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Jimmy Walker

I am a golfer, a husband, and a father. Not always in that order

- PGA - Pro Golfer
1,005 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-11-2011


JimmyWalkerPGA RT @GolfweekMag: .@THEPLAYERSChamp is moving to a three-hole aggregate playoff to determine winner if it ends in a tie. Blog: http://t.co/o…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @DAPoints: So proud of my sweet girl ! Landed her first fish by herself! #proudpappa http://t.co/I2U0AqXoc4
JimmyWalkerPGA Thanks for all the kind words again!! I am already excited to return for next years Masters Tournament. They put on a good show!
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @CordilleraRanch: Congrats to @JimmyWalkerPGA on a stellar 1st week at Augusta (T8). Played like a veteran in very difficult conditions.…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @HHolzmann_golf: Hey Jimmy, could I maybe have an RT for my first hole in one in a tournament today, from one of my most favorite Golfer…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @kingsgatehorses: @JimmyWalkerPGA we couldn't be more proud of you! Steve and I salute you for a wonderful 1st Masters!
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @KaraKoo: Currently only 16 in the field at even or under par at the Masters. Proud of the week @JimmyWalkerPGA had for his first appear…
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @ChargerBSB: Congrats @JimmyWalkerPGA on an outstanding 1st #TheMasters #top10 #represent #boerne
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @spartangrass: Thanks @JimmyWalkerPGA, now ever hack I know is going to try and chip it off the green. #ohwellitsjustgrass
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @PaulLewisWilson: @JimmyWalkerPGA but you're gonna miss NEAF this weekend :) #RatherBePlayingGolf #GoGetIt
JimmyWalkerPGA Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Loving the Masters!
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @golftex: Hey @CBSSports @JimmyWalkerPGA was in a divot on 18. Check replay. He didn't chunk from a good lie.
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @bearriej: How can I know @JimmyWalkerPGA 's ball was in a divot on the 18th and the CBS telecast has no idea? #Masters
JimmyWalkerPGA Amazing to have my two boys watch me tee it with Watson/Crenshaw today. Even thou they won't remember it, I will. #Masters2014
JimmyWalkerPGA RT @PinnStr_AdamC: @JimmyWalkerPGA hit me square in the foot on the 6th at SHO today and no signed ball? I'd take anything from the 3 time…

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