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Derek Holland

MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers Official Twitter of Derek Holland

- Texas Rangers - Pitcher
12,548 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-03-2011


Dutch_Oven45 RT @Big_Jacob32: @Dutch_Oven45 A Dallas Stars Player Will Have a Milestone N The Upcoming Games @tseguinofficial Only 2 Goals Away From 100…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @AreAyEye: @WardsWords @Dutch_Oven45 @BDillon04 I've actually said that for a while. Throw Sean Lee in that same mix. http://t.co/2kRzCg…
Dutch_Oven45 Not as good as I hoped but it worked brianb619 jjorbetter #toeasy http://t.co/W4xr4va5a6
Dutch_Oven45 Congrats to @DeMarcoMurray for being a beast of a RB and doing it for 7 game of 100 or more rushing yards.True beast mode. Go @dallascowboys
Dutch_Oven45 Loud loud loud noises. What does this mean dallasstars can't stop won't stop !!! Go stars! brianb619… http://t.co/uEhrlQOiHX
Dutch_Oven45 What does that mean. Something happen. Did the dallasstars break something? Let's go stars !!!… http://t.co/SLoh2xlcav
Dutch_Oven45 Today we lost another great kid. I was brought into Kyle Murray life when I was rehabbing in Frisco… http://t.co/bZuJqgrQV9
Dutch_Oven45 Congrats to grapevine aces on a stellar season and so much fun to watch. Congrats guys… http://t.co/SatwEHseE1
Dutch_Oven45 Well I guess u can't pick my nose anywhere I want. Haha I just got asked "did u get it". Haha what a solid night
Dutch_Oven45 RT @BenandSkin: Ben and Skin send out tons of reporters to preview the college weekend including @Dutch_Oven45 and @MikeDoocyFox4 http://t…
Dutch_Oven45 Welcome to Texas skipper bannister. Looking forward to playing for u and going after the one thing we… http://t.co/21Z8GidWat
Dutch_Oven45 RT @JeffWilson_FWST: @Dutch_Oven45, a champion of the human spirit, spent Thursday on the first of two @DoItForDurrett dates. Can't wait to…
Dutch_Oven45 RT @brucejbell: @Dutch_Oven45 as a fellow transplanted Licking county resident, you make me proud with the things you do for people here!
Dutch_Oven45 RT @bsjbren: Some of us do see all you do for the community and appreciate you for it. @Dutch_Oven45
Dutch_Oven45 RT @mitchsmith67: @Dutch_Oven45 you take a lot of crap Dutch but a lot of people don't see all the good you do thanks for being a great loc…
Dutch_Oven45 Family picture and just goes to show we had a good time. Thanks again to this awesome family for what… http://t.co/x61EY2fXNL
Dutch_Oven45 And to finish it off a lil bread pudding and my goodness this is pretty damn good ! #doitfordurrett http://t.co/pVVSM6FdVT
Dutch_Oven45 Soooooo they read my mind and put the dallasstars game on. How about them apples! Go stars!… http://t.co/VHX0etP3Kw
Dutch_Oven45 RT @aandro: And as a reminder @Dutch_Oven45 raised more than $8,000 for Richard's family by auctioning himself off. Super thankful.

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