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Tina Miller

I am married to kicker @rhysjlloyd. We have 3 beautiful children. I am: Mommy, Wife, Former Pro Golfer, Yogi and Social Media Maven for @infusionbrands :)

- LPGA - Pro Golfer
5,020 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-16-2009


tinamillergolf That moment when you smack your chin doing a clean and jerk...and still finish the set. Boom ??
tinamillergolf #latergram from last night with brit7007 enjoying an evening away without #minions :) fun time! http://t.co/heX8mGWA7y
tinamillergolf Now more than ever I #believe that you never ever should give up! #nevergiveup #optimistic #grateful
tinamillergolf #TBT back to 2007 my 3rd year as a pro... with #PlayGolfDesigns and juice_and_nish :) #golf #golfgirl… http://t.co/1GNaSUARje
tinamillergolf Just rocked the Lindsay Vonn #abtest with brit7007 #feelstrong #helloabs #bikinicompetitionprep http://t.co/K4PxiFDkVu
tinamillergolf No joke if I hear ?? standing in the #halloffame ?? one more time in that @McIlroyRory commercial. ..#smh ??
tinamillergolf #MCM goes to brit7007??. Handsome, charming, and a great dad! Oh and a I wake up next to him… http://t.co/T8Ie6pRiuD
tinamillergolf "@rhysjlloyd: Good to see real football being played in Charlotte. . Miss that place." @Panthers @Pro_Athletes @theobserver #kicker #NFL
tinamillergolf RT @ml3Dsolutions: @tinamillergolf You've been quoted in my #Storify story "Tampa Bay Coolest Office Spaces Foosball Tournament" http://t.c…
tinamillergolf Watching the replay of the @CrossFitGames. Let me just start to feel bad about myself lol.
tinamillergolf RT @Anthony_Becht: Give -->@DOCClean a follow and check out there product. Unreal... Mom's if you have kids or pets. This is a MUST have! P…
tinamillergolf Getting my power tool 101 on! #chickswithtools #playwithyourtool @DUALTOOLS http://t.co/08AakVReM2
tinamillergolf RT @ml3Dsolutions: T-minus 2 days until our #FoosballCup tournament VS. @VACOTampa! Two teams, one cup...who will come out on top? http://t…
tinamillergolf #selfie for Aston while he is at Niani and Papas. #fitfam #fitmom #wbff #fitfor14 http://t.co/ceUfnqKN87

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