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Derek Holland

MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers Official Twitter of Derek Holland

- Texas Rangers - Pitcher
12,011 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-03-2011


Dutch_Oven45 RT @JC1053: We'll talk to @Dutch_Oven45 about his rehab start last night at noon on @1053thefan
Dutch_Oven45 RT @RidersBaseball: Guess who's back, back again, the @Dutch_Oven45 is back! Tell a friend! #lineup http://t.co/X8BP3jLefU
Dutch_Oven45 RT @immom2all: @EMAYS12 @Dutch_Oven45 As my son says it isn't luck that makes you good it is your talent and hard work! Show em how its don…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @EMAYS12: The road back starts today for @Dutch_Oven45 !! Good luck today my brother!!@UABaseball #TeamUA
Dutch_Oven45 RT @theryansanders: @rogerdunlap @Dutch_Oven45 I don't know these folks, but I love her smile in the chemo chair! As a cancer survivor, I s…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @EMAYS12: The Oven is heating up! Derek Holland @Dutch_Oven45 will make a minor league rehab start with the AA tomorrow #22 #Rangers @…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @MartiniSports: The Oven is heating up! Derek Holland @Dutch_Oven45 will make a minor league rehab start with the AA @RidersBaseball to…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @rogerdunlap: Chemo finished. Just a short rehab assignment & she'll be ready to head to the Ballpark. @Dutch_Oven45 http://t.co/nlWLz3D…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @DanielRob19: @Dutch_Oven45 can we get the rally Ron in the dugout please?
Dutch_Oven45 He has spoken @rangers Lets go boys!!!! #rangernation #rallyron http://t.co/y5RGJrHknq
Dutch_Oven45 Congrats to @Rous_ant on his new contract. Glad to see ur still wearing the victory green. @DallasStars
Dutch_Oven45 RT @LSsupply: We have a small Deer Camp shirt up for grabs. Tag us in a pic of your #sundayfunday and it could be yours! http://t.co/t3uNvN…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @_nattattack: Way to go Rangers! Nothing says coming back from a break like a win! #alwaysafan #winorlose @arios51 @Dutch_Oven45
Dutch_Oven45 RT @mbigblue: @Dutch_Oven45 hey DH, how about a retweet for my friends @Mtlontheroad driving between all 30 stadiums this summer. Huge hab…
Dutch_Oven45 I've arrived in Arizona. Off to work and see our young guns in the az league. But man it sure is super cold here again. #freezing
Dutch_Oven45 Well good luck to the @Rangers as we start the second half. Lets turn this thing around and kick some butt. http://t.co/Q6BHGtUo8b
Dutch_Oven45 RT @billionofdollas: You knows funny. I don't remember the paper publishing a story about how @Dutch_Oven45 when out to the hospital and ga…
Dutch_Oven45 “@AustinLynch88: @Dutch_Oven45 #rallyseguin ??? http://t.co/KSIja3cuWa” @tseguinofficial @tseguinofficial where can u get me one of those
Dutch_Oven45 RT @jonastagramxo: @swish41 is coming back for another year in the big D so that means @Dutch_Oven45 gets to use this again and again http:…
Dutch_Oven45 hey everyone it's official the guy @tseguinofficial has come to the twitter world. Welcome back buddy. U deff need some Texas love

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