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Jimmy Walker

I am a golfer, a husband, and a father. Not always in that order

- PGA - Pro Golfer
1,287 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-11-2011


JimmyWalkerPGA RT @tourwifetravels: @JimmyWalkerPGA & I got to spend time with some really cool people this morning in our hometown. http://t.co/o6YHI4sJVi
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @tourwifetravels: @jimmywalkerpga "Watching my favorite Christmas movie ever!" Me "Love Actually?" JW: "Nope... Die Hard" Ohhh yeah th…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @projock: @FTShootout @JimmyWalkerPGA @RyanPalmerPGA -25after playing par 5s -6 all week. All good things must come to an end. http://t.…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @Titleist: Check out the new Titleist 915 family of metals. Experience distance without compromise. https://t.co/KNDPtPe5Mp
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @GolfCentral: Sometimes you just have to hug it out after making a double-bogey 7 in a team event. @RyanPalmerPGA @JimmyWalkerPGA http:/…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @WIRED: The last astronauts to fly to Hubble talk about their wild mission http://t.co/jRBhrQHdod http://t.co/jRBhrQHdod
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @raysubers: The GF is out of town tonight, so I guess it's time to PARTY* *eat an entire pizza while watching the STAR WARS trailer ano…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @TWFoundation: Best of luck this week! RT @RickieFowlerPGA: Little twilight 9 holes with @jimmywalkerpga #HeroWorldChallenge http://t.co…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @RyanPalmerPGA: Home sweet home. Back in home from China. Good two weeks. Good ol Texas. Be ready for @JimmyWalkerPGA and myself toget…
JimmyWalkerPGA Best photos from China last week. Enjoyed the trip. http://t.co/XGzLF9pyWS
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @WIRED: This fire-safety nightlight proves how a good smart home device can be a simple one http://t.co/TXr6WR3vVr http://t.co/TXr6WR3vVr

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