FnEGqlgGpU http://t.co/d19Oyh5p9g
MikeNapoli25 RT @NB_Baseball: Designing 2015 baseball cleats with @MikeNapoli25. Take an exclusive sneak peak: http://t.co/zEK7Cv… http://t.co/zEK7Cv…
MikeNapoli25 RT @RedSox: And the #SecretRedSox is @MikeNapoli25! Tweet #SecretRedSox by 12/13 and you could win a gift: http://t.… http://t.…
MikeNapoli25 RT @MBeauparland: “@SC_Varsity: Indians are the 2014 Div. 3 Super Bowl champions!!!”@MikeNapoli25 how bout a retweet for @MattBo11 your sta…
MikeNapoli25 Looking for something to do today. Check out the movie By the Gun. Loved it. http://t.co/bch9ELiV4Q
MikeNapoli25 RT @Rip_It_Up20: Combining a birthday shout out to Ashton Rae and a flashback Friday pic with her and @MikeNapoli25 http://t.co/Vd1jeZsQCU
MikeNapoli25 Great site & event philanthropy platform @athletesgive. My page @ http://t.co/o05AtCDyFU #changetheconversation
MikeNapoli25 2 of my favorite people getting a lift in,
MikeNapoli25 RT @integradream: @MikeNapoli25 could my son Braden get a rt. He is in Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas fighting cancer. He loves…
MikeNapoli25 Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!
MikeNapoli25 RT @LOL_Paul_Ledoux: @MikeNapoli25 Can you RT this to help save a Puppy in Leicester MA? Needs funds for Vet Bills https://t.co/bP5Ovg2YF4

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