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Tina Miller

I am married to kicker @rhysjlloyd. We have 3 beautiful children. I am: Mommy, Wife, Former Pro Golfer, Yogi and Social Media Maven :)

- LPGA - Pro Golfer
4,946 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-16-2009


tinamillergolf Productive AM. Donated stuff we don't need anymore #minimalism and watched Aston hit balls! http://t.co/990YswKzJD
tinamillergolf RT @seemasadekar: Hosting the 2014 @CoachWoodsonInv w/friends @JayHarrisESPN & @ItsBMcKnight July 20-22! Checkout the fun! #Vegas #Golf htt…
tinamillergolf RT @tonygoldwyn: “@NoMJ_jusJORDAN: AANNDDD THERE YOU HAVE IT LADIES AND GENTS. #ScandalFinale @tonygoldwyn http://t.co/g3F85w7RkY”LOL
tinamillergolf RT @rhysjlloyd: So I show up for rehab and this is what I have to deal with.. How can one put in a solid performance ? http://t.co/3PkAPMCR…
tinamillergolf RT @dallaschick28: I definitely may need this tonight!!!! #SCANDALTHURSDAY #SCANDALFINALE #ASKSCANDAL http://t.co/CzKrXqJa8w
tinamillergolf OMG these commercials...so used to watching #Scandal on @HuluPlus #ScandalFinale
tinamillergolf RT @AsSeenOnTV: This #ThrowbackThursday enjoy one of the first #infomercials that started the #AsSeenOnTV biz http://t.co/OEhEiQBBld #Ginsu…
tinamillergolf Love watching @ABCSharkTank! Pretty cool that I get to work in an industry with entrepreneurs like @HarringtonKevin @AsSeenOnTV
tinamillergolf RT @BidGreenJacket: Unlike Paulina, they might be golfers MT @GolfDigestMag: Our Paulina cover inspired this hilarious pictorial http://t.c…
tinamillergolf I totally get why @GolfDigestMag did the Paulina cover for virality and "talk" but come on!!! So many talented female golfers out there...
tinamillergolf RT @eDiets: The #eDiet Social Media Manager, @tinamillergolf fills you in on some of her #mommyproblems http://t.co/B1ceVVLuEB
tinamillergolf RT @AsSeenOnTV: The #AsSeenOnTV family just got bigger! Happy to announce the closing of our merger w/ @InfusionBrands International. http:…
tinamillergolf RT pretty cool :) “@MomsInMyArea: http://t.co/nUhCZqMD3M connects Moms in all local areas of USA is new so needs more Moms to help it grow"
tinamillergolf Saaaaaay what!? #HowIMetYourMotherFinalepisode Tonight!!! ??
tinamillergolf RT @eDiets: Time for some #fitspiration on #fitFriday with @HollyMadison http://t.co/A98Ekv7F6W http://t.co/A98Ekv7F6W
tinamillergolf Ah back in 2007...on the shores of @Maui #tbt @golfdigestjapan #wouldlovetogoback #glorydays http://t.co/feqFTqQREh
tinamillergolf Well...@TacoBell launches #breakfast tomorrow. There goes the #diet! #datewithwaffletaco
tinamillergolf RT @MrSilverScott: Revamp a room for under $100! @MrDrewScott & I show you how to do it @SheKnows.com! RT & let me know what you think: htt…

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