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Derek Holland

MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers Official Twitter of Derek Holland

- Texas Rangers - Pitcher
12,944 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-03-2011


Dutch_Oven45 RT @EthosEduGroup: Special shot out too @TopgolfColony @TheTxGonzo. @Dutch_Oven45 You made our first fund raiser a huge success and unforg…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @EthosEduGroup: What a blessing! Many thanks to @TopgolfColony @Dutch_Oven45 @81TimBrown @Walls_24 for making this a special night for t…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @drewdavison: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants Pacquiao-Mayweather fight at AT&T Stadium | Dallas-Fort Worth... http://t.co/E7tawLXaQx +@…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @TopgolfColony: Thanks for the photo opp @Dutch_Oven45! #topgolf #ethosedu #thecolony #ilovetopgolf http://t.co/h6KWUMPk6G
Dutch_Oven45 Well special thanks to starwoodmotors for my bad ass bat jeep and truck I can light up the whole… http://t.co/ZnzxDHBDxd
Dutch_Oven45 Where did the power run off to. Time to bust out the candles #noneedforlights jjorbetter http://t.co/FJeOFJkqy6
Dutch_Oven45 RT @STARSALUMNI: DSAA website is now up and running. Thanks to the Stars for providing hosting support. Go Stars!
Dutch_Oven45 RT @ufc: "I’m only getting stronger, and the longer I do this, the better I get" @JohnyHendricks #UFC181 live on Pay-Per-View http://t.co/…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @TexasBarstool: Pizza bomb, so hot right now. Derek Holland pizza-bombs @SkinWade because why not? #pizzabomb @… @…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @Oc1013: “@Dutch_Oven45: That's so terrible. Should be @dallascowboys football. It's pretty damn obvious everyone can see it.” not EVE…
Dutch_Oven45 That's so terrible. Should be @dallascowboys football. It's pretty damn obvious everyone can see it. Terrible call by the zebras #fumble
Dutch_Oven45 RT @subiedude1212: Missing friend Rusty. Haltom City/Watauga 11/22/14. Please help @BenRogers @SkinWade @Dutch_Oven45 @junior_miller http:/…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @TGolfer83: @Dutch_Oven45 Wounded Vet chasing his dream to caddie for Adam Scott! http://t.co/DkUIYOJWkO http://t.c… http://t.c…
Dutch_Oven45 Congrats to the man Mikey Modano now let's go get a dubya. Lehts go dallasstars #lehtsgostars http://t.co/MuQsTJ0r7C
Dutch_Oven45 Just enjoying a lil @dallasmavs game with the boys. #letsgomavs #beatthelakers @rancea11 g19holland http://t.co/ahMGxoFD1h
Dutch_Oven45 RT @MavsFansForLife: Photobomb of the year: Rangers pitcher and #MFFL Derek Holland behind Jeff "Skin" Wade at #Mavs vs Lakers game. http:/…

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