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Derek Holland

MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers Official Twitter of Derek Holland

- Texas Rangers - Pitcher
11,362 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-03-2011


Dutch_Oven45 RT @LeslieAmandaa: #soriaaboutit ??? @Dutch_Oven45 I had to use it.
Dutch_Oven45 RT @TurtlesPop: @Dutch_Oven45 Chuck Norris 101- Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.
Dutch_Oven45 Chuck Norris 101- chuck Norris can see his own reflection in dirt.
Dutch_Oven45 Chuck Norris 101- the animal crackers chuck Norris eats are life size
Dutch_Oven45 Nevermind it's tomorrow. Finally just one game on tv to watch. @Rangers lets go boys. Beat Oakland. #rallyron http://t.co/Ccnqzm5ozZ
Dutch_Oven45 Big game tonight as the @dallasmavs are planning on bringing this series back to even. Lets go boys kick some ass. #rallytopgun
Dutch_Oven45 RT @ROB_TEX22: Hey @Dutch_Oven45 big win for @Rangers and even bigger for @DallasStars ! #BaseballTown #HockeyTown
Dutch_Oven45 Nice win for the @Rangers and closing the door @joakimsoria #soriaaboutit #rallyron http://t.co/UDJiGDG8KF
Dutch_Oven45 Base hit the Murphy man hahaha I love it beat Oakland boys. Lets go @Rangers #rallyron http://t.co/4EwCSnbgnm
Dutch_Oven45 RT @DustinVissering: Great night of hockey for me and @Dutch_Oven45 #Blackawks #Stars
Dutch_Oven45 How about them @DallasStars and Kari not lehtonen anything in the net. Nice win boys. #rallywrigley http://t.co/JOWxx9C6l6
Dutch_Oven45 Tie ball game now lets get this lead @Rangers and lets beat Oakland. #rallyron
Dutch_Oven45 RT @DustinVissering: Just witnessed a girl smell her own arm pits. #superstar
Dutch_Oven45 Goooooooaaaaaaallllll @DallasStars that's what I'm talking about baby !!!! #rallywrigley http://t.co/92F3gvVt77
Dutch_Oven45 RT @FtWorthOriginal: @Dutch_Oven45 so...this is definitely the kind of night for split screen viewing right?!? Go Stars/Rangers
Dutch_Oven45 Lets go @DallasStars it's time to duck hunt some more with #rallywrigley and his digital image #starpower http://t.co/uEkrL9dgRG
Dutch_Oven45 Gooooooooaaaaaallllll by the Neu chickin!!!!! Lets go @DallasStars get that duck hunt going boys. #rallywrigley http://t.co/XpS13XevxT
Dutch_Oven45 Koooooooooooooozzzzz. With the RBI. Keep it up boys lets go @Rangers
Dutch_Oven45 Goooooaaall @DallasStars by the el capitain @jamiebenn14 lets keep this duck hunt alive. #rallywrigley #rallybieber http://t.co/ESDt4TPZJ1
Dutch_Oven45 Happy birthday to a good friend and apart of #rangernation Happy birthday @caseydband u old man. Bout time ur legal
Dutch_Oven45 It's game time at the AAC and the @DallasStars have the #starsnation ready to go. Lets go duck hunting boys!!! http://t.co/iVkLziL7vW

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